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In the Allpahuayo-Mishana National Reserve, Peru


Casa Galactica has its very own healing and retreat center, located deep in the heart of the Allpahuayo-Mishana National Reserve, in the Amazon Rainforest. To arrive at our beautiful jungle camp takes about 2 hours including a breathtaking boat ride up the Nanay River, a tributary to the Amazon River. Surrounded by untouched and pristine rainforest nature surrounds us in its purest form. We are located nearby to the Mishana community who are our dear friends and family. 


Our beautiful retreat center is completely off grid! We have  clean running water sourced from our own well 45ft deep well. Our camp  is completely solar powered, within electric lighting throughout the whole center and providing sufficient energy for you to be able to charge all of your electronic devices (make sure you bring a travel adaptor!) Even the water system is powered by a silent electric water pump. We love the environment and we are always looking for ways how we can further decrease our footprint and give back to the jungle that looks after us!


Our retreat center can accommodate a maximum of 12 participants for our Ayahuasca Plant Spirit Healing Retreats, in 6 shared double rooms (2 people in each room) For our Noya Rao Initiation Dieta we host a maximum of 6 particpants, each getting a private room to themselves. Each rooms has, its own fully tiled private bathroom, flushing toilet, sink, shower and is somewhere that you can more than comfortably call home for the duration of your stay! The windows are screened in with mosquito net, the doors lock and you also have your own private mosquito net over your bed for the night. We actually don’t get too many mosquitos around camp due to the unique ecosystem that the camp is built within! Living in the jungle is an amazing an amazing experience and does not mean that you have to be uncomfortable during your stay! 

Your room also has ample space to store your clothes, bedsides tables, solar electricity 24/7, lights and your own private balcony connected to the camp walkway so that your feet never even have to touch the ground. This walkway connects you to all the camps amenities including the start gazing deck, the ceremony space (maloca), the kitchen, dining area and medicine hut

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The Mishana Community are our dear friends and extended family. We have been welcome to this beautiful community with open arms and have built our home, here deep into the jungle. We are closely connected and deeply interwoven with this beautiful community. When you arrive, you will experience this love and appreciation of this wonderful community for yourself.


Meet our friends and family in the beautiful and mesmerizing Mishana Community...

They are mostly self-sufficient, living off the land, growing their own vegetables in their fields known as “Chacras.” They sell some of their produce in the markets of Iquitos to supplement their living and buy essential items as needed. They are also expert hunters and fisherman, there will also be a chance for those interested to go fishing with them on our retreats! They build their own houses, boats and live a happy peaceful life, deep in nature. Many of the community are avid soccer and volley ball players. You will have a chance to play with them if you wish!

The Mishana’s lovingly welcome all of our participants to be a part of their extended family throughout our retreats. There will also be an opportunity to buy some of their hand made jewelry and crafts. One of the jungle guides from the community will also take you on a hike deeper into the jungle to learn more about the medicinal plants that grow all around us!

The pace of life is slow and relaxed within the community. It is vibrant, full of life laughter and joy. The children play timelessly throughout the village, swim in the river and enjoy the pristine beaches of their golden-white shores. 

Our retreat center is nestled away from the community with the sweet, serene sound of nature to gently serenade you to sleep each night. This peaceful, relaxing location is paramount to deep healing processes. You can easily walk down to the community to soak up their vibes and enjoy the beautiful riverside panoramic views.


We live and work in harmony with the Mishana Community.

We look forward to developing our symbiotic relationship and growing our hearts and souls together.


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