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Single Ceremonies & Private Immersions


Bufo Alvarius, is as a powerful toad medicine, here to help you heal trauma, dissolve karma and connect to your infinite oneness. Bufo Alvarius is burned and inhaled via a glass pipe in a safe, trauma-informed and nurturing ceremony space

for your personal Healing & Evolution.The first most intense phase is around 10-15 minutes, followed by a reintegration phase into the physical body which can last an additional 30 - 60 minutes. A second dosage may be provided at our discretion if you desire it.Deep repressed layers of unconscious trauma can quickly rise to the surface, to be felt, healed and released.  Bufo Alvarius Ceremonies are one of the most rapid and effective methods of healing trauma non-dual awakening. Bufo Alvarius can heal and transform lifetimes of trauma which other healing modalities may only begin scratch the surface.  One may experience complete dissolution of the human “ego” self, experience other lifetimes, direct connection with source, have out of body experiences,  and merge with one-consciousness beyond the veil of the illusion of separation . You are invited to let go of expectation, trust your higher-self and allow the medicine to transform you and meet you where you are. Each Bufo Alvarius ceremony is unique. We provide a safe, supportive and trauma-informed container for you to come home to the truth of who you are, whatever your experience may be.

Trauma-Informed Care (Safety)
A safe container for healing & evolution
An abundance of support and intuitively guided questions to help you gain the most out of your experience.
The support of a multidimensional trauma-informed healer for the duration of your experience
Ongoing integration support



A nurturing, trauma-informed safe space to be authentically seen, heard,
and loved



One-on-one care, in your own private Bufo Alvarius Ceremony just

for you 



Trauma-informed, multidimensional support to deepen your ceremony & integration



Ongoing support from the whole team at Casa Galactica for your continued Healing & Evolution



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To prepare you for your 

Bufo Alvarius


ayahuasca retreat pisac cuzco sacred valley peru private room comfortable accomodation.png


Time and space for solitude, rest and introspection in your own private room

safe ayahuasca retreat in pisac peru preparation help and guidelines

To ensure your safety & wellbeing during your Bufo Alvarius Ceremony

ayahuasca retreat pisac cuzco sacred valley peru private room comfortable accomodation.png


Time and space for solitude, rest and introspection in your own private room

ayahuasca retreat sacred valley peru small group.png


Trauma-informed Bufo Alvarius Ceremony with one-on-one care and attention

ayahuasca retreat pisac cuzco sacred valley peru private room comfortable accomodation.png


Time and space for solitude, rest and introspection in your own private room


Bufo Alvarius is one of the most effective tools for non-dual awakening healing from past trauma. During a single Bufo ceremony you may experience:

  • Somatic Multidimensional Awakening through healing trauma and non-dual awakening

  • Direct cxperience of non-duality (One Consciousness)

  • Dissolving & healing karmic imprint (Multi-lifetime healing)

  • Healing from abuse, PTSD, stress, addiction, anxiety, fear, depression etc. (Current life-time healing)

  • Recognize the truth of who you are beyond the veil of illusion

  • Release emotional pain at the root cause of suffering

  • Release fear of dying

  • Temporary dissolution of ego

  • Remember your faith in the All That Is

  • Releasing of black magic, negative energy and mind control programs

  • Release limiting beliefs

  • Heal from addictions

  • Rediscover your purpose

  • Change the way you view and experience physical reality

  • Experience unconditional love




  • Health & Wellness Screening

  • Online Preparation Guidelines

  • Pre-ceremony preparation

  • Pre-ceremony meditation

  • Bufo Ceremony

  • Monthly Online Sharing & Integration Circle


Additional Bufo Ceremony

+ $275 per ceremony

4 Ceremony Package Regular Price: 1125

Discounted to: $990



  • Health & Wellness Screening

  • Online Preparation Guidelines

  • Pre-ceremony preparation

  • Pre-ceremony meditation

  • Bufo Ceremony

  • Monthly Online Sharing & Integration Circle

  • 60 Minute Healing Evolution Integration Session





Additional Bufo Ceremony

+ $275 per ceremony

4 Ceremony Package Regular Price: 1275

Discounted to $1222



  • Health & Wellness Screening

  • Preparation Call

  • Online Preparation Guidelines

  • Pre-ceremony preparation

  • Pre-ceremony meditation

  • Bufo Ceremony

  • 2 x 60 Minute Healing Evolution Integration Sessions

  • Monthly Sharing & Integration Circles

  • 2 Night Accomodation Private Room



Additional Bufo Ceremony

1 Night Accomodation

+ $350 per ceremony/night

4 Ceremony Package Regular Price


Discounted to $1496

Ayahuasca Retreat Pisac Peru Preparation.png


We understand the importance of preparation, and we are with you from the first moment you express interest in signing up for our Ayahuasca Healing & Evolution Retreats. Firstly, if you have any questions before signing up for a retreat with us, we invite you to schedule a no-obligation free consultation. Secondly, once you sign up for your retreat, you will complete an in-depth Pre-Retreat Health and Wellness Screening Questionnaire. This completed questionnaire allows us to assess if ayahuasca and the additional plant medicine treatments we provide will be beneficial and safe for you to partake in.


Before being accepted to our retreats, you will receive a private, online Pre-Retreat Preparation Session. We also provide you with an audio-recorded Pre-Retreat Meditation, an online Retreat Group Orientation Meeting, and comprehensive preparation content including medical guidelines, dietary guidelines, a complete packing guide, FAQ and preparation advice.

You will also be invited to join us on a private Signal app group, in order to connect and communicate with other participants on your retreat prior to arriving at Casa Galactica in Pisac, Peru. Within this encrypted Signal messaging group, we will answer questions as they arise from the group and share information as requested.

Once you arrive at the retreat, you will experience a Retreat Orientation Talk and a Ceremony Preparation Talk, to help you better understand what to expect during your retreat and ayahuasca ceremonies.


The purpose of this comprehensive Preparation Package is to ensure that your preparation for, and travel to, your retreat with us at Casa Galactica is as clear and easy to understand as possible.

You will also receive access to two pre-recorded workshops from Michael´s Healing & Evolution Online Workshop Series, with over 7 hours of channeling, guidance, and multi-dimensional healing on the topics of Healing Evolution and the Fundamentals of Healing Trauma.  Both pre-recorded workshops will provide you with a powerful foundation for our Ayahuasca Healing Evolution Retreats.

ayahuasca healing retreat sacred valley peru ayahuasca ceremoniespng


During your retreat, you will participate in 4 unique ayahuasca ceremonies held by us, Michael and Jamie Thornhill. We are trained in the Noya Rao path of curanderismo with over 10 years of combined experience in holding safe, integrous spaces for you to experience, learn, heal, and grow. Noya Rao is a stunning and magnificently bioluminescent tree that grows in the Peruvian Amazon, and the radiance of her unconditional love, guidance, wisdom, and medicine is at the heart and helm of our work, expressing itself throughout every ayahuasca ceremony. Our main work in ceremony is done multi-dimensionally with icaros (healing songs) and sound, to create and hold a safe space for you to heal and evolve.


We are also professional intuitive mediums and channels, with over 18 years of combined experience of adeptly and conscientiously connecting and communicating with Spirit to bring through messages, guidance, wisdom and insights in service to your highest good.


This complementary combination of our training in the Noya Rao path of curanderismo and our professional standards of practice as channels is the foundation of our ayahuasca ceremonies. Into this firm foundation, we infuse our own personal styles of medicine which are comprised of non-dual awareness, sound healing, trauma-informed care practices, Shipibo icaros, plant spirit guidance, multi-dimensional therapies, the Grace of God, eastern philosophies, oneness practices, and the wellspring of infinite love at the absolute heart of us all.

The healing and enlightenment that can occur in an ayahuasca ceremony is often expedient, profound, and life-transformative. The awareness and growth experienced in a single ayahausca ceremony can sometimes feel equivalent to understandings gained from 20 years of psychotherapy or 20 years of meditation practice. Ayahuasca is a powerful medicine that can bring deep levels of trauma to the surface to be seen, felt, loved, and healed.  A single ayahuasca ceremony can burn through long-held limiting beliefs in an instant and can provide you with a direct experience of Oneness, God, the Universe, your Higher Self, or even Unconditional Love.


During each and every ayahuasca ceremony, it is our concentrated, wholehearted intention to be in absolute service to your highest healing, good, and purpose, from start, to finish, to post-ceremony. Accordingly, we are available at all times before, during, and after each ayahuasca ceremony to help you through whatever experiences may arise for you. We are also available 24/7 onsite during your retreat to process with you or assist you in any way that is necessary.

We do not work with smoke of any kind in the ceremony space, so you can rest assured you will have a smoke-free environment. When appropriate or needed, we sometimes work with natural, alcohol free plant spays that are safe, clean and effective in ceremony.

small intimate ayahuasca retreat 4 people peru.png


We are here to help you transform your life in the most profound way possible. Our dynamic way of holding our ayahuasca retreats means that no two retreats will be the same. You (and your Higher Self) are co-creators of the retreat, and with just 4 participants, you partake in our most intimate and personalized ayahuasca retreats to date. Learning in a small and intimate environment means you will receive in-depth one-on-one care, attention, support and teachings from us every step of the way. We are dedicated to helping you remember that you are empowered to live the life you prefer. We want to help you heal trauma at the root cause and remove the obstacles standing in the way of a life filled with peace, joy, love and happiness.

Trauma-informed ayahuasca retreats peru  Casa Galactica_edited.jpg

"Our Ayahuasca Healing & Evolution Retreats are so much more than just Ayahuasca. They are complete, holistic treatment programs that help treat and heal physical, mental, emotional & spiritual conditions from their root causes."

- Michael Thornhill, Co-founder of Casa Galactica

private accomodation small ayahuasca retreat pisac peru.png


We have 4 private rooms to choose from, spread over 2 buildings. Each private room is furnished with the utmost care and love, and with your absolute peace, comfort and relaxation in mind.

Each room hosts a luxurious queen size bed, 2 memory foam pillows, 1 duvet, 2 additional blankets, a writing desk and chair, a personal meditation cushion, a yoga mat, a dresser, a place to hang your clothes and an electric space heater. We have one room that also has a private balcony for an additional cost.

If you wish to extend your stay at Casa Galactica before or after your retreat, or if you wish to enjoy the Sacred Sites Adventure Tour, please let us know and we can arrange this for you! We also include transportation to and from Cusco Airport, clean drinking water, healthy snacks, daily room cleaning, 3 laundry services, and the freshest air you have ever breathed.

blue lotus ayahuasca retreat peru.png


You will participate in 4 guided meditations before each ayahuasca ceremony to help you ground, connect with the earth, relax your nervous system, and connect to your own inner truth . These guided meditations can help you realize your own spiritual sovereignty, gain direct awareness of your oneness, embody your higher self, and connect with your spirit team. These channeled meditations help co-create an optimal energetic foundation as we enter into the ayahuasca ceremony, and they provide useful tools to assist you in navigating the multi-dimensional realms. They are fundamental for work in ceremony, yet also provide powerful transformation when practiced each day.


ayahuasca plant medicine retreat sacred valley cusco peru


  • Four Ayahuasca Ceremonies for personal mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional healing & transformation

  • One Sangre De Grado or Lemon Grass purgative and digestive system cleanse

  • Four Plant Vapor Baths for cleaning, cleansing, and detoxification of entire mind, body, spirit, and energetic field

  • Daily Heart Opening Tonic

  • Daily Nerve Tonic Remedy to clean the nervous system, improve cognitive function, heal the effects of trauma, and return balance to the central nervous system

  • Floral Love Baths to heal the mind, body and spirit and radiate self-love

  • Personal Plant Spray and energetic cleaner

  • Local plant teas available to aid with digestion and altitude acclimatization

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“Each participant who comes to our retreats has faced a unique set of life experiences, resulting in a very personal patchwork of beliefs, conditions, and patterns. Accordingly, we treat everyone with the utmost care, love, and consideration.”


– Jamie Thornhill, Co-founder of Casa Galactica

channeling session intutive reading ayahuasca retreat sacred valley peru.png


We provide you with 2 private intuitive healing sessions throughout the retreat. We understand the power of one-on-one time to help further your healing, learning and growth process. We are multi-dimensional, trauma-informed healers, channels and intuitive mediums. We work with your higher self, plant spirits and other multi-dimensional beings to assist you in seeing yourself more clearly, healing trauma, stepping into your own multi-dimensional awareness and embodying your truth. 

channeled workshops at safe ayahuasca retreat peru.png


You will receive 4 channeled workshops specifically tailored to the collective group consciousness of all retreat participants and your own personal healing and evolution. These workshops will empower your own healing, activate your intuition, help you to connect to the wisdom of the plant spirits and embody your truth. You will learn to trust yourself, become your own healer, and learn to live in alignment with your innermost truth.  All workshops are audio-recorded so that you can revisit them and strengthen your learning when you return home.

group trauma healing ayahuasca retreat sacred valley pisac peru.png


4 trauma-informed group qigong classes provide you with a grounded, gentle and effective way to heal from the effects of trauma, reconnect with your body, awaken your spirit and embody your truth. You will learn a complete qigong practice of Daoist Self Massage, Old Man Tide Pool, Trembling Horse, Daoist Yin 5 and the Microcosmic Orbit. To support your ongoing healing & evolution at home, you will also provided with a video recording of these qigong practices.

Ayahuasca Retreat Testimonials safe secure Peru.jpg

"A powerful experience, with a lot of love, light, and humility. The medicine was strong but very loving, and the space created was comforting & safe, allowing me to delve into whatever needed to arrive. Michael and Jamie do care profoundly for every person reaching out to them, and I recommend working with them without any hesitation."



healthy food ayahuasca retreat pisac peru



Our local Peruvian chef, Juan Dios, is here at your service to conjure up tasty, healthy, heart-warming, and home-cooked meals to assist you on your own personal journey of healing and evolution. We use local organic produce when possible and work with local organic farmers. The nourishing meal plan includes fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, free-range eggs, local-caught trout, free-range chicken, juices, and plant-based teas in order to boost physical energy and detox the body.

This provides you with a clean (and tasty!) platform for your own healing and evolution with the plant medicines we provide on retreat. If you have any specific dietary requirements please let us know ahead of time so that we can accommodate you.

starlit campfire nature ayahuasca retreat pisac peru sacred valley.png


Spend time around the campfire, under the stars and surrounded by the majestic Andean mountains. Allow the harmony of nature to assist you in your healing, growth and evolution. Find time to relax, unwind and connect with each other as you heal old wounds. You are invited to share, laugh, cry, sing songs and be your authentic self. The bond that  forms between participants in each ayahuasca retreat can span a lifetime. The campfire is a place to nurture community and authentic connections that are powerful allies as you heal yourself and embody your truth.

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Integration is an important part of the process of personal healing and evolution. It can transform powerful experiences into long-lasting life changes. We are here to help you through each part of the process, and integration is an integral part of the our retreats. We provide 4 Sharing and Integration Circles and a comprehensive Integration Talk during your retreat. 


You will participate in an online Sharing & Integration Circle specifically for your retreat group within 2 weeks following your retreat. Within one month of completing your retreat, you will receive a complimentary private 60-minute Integration Session with Michael.


Additionally, Casa Galactica provides free monthly online Sharing & Integration Circles, accessible to our wider community. If you wish to continue your process of healing and evolution with us, you can book additional paid online sessions to support your integration anytime.



We are first aid trained, trauma-informed, ethically conscious, multi-dimensional plant spirit healers. We have created and adhere to stringent and effective safety protocols that are strictly followed throughout our retreats. We also have a thorough health and wellness screening process to ensure the safety of all participants. We have protocols in place for emergency transportation to a local clinic or hospital, in the very unlikely event of a more serious emergency.


 Your safety and well-being is of the highest priority here at Casa Galactica.


Trauma-informed facilitation, non-discrimination, and a strict Code of Professional Conduct & Ethics are at the heart of our work at Casa Galactica. We ensure that you will experience a safe, respectful, and loving environment that has been carefully curated to nurture and support your dive deep into your own personal healing processes.


To ensure the health, safety and well-being of all participants, staff and employees, all participants are required to take a COVID-19 Antigen Test upon arrival. All private rooms, bathrooms, and communal spaces and are cleaned daily with alcohol and plant disinfectant. Hand sanitizer made from local antibacterial plants and medical grade alcohol are available throughout the retreat center. P.S., it smells great and makes a great multi-purpose personal energy cleaner too! Our full COVID-10 policy is written on our safety & ethics page below.


In Pisac, in the heart of the Andean Mountains, we provide you with a beautiful and tranquil space to dive deep into yourself. With 4 private rooms with queen size beds, in our most intimate setting yet, we host dynamic and personalized, 4-participant Ayahuasca Healing & Evolution Retreats. This unique, intimate and safe environment sets the foundation for us to work with you in-depth, in a personalized manner and means that you will get even more one-on-care and attention.

Enjoy sunset views from our gardens, smell the fragrance of the nearby Eucalyptus trees, and rest amongst the towering silhouettes of the Andrean mountains. We are located a few kilometers from the town of Pisac, with clear views to Pisac Ruins, an ancient Incan Archeological site. (Illustrated in the picture above)

We have 3 full bathrooms, each with hot water showers, to be shared between 4 participants. We have a generous bathtub where we provide our Floral Love Baths, including personal candlelit time for meditation with the plants.


We have gone the extra mile to provide you with additional comfort for your stay with us. Our mattresses are the most comfortable we have ever slept on with two memory foam pillows each. We also have plenty of hammocks in our private gardens for you lie back, and relax and enjoy the vista of the majestic Andean mountains.


Your private rooms come with 3 thick blankets, a writing desk & chair, a personal meditation cushion, a yoga mat, a  dresser, place to hang your clothes and an electric space heater. If you wish to book additional time at Casa Galactica we would be happy for you to extend your stay.