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Ayahuasca Plant Spirit Healing Retreats



Complimenting + Integrating Plant Medicines


Holistic Treatments, Therapies + Activities


We provide a full program of holistic treatments, therapies and activities to compliment the deep healing work you undergo in our ayahuasca retreats. We understand the deep work that occurs on our retreats is best complimented with additional healing modalities. This connects you deeper with the plant medicines, helps you to move through deep emotional processes and integrate these experiences into physical reality. These therapies can help lift deep emotional blockages to the surface in conjuration with the plant medicines. We design our programs and itineraries with guidance from the plant spirits, with therapies that are extensions of the plant medicines. With this holistic approach to plant medicine work, we give you the tools you need to make long lasting changes within your life for a brighter, healthier and more uplifting future. We are here to support you every step of the way, from processing deep traumas through to a friendly chat that may help shed light on a certain topic or process



Channeling is at the heart of all the work that we do. Whether we channeling healing energies and songs from the plants (in and out of ceremony) through to healing activations and conscious transmissions from our Higher Selves, Spirit Teams and Galactic Friends. We are here as clear conduits to be a vessel for spirit for your own healing of the highest vibration and purpose. We also encourage and teach how to get in contact with your own higher guidance and inner wisdom too!


We empower you with tools that will assist you on your own healing journey throughout our ayahuasca retreats and way beyond. We are here to provide guidance and advice with the help of spirit to assist you through the deepest depths of your own processes, to help bring understanding and light to every aspect of your being.



Our team of curanderos and assistant healers are all skilled meditators. Meditating does not need to be difficult. Together we can dispel the limiting beliefs surrounding meditation to help you experience and establish your own practice within our retreats and beyond. We provide many different guided meditations (which are all recorded for you to take home with you) and teach different techniques of meditation to connect with spirit,grounding, to process your own trauma and emotions, to receive higher guidance to be present with all aspects of your existence and so much more! We are firm believers in empowering you with your own tools to activate the healing powers within.


Qi Gong and/or Yoga

We offer different movement therapies to gently assist with your own process with the plant medicines. These practices of Qi Gong and / or Yoga are very complimentary to plant medicine work. Increasing flexibility and strength, improving posture, opening energy channels within the body, grounding, promoting overall spiritual, mental, physical and emotional health as well as increasing overall energy. The practices we teach are accessible for all ages / abilities and are gentle ways of incorporating and integrating lessons and wisdom from the plants. You will also be able to take home and continue some of the practices post retreat to continue and assist with integration!


Trauma Informed Counselling (One on One)

Sometimes we all need to talk about what is going on and sometimes we don’t know really what is going on until we talk it out. Our highly trained and empathic team are here to offer you the support through even the most difficult of your process. We are trained in working deeply with sensitive topics such as sexual abuse, physical abuse, addiction and much more. Many of us ourselves have experienced deep levels of trauma through our own experiences growing up. We have healed ourselves first hand so can offer you a deep level of understanding and compassion to assist you through your own process. We continue to heal on our own paths each day so that we can be of highest, authentic service to others. This is backed up with years of experience helping others through deep traumatic processes and in-depth training that we provide to all of our team. We love this work and are so grateful to be able to share this with you.

Clarity Breathwork

Clarity Breathwork is a healing modality that harnesses the power of your own breath to facilitate deep and profound transformation in a safe way. This gentle, circular-breathing technique activates the subconscious by flooding the entire body with prana and oxygen and induces an altered state of consciousness. The breath opens the energy channels in the body and allows any stored information to surface and be released, such as suppressed emotions, physical blockages, toxins, old memories, conditioning, fight/flight/freeze patterns, and addictions. Breathwork sessions support you to release stress and tension, heal and resolve trauma, gain deeper insights into current life issues, and access your own internal, healing energy, creativity and higher Self. This inner transformation at a deep, cellular level brings about shifts in your outer life for the better and allows you to experience an incredible expansion including a greater capacity for forgiveness and self-love.


Workshops + Talks

Our curanderos and will be offering several talks and workshops about the Shipibo Tradition of Curanderismo, Plant Medicines, Ceremonies and more. You will have a chance to ask them questions about these topics and any others that you are interested in!

We will also be facilitating other workshops and talks upon topics such as trauma healing & release, empowerment tools, integration, limiting beliefs, plant spirit healing and anything else that we are intuitively guided to share with the group as part of the healing process.


Energy Healing/Reiki/Body Work

Our curanderos and assistant healers are trained in various modalities of energy healing and body work. For those who require additional assistance we will be working one on one with you to help move you through deeper physical, mental and emotional blockages.

Qi Gong - Complementing Ayahuasca with Other Spiritual Traditions | Casa Galactica
Qi Gong and ayahuasca work together to open the energetic channels in the body. As part of our 2-week Ayahuasca Plant Spirit Healing Retreats and Noya Rao Initiation Dietas, we teach Qi Gong as a complimentary spiritual practice with ayahuasca and other plant medicines. This video shows an overview of a Qi Gong class taught by Michael on our ayahuasca healing retreat. How can I open my intuition? How can I heal my body? How can I connect to the infinite intelligence? Ancient wisdom traditions and ayahuasca have more in common than you may think. They both help us to connect to higher spiritual realms, they both heal the body, they both help us to diagnose imbalances within the body and connect to ancient wisdom and spiritual technologies. Ayahuasca and Qigong can connect you deeply with your Higher Self. Qi Gong (also known as Chi Gong) is one way to prepare for an ayahuasca ceremony by deepening our connection with the earth and grounding us. From a grounded spiritual state, Qi Gong allows us to work deeper with the medicine! This is why Qi Gong is an integral part of our ayahuasca healing retreats and Noya Rao dieta programs. We have found that working with other spiritual traditions alongside plant medicine accelerates our awakening, opens our intuition, and catalyzes our own healing. This in turn allows us to work deeper and more openly with plant medicines such as ayahuasca. ------------------------------------------------------- CASA GALACTICA Channeling + Plant Spirit Healing Retreats · Dietas · Courses · Sessions Check out more videos here: Connect with us: WEB: FB: IG: Professional Videography provided by Amaru Producionnes: Music performed & composed by Michael Thornhill

CranioSacral Therapy

Based on the pioneered, developed, and researched work of osteopathic physician Dr. John E. Upledger, CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle, hands-on method of evaluating and enhancing the functioning of the body’s craniosacral system - comprised of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord. This therapeutic technique uses 5 grams of pressure or less (about one teaspoonful of sugar) and visualization to release restrictions in the craniosacral system and improve the functioning of the central nervous system. By complementing the body's natural healing processes, intuitively guided sessions and a soft-touch approach work with your own “inner physician” to access deeply stored trauma and assist your body, mind and spirit to reach more optimal levels of being.


Sharing & Integration Circles

Speaking about your process openly with others can incredibly healing. You can share as much or as little as you want in the beautiful and safe space that we create for each other. This process of openly sharing helps to implement and integrate the teachings from the plants into our waking life. Sharing circles are usually held the day after each ayahuasca ceremony.


Jungle Hikes/Plant Walk

Surrounded by the trees and plants of the Amazonian jungle, a jungle walk can be the perfect way to let deep internal work process and integrate. There are many trails around our retreat center where you can spend time in nature, allowing the healing energies of the jungle wash over you. We will also be taking you on a guided plant walk with one of the local Mishana Community plant experts who will tell you more about the pharmacy of medicines available within the jungle that surrounds us. This is fully translated into English by one of our team. 

Live Music & Original Songs

Traditional Icaros (the Shipibo Healing songs) are sung throughout the majority of the ceremony to hold space and do deep healing work. We also incorporate live music into our ceremonies too! The music is beneficial to help process emotions in a different way, it can help soothe an experience or get in touch with different levels of emotional states. Michael is a talented singer-songwriter. We will be providing audio recordings of the ceremonies so that you can listen back at any time post-retreat.


Swimming in the River/Relaxing on the Beach

Swimming in the  river is one of our favourite past times in the Mishana Community. The beautiful and majestic Nanay River brings life to the community, helps us relax, cleans us physically and energetically and provides fun for all. When the river is low there are pristine white sandy beaches to relax upon. This really is a jungle paradise which can be discovered and explored throughout our retreat. This powerful water spirit is fantastic medicine to assist you throughout your healing journey. We are so grateful for this magical location which we call home.

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