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We invite you to join us for this deep-healing, intimate, one-night Ayahuasca ceremony. Here at Casa Galactica we’re passionate about helping you through your process of deep healing and trauma release. Accordingly, this ceremony experience has been custom-curated to assist you in deeply healing your mind, body, emotions, and spirit, and also to awaken you to your lovingly authentic self.

We work within the powerful Noya Rao lineage of the Shipibo tradition of curanderismo (a.k.a. plant spirit healing) to create a nurturing, supportive, and Divinely-guided ceremony experience that will transform your life and renew your spirit!

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During this ayahuasca ceremony you can expect to experience deep healing, trauma release, connections with higher guidance, unconditional love, spirit communication, oneness, personal transformation and more! Come join us for these deep healing ayahuasca ceremonies, in Pisac, Peru. We are here to guide you through this process every step of the way, and your experience will include:

  • Pre-Ceremony Preparation Talk and Meditations

  • Deep-healing Shipibo Ayahuasca Ceremony, limited to 3 participants maximum

  • One-on-one Healing + Treatment within Ceremony

  • Icaro Songs in the Shipibo language

  • Light Language Activations + Healing Songs

  • Live Ceremony Music + Silent Intermissions

  • An opportunity to sing your own songs in ceremony (optional)

  • Post-ceremony conversation with Curandero to discuss the healing which has taken place, process experiences, and receive channeled guidance

  • A comfortable personal mat, pillow, and blanket to sleep on in the ceremony space (private or dorm rooms available at additional cost)

  •  Post-ceremony fruit

  •  Breakfast the following morning

  •  Sharing Circle and Integration Talk with the Curandero

To reserve your spot, you must purchase your ticket online and complete our application process, which includes medical screening through our application form as well as reading and agreeing to our medical guidelines, one-night ceremony diet guidelines, and one-night ceremony terms and conditions. If you prefer to pay cash than you can do so by contacting us via e-mail or WhatsApp. (Your spot will only be reserved when the full amount is paid.)

The application form will be sent to you upon receipt of payment and is required to be filled out immediately. Only upon confirmation of your application process will your spot be reserved. Should you for any reason not be accepted you will receive a full refund.



4:00pm - Arrive at location to check-in

4:30pm - Pre-ceremony Preparation talk & meditations

6:00pm - Free time

7:30pm - Pre-ceremony meditation

8:00pm - Ceremony begins


8:00am - Breakfast

9:00am - Sharing Circle and Integration Talk with the Curandero

12:00pm - Check-out


If you have any questions about the ceremony, our programs or would like to talk with us for any more information about how these ceremonies can benefit you, then please do not hesitate to contact us at 

or via WhatsApp +51 931 505 787.


Should you be interested in private one-on-one ceremonies or should you be interested in drinking as a private group in additional ceremonies as part of your trip, we would be more than happy to arrange a customized program for you. Please contact us at via email at or via WhatsApp +51 931 505 787.


Our Curandero, Michael Thornhill, is trained in the Noya Rao lineage of the Shipibo tradition of curanderismo. He is also a professional channel, bi-lingual (English and Spanish,) and Reiki Master adept in various forms of mediumship, shamanism and high-vibrational healing modalities. Through deep connections with the spirit world, he holds a unique, dynamic and safe space for the deepest levels of healing to occur.

These spirit connections span beyond our own Galaxy through the multi-verse and beyond. His main teacher is Noya Rao, the enlightened tree of unconditional love and light that is at the heart of all his shamanic and healing work. This trusted guide is here to open her worlds to you, to dive deep into your own psyche, to release all that does not serve you and to find the love that you have always held inside of you. Through experiencing this love and understanding you are able to heal the wounds of old, to make way for a new higher-vibrational existence to unfold.

This healing work is of the highest vibration and integrity, to allow you to feel and release the deepest depths of trauma whilst being held in a safe container of unconditional love.

In addition to this work within ceremony he is greatly adept at guiding you through deep emotional processes of trauma, sexual and ritual abuse, physical and emotional abuse, addiction, negative programming and many other deeply traumatic experiences. This comes from walking this path himself, through healing these aspects of his own life and helping many others on their own journey to liberation.

Throughout the program he is available to answer your questions with his own experiences in this work and also to channel his Galactic Friends and Spirit Teams to provide high-vibrational guidance for whatever may occur.


“Love is waiting for you, all you have to do is be willing to look inside.” – Michael Thornhill



Did you know that each time you join us for a ceremony, $5.00 of your purchase goes directly to protecting the Amazon rainforest ecosystem?

And did you know that this $5.00 not only equates to the conservation of 6.5 acres of rainforest, but also protects the richly biodiverse habitats of the indigenous plants and wildlife who rely upon it?

Here at Casa Galactica, we treasure our planet's precious rainforests and jungle with infinite love in our hearts! And we are excited to announce that we have partnered with the Rainforest Trust to ensure the survival of this beloved ecosystem.

We will be announcing more about this on our Casa Galactica website soon, as a portion from our medicine work goes directly towards funding this amazing conservation project with the Rainforest Trust.


Our Curandero, Michael Thornhill, is also a professional channel and he provides private channeling and integration sessions. He also provides learn to channel and healing activation courses. These are available for individuals, online and in-person. He also offers reduced-prices for our local friends and tourists here in Pisac. For discounted in-person sessions/courses contact him via WhatsApp on +51 931 505 787 . For online sessions/courses around the world you may contact him at the following website for more information and book online at

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