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- 10-Day  Healing  &  Evolution -



In the Noya Rao lineage of curanderismo


A 14-day Inner-Truth Immersion with Noya Rao and Blue Lotus for dedicated Inner-Truth Seekers and Multi-dimensional Healers.  We are here to help you connect to your own Inner-Truth, help you to recognize your already innate connection to Noya Rao and Blue Lotus and catalyze your life’s path and multi-dimensional work in service to others. This is a beautifully non-dual, multi-dimensional and awakening of souls, spirit, plants, trees, beings, and humans whose sole healing intention is that you discover and know the truth of who you are at the core of your being.  You will receive trauma-informed awareness training that is not only demonstrated in the way the immersion is held, but in what is taught.  You will recognize that you are already empowered to connect with Noya Rao and Blue Lotus and learn how to do so at home on your own, without the need to physically ingest any plants. Over 14 days, including 5 ayahuasca ceremonies and a multi-dimensional training program, you will learn how to communicate and connect with Noya Rao and Blue Lotus, heal and discern your own ego and become a trauma-informed, non-dual, ethically aware, multi-dimensional plant spirit healer.



A nurturing, trauma-informed safe space to be authentically seen, heard,
and loved



One-on-one care, private sessions, and a personalized program for Healing & Evolution 



Channeled teachings to strengthen trust in your own inner wisdom and internal guidance system



An empowering environment for discovering your  own ability to heal yourself



safe ayahuasca retreat in pisac peru preparation help and guidelines

A personalized plan and comprehensive package that helps you prepare for your retreat

ayahuasca retreat sacred valley peru small group.png


In-depth trauma-informed care training for multi-dimensional healers

ayahuasca healing retreat peru with channeling workshops and non-dual teachings.png


Non-dual healing songs to sing in ceremony and transform your multi-dimensional healing work

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In the Noya Rao lineage of curanderismo with trauma-informed standards of care




An ethically-sound, integrous and consciencious approach to plant spirit healing

ayahuasca retreat sacred valley peru  integration.png


Trauma-informed spiritual practices, to awaken your innate connection to spirit and your own inner-truth

ayahuasca retreat sacred valley peru small group.png


A safe and intimate space to learn and transform, with one-on-one attention and support

safe ayahuasca retreat peru ayahuasca integration package in pisac peru sacred valley.png


Unity consciousness as a foundation for plant spirit healing, awakening & everyday life

ayahuasca retreat with private healing and channeling sessions michael thornhill jamie csi


Private, 45-minute intuitive healing sessions on retreat with co-founders of Casa Galactica

ayahuasca retreat pisac cuzco sacred valley peru private room comfortable accomodation.png


Time and space for solitude, rest and introspection in your own private room

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 Noya Rao and Blue Lotus teach  directly as multi-dimensional guides in service to others

safe ayahuasca retreat peru ayahuasca integration package in pisac peru sacred valley.png


In-depth package that transforms plant medicine experiences into long-lasting life changes

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14-Day Noya Rao & Blue Lotus Inner-Truth Immersion, Sacred Valley

May. 14th-28rd, 2023

from $4550

14-Day Noya Rao & Blue Lotus Inner-Truth Immersion, Sacred Valley
Nov. 26th- Dec 10th, 2023
from $4550
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Remember your own inner truth, as your connect with Noya Rao, your higher-self and Blue Lotus as own multi-dimensional guides in service to all

  • Become a non-dual, unconditionally loving, trauma-informed plant spirit healer

  • Understand and embody the path of non-dual teachings within plant spirit healing

  • Recognize yourself as the infinite creator

  • Learn to Immerse Yourself (“Diet”) with Noya Rao and Blue Lotus on your own at home

  • Polarize yourself in service to others as a multi-dimensional healer and heal your shadow/ego

  • Learn to communicate with plant spirits and multi-dimensional guides in service to others

  • Connect to the medicine of Noya Rao, Blue Lotus and your own spirit team in service to all

  • Learn to discern negative energies, release trauma and choose the path of unconditional love as a multi-dimensional healer

  • Embody trauma-informed awareness, standards of cate and multi-dimensional ethics as a multi-dimensional plant spirit healer

  • Dissolve limiting beliefs and negative programming that inhibit you from recognizing that you are already free and that everything is here and now

  • Recognize your sovereign nature

  • Dissolve karma from 3rd density experience and become a guide for 4th density consciousness on earth

  • Release multi-dimensional karma across life-limes, heal soul level trauma, and awaken to unity consciousness here and now

  • Understand your karmic imprint, soul level accountability, other life-time experiences and heal trauma from the experiences of separation

  • Learn healing songs in the Shipibo language to connect with the medicine of each plant sing in ceremony as a channel for each plant.

  • Sing in ayahuasca ceremonies and learn to be a channel for healing for yourself and others

  • Channel and learn your own healing songs with each plant in your native language



Why an Inner Truth Immersion?


Our own path of healing and evolution at Casa Galactica has repeatedly directed us to our inner-truth, sovereignty, and beyond external teachings. Your inner-truth is your greatest ally and guide, it can never be given or taken away, it was here before “you” were born and will the there long beyond this incarnational experience dissolves. Your inner truth is beyond any measure and is always available here and now. We are here as trauma-informed, multi-dimensional guides to help you remember the truth of who you are.


So why Noya Rao and Blue Lotus?


With your own Inner-Truth as a firm foundation for the path ahead, Noya Rao and Blue Lotus, are unconditionally loving, non-dual teachers in the path of self-realization as the One, Infinite Creator. They are a path to non-dual understanding in plant spirit healing. Remembrance of your relationship with these plants can heal countless life-times of trauma and help catalyze your own spiritual evolution. We will continuously remind you that when you perceive to be the strength, luminosity and enlightened nature of these plants, is merely a reflection of your own true-self, your Inner-Truth. It is often easier to see these qualities  “outside” of ourselves. We will help you to see this within yourself and embody these qualities in all aspects of your life and work. These enlightened plants are mentors for your own healing and evolution in service to all.

Why do we not drink Noya Rao and Blue Lotus?


Your inner-truth is here, now and ready to be awakened and remembered.  Noya Rao and Blue Lotus are already connected to you right now. You do not need permission to connect with them. We are multi-dimensional guides to help you recognize your own direct connection to Noya Rao and Blue Lotus, to awaken your Inner-Truth and ethically navigate multi-dimensional realms in service to others. During this Immersion, you will not ingest these either of these plants to connect with them.  We want you to awaken the remembrance of your innate connection to these plants will from within your own consciousness. This is something that you can with you everywhere, without limitation and can continue to learn, study and connect with any plant at home on your own. It is a myth that you need to ingest plants to connect with them. What you will learn in this unique program, will dissolve all limiting beliefs that stand in your way, change the way that you perceive the world, interact with spirit, catalyze your healing & evolution and simultaneously transforming the how you work as a multi-dimensional guide in service to others.



So how will we connect with Noya Rao and Blue Lotus.


You are already connected to them. We will simply help you remember your innate connection to these beings.  Throughout this comprehensive multi-dimensional training program, you will participate in daily meditations and workshops, and learn to connect with Noya Rao, Blue Lotus. You are invited to participate in 5 ayahuasca ceremonies, sing in ceremony, attend 16 group workshops, learn to connect to them through singing icaros, channel your own healing songs, and be empowered to follow your own inner-truth throughout the process. You are encouraged to meditate and integrate the teachings in your own time for introspection scheduled throughout the Immersion. We remain available on site to help guide you through the process and answer any questions as they arrive. All of our workshops, ceremonies and mediations are recorded so you can continue to immerse yourself with these plants at home. This is an in-depth training program that dissolves perceived intermediaries, physical limitations and gatekeepers from accessing your innate connection with Noya Rao, Blue Lotus and your own True Self. We are here to help you remember your limitless potential, as humble guides to share what we have learnt in our own process of healing & evolution and the journey back to our infinite selves.



Your sovereignty is paramount throughout this process. Traditional beliefs are often the distored projection of human emotions onto plants.  We are here to help direct you back to your own innate connection with these plants. We are here to help you remember your infinite self beyond limitation.


Ayahuasca Retreat Pisac Peru Preparation.png


We understand the importance of preparation, and we are with you from the first moment you express interest in signing up for our Inner-Truth Immersions with Noya Rao & Blue Lotus. Firstly, if you have any questions before signing up for a retreat with us, we invite you to schedule a no-obligation free consultation. Secondly, once you sign up for your retreat, you will complete an in-depth Pre-Retreat Health and Wellness Screening Questionnaire. This completed questionnaire allows us to assess if ayahuasca and the additional plant medicine treatments we provide on our retreats will be beneficial and safe for you to partake in.


Before being accepted to our retreats, you will receive a private, online Pre-Retreat Preparation Session. We also provide you with a pre-retreat recorded meditation, an online group orientation meeting, and comprehensive preparation content including medical guidelines, dietary guidelines, a complete packing guide, FAQ and preparation advice.

You will also be invited to join us on a private Signal app group, in order to connect and communicate with other participants on your retreat prior to arriving at Casa Galactica in Pisac, Peru. Within this encrypted Signal messaging group, we will answer questions as they arise from the group and share information as requested.  If you have more personal or private questions, we are always available to respond via phone, email, or Zoom video-call.

The purpose of this Preparation Package is to ensure that your preparation for, and travel to, your retreat with us at Casa Galactica is as clear and easy to understand as possible.

You will also receive access to two pre-recorded workshops from Michael´s Healing & Evolution Online Workshop Series, with over 7 hours of channeling, guidance, and multi-dimensional healing on the topics of Healing Evolution and the Fundamentals of Healing Trauma.  Both pre-recorded workshops will provide you with a powerful foundation for our Ayahuasca Healing Evolution Retreats.

ayahuasca healing retreat sacred valley peru ayahuasca ceremoniespng


During your retreat, you will participate in 5 unique ayahuasca ceremonies held by us, Michael and Jamie Thornhill. We are trained in the Noya Rao lineage of Shipibo curanderismo with over 10 years of combined experience in holding safe, supportive spaces for you to experience, learn, heal, and grow. Noya Rao is a stunning and magnificently bioluminescent tree that grows in the Peruvian Amazon, and the radiance of her unconditional love, guidance, wisdom, and medicine is at the heart and helm of our work, expressing itself throughout every ayahuasca ceremony. We do not work with smoke of any kind in the ceremony space, so you can rest assured you will have a smoke-free environment. When appropriate or needed, we sometimes work with natural, alcohol free plant spays that are safe, clean and effective in ceremony. Our main work in ceremony is done with icaros (healing songs) and sound, multi-dimensionally, to hold a safe, transformative space for you to heal and evolve.


We are also professional intuitive mediums and channels, with over 18 years of combined experience in adeptly and conscientiously connecting and communicating with Spirit to bring through messages, guidance, wisdom and insights in service to your highest good. During an ayahuasca ceremony, your safety, health, and well-being is our highest priority.


This complementary combination of our training in the Noya Rao lineage of curanderismo and our professional standards of practice as channels is the foundation of our ayahuasca ceremonies. Into this firm foundation, we infuse our own personal styles of medicine which are comprised of non-dual awareness, sound healing, trauma-informed care practices, Shipibo icaros, plant spirit guidance, multi-dimensional therapies, eastern philosophies, galactic friends, light language, and the wellspring of infinite love at the absolute heart of us all.

The healing and enlightenment that can occur in an ayahuasca ceremony is often expedient, profound, and life-transformative. The awareness and growth experienced in a single ayahausca ceremony can sometimes feel equivalent to understandings gained from 20 years of psychotherapy or 20 years of meditation practice. Ayahuasca is a powerful medicine that can bring deep levels of trauma to the surface to be seen, felt, loved, and healed.


During the immersion the intention for each ayahuasca ceremony is to connect with your own Inner-Truth. You will connect with Blue Lotus and Noya Rao through guided meditations before each ceremony. These plant spirits are guides to help you discover your own inner-truth and catlyze your awakening.  In this setting, just a  single ayahuasca ceremony can burn through long-held limiting beliefs in an instant and can provide you with a direct experience of Oneness, God, the Universe, your Higher Self, or even Unconditional Love.


During each and every ayahuasca ceremony, it is our concentrated, wholehearted intention to be in absolute service to your highest healing, good, and purpose, from start, to finish, to post-ceremony. Accordingly, we are available at all times before, during, and after each ayahuasca ceremony to help you through whatever experiences may arise for you. We are also available 24/7 onsite during your retreat to process with you or assist you in any way that is necessary.

small intimate ayahuasca retreat 4 people peru.png


We are here to help you transform your life in the most profound way possible. Our dynamic way of holding our ayahuasca retreats means that no two retreats will be the same. You (and your Higher Self) are co-creators of the retreat, and with just 4 participants, you partake in our most intimate and personalized ayahuasca retreats to date. Learning in a small and intimate environment means you will receive in-depth one-on-one care, attention, support and teachings from us every step of the way. We are dedicated to helping you remember that you are empowered to live the life you prefer. We want to help you heal trauma at the root cause and remove the obstacles standing in the way of a life filled with peace, joy, love and happiness.

Trauma-informed ayahuasca retreats peru  Casa Galactica_edited.jpg

"Our Ayahuasca Healing & Evolution Retreats are so much more than just Ayahuasca. They are complete, holistic treatment programs that help treat and heal physical, mental, emotional & spiritual conditions from their root causes."

- Michael Thornhill, Co-founder of Casa Galactica

private accomodation small ayahuasca retreat pisac peru.png


We have 4 private rooms to choose from, spread over 2 buildings. Each private room is furnished with the utmost care and love, and with your absolute peace, comfort and relaxation in mind.

Each room hosts a luxurious queen size bed, 2 memory foam pillows, 1 duvet, 2 additional blankets, a writing desk and chair, a personal meditation cushion, a yoga mat, a dresser, a place to hang your clothes and an electric space heater. We have one room that also has a private balcony for an additional cost.

If you wish to extend your stay at Casa Galactica before or after your retreat, or if you wish to enjoy the Sacred Sites Adventure Tour, please let us know and we can arrange this for you! We also include transportation to and from Cusco Airport, clean drinking water, healthy snacks, daily room cleaning, 3 laundry services, and the freshest air you have ever breathed.

blue lotus ayahuasca retreat peru.png


Trauma-informed care training and practices for ayahuasca ceremony leaders, plant spirit healers, multi-dimensional guides, therapists and care givers

ayahuasca plant medicine retreat sacred valley cusco peru


  • Four Ayahuasca Ceremonies for personal mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional healing & transformation

  • One Sangre De Grado purgative and digestive system cleanse

  • One Blue Lotus Multi-dimensional Sound Healing Ceremony to open your heart and prepare you for ayahuasca ceremonies

  • One Eucalyptus Smoke Bath for cleaning and clearing stagnant energies

  • Four Vapor Baths/Saunas for cleaning, cleansing, and detoxification of entire mind, body, spirit, and energetic field

  • One Chiric Sanango cleanse for the nervous system

  • Daily Nerve Tonic remedy to clean the nervous system, improve cognitive function, heal the effects of trauma and return balance to the central nervous system

  • Floral Love Baths to heal the mind, body and spirit and radiate self-love

  • Personal plant spray and energetic cleaner

  • Personalized teas, tinctures or other plant medicines as required or recommended by Casa Galactica

CG - IR webpage - quote image J_edited.jpg

“Each participant who comes to our retreats has faced a unique set of life experiences which can result in a very personal patchwork of limiting beliefs, physical symptoms, and stuck patterns. Accordingly, we treat each individual with the utmost care, consideration, and love.”

– Jamie Thornhill, Co-founder of Casa Galactica

channeling session intutive reading ayahuasca retreat sacred valley peru.png


We provide you with 3 private intuitive healing sessions throughout the retreat. We understand the power of one-on-one time to help further your healing, learning and growth process. We are multi-dimensional, trauma-informed healers, channels and intuitive mediums. We work with your higher self, plant spirits and other multi-dimensional beings to assist you in seeing yourself more clearly, healing trauma, stepping into your own multi-dimensional awareness and embodying your truth. 

channeled workshops at safe ayahuasca retreat peru.png


You will receive 6 channeled workshops specifically tailored to the collective group consciousness of all retreat participants and your own personal healing and evolution. These workshops will empower your own healing, activate your intuition, help you to connect to the wisdom of the plant spirits and embody your truth. You will learn to trust yourself, become your own healer, and learn to live in alignment with your innermost truth.  All workshops are audio-recorded so that you can revisit them and strengthen your learning when you return home.

group trauma healing ayahuasca retreat sacred valley pisac peru.png


In these unique Healing Evolution Group Sessions, you will receive gentle yet powerful, guided trauma-informed spiritual practices, that help you to awaken your inner healer, strengthen your inner voice, develop your own multi-dimensional awareness and connect to the infinite intelligence that resides within you, and the love that heals all wounds. In combination with plant medicines, these spiritual practices provide a grounded way for you to heal from the effects of trauma, empower your truth, and continue your learning and self-discovery from home. This can include meditation, qigong, body movement, sound healing, and other transmissions shared by spirit.

Ayahuasca Retreat Testimonials safe secure Peru.jpg

"A powerful experience, with a lot of love, light, and humility. The medicine was strong but very loving, the space created was comforting & safe, allowing to delve in whatever needed to arrive. They do care profoundly for every person reaching out to them, and I recommend working with them without any hesitation."