Overcoming Addictions
Sat, May 04 | Nidra Wasi Holistic Retreat Center

Overcoming Addictions

Join us for our weekly Channeling + Conscious Contact Event Live from Pisac at Nidra Wasi. If you are in the area come by for the live event or tune in online! This week's topic, Overcoming Addiction + Live Q&A with our Galactic Friends and Spirit Teams.
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May 04, 2019, 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM GMT-5
Nidra Wasi Holistic Retreat Center, Sector San Luis Tambo de Gozo Along the, Riverside, Peru


OVERCOMING ADDICTIONS + Live Q&A with our Galactic Friends and Spirit Teams.

Have you been addicted to something in the past or are currently using substances to suppress your own emotions? Do you know someone who has been using substances or plant medicines to “spiritualise” their addictive patterns and behaviors? Are you looking for help in overcoming your own addictions? We are channeling our Galactic Friends and Spirit Teams to provide insight and guidance and practical steps to freedom on all of the above + more! Addictions can manifest themselves in many forms such as unconscious patterns, love addictions, destructive behaviors, recurring negative actions, substance abuse and more. We have both undergone radical and drastic changes within our own lives to overcome our own addictions, work with others in addiction programs and ultimately understand the steps necessary to overcome addiction and face our own demons. As well as channeling we will be sharing our own insights and following this with a live channeling Q&A with our Galactic Friends + Spirit Teams.


Join us, Michael Thornhill and Jamie Csizmadia, for this one-of-a-kind weekly event, held every Saturday at Nidra Wasi in beautiful Pisac, Peru from 2:00-4:00pm PET (GMT-5). Come join here in Pisac or tune in from anywhere around the world via our online Livestream!

Purchase tickets here for just 8 USD and receive the link via e-mail prior to the event for online livestream access, or pay us 40 Soles in Pisac at the event if you are attending in-person. During this 2-hour Channeling + Conscious Contact event you will have the opportunity to receive channeled insights, wisdom, and guidance that will help you transform your life into one that you prefer, by helping you see yourself and the Universe more clearly. Livestreamers this is an interactive event where you will be able to ask you questions live to the event too! See more below...

Each weekly event will cover a new topic chosen by our collective Galactic Friends and Spirit Teams, who will share high-vibrational transmissions of the utmost importance to us at this moment of our collective evolution.

We will be personally utilizing semi-trance channeling and conscious channeling methods to bring through these high-vibrational energy transmissions, activations, loving messages, sonic transmissions, sound healing, guided visualizations, practical exercises, and channeled meditations from our/your multi-dimensional Galactic Friends and Spirit Teams.

There will also be an in-depth Question & Answer session, during which you’ll be able to ask your most heartfelt questions, receive life-transformative channeled insights, expand your capacity for unconditional love, and align with your Highest Path. Be sure to click "Interested" or "Going" to stay informed.


Hi, we're Michael Thornhill and Jamie Csizmadia. We are partners in love, life, and channeling. We're also engaged to be married later this year. 😊 We're both experienced adept at channeling and mediumship in different forms. We have our own unique styles, and we work with a variety of higher vibrational beings of love and light, whom we lovingly refer to as our "Galactic Friends" and "Spirit Teams". These higher vibrational beings of love and light surround each one of us to assist us on our life's journies. Our unique individual styles of channeling and mediumship blend effortlessly and beautifully when we combine our energies in service to others.


We work with high-vibrational beings of love and light that are here to help us through our ascension process and navigate our physical realities and lives with more love, grace, and joy. We work with and channel beings such as God/Source, The Pleiadians, Hathors, Arcturians, Sirians, Orions, Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters, your/our Higher Selves, your Spirit Guides, Crossed-over Loved Ones, Animal Friends, the Plant Kingdom, the Mineral Kingdom, Mystical Beings, + more. We also have trusted personal guides that we work with who relay high-vibrational, clear messages from your Galactic Friends and Spirit Teams to bring about life-transformative insight, guidance, and wisdom into your lives.


Each Channeling + Conscious Contact event is about empowering you to see yourself more clearly, to believe in yourself more easily, and to become more conscious of the spiritual support that perpetually surrounds you. You are a powerful, luminous, being of light, eternally connected to Source, and accordingly you hold all of your answers within.

We all have the ability to shift into higher-vibrational parallel realities and experiences that we prefer, every moment that we choose to look within and consciously align with our highest good, healing, and purpose. Channeled information is transmitted in useful and accessible ways, allowing you to take the guidance with you and integrate it into your life in a practical way each day.

Channeling is characteristically a dialogue between the Higher Beings and the participants, via the Channel or Medium. Therefore you may ask any questions that you like, for yourself and/or the collective, regarding the weekly topic or your own personal topic that you wish to shed light upon.

Often when questions are answered, our/your Galactic Friends and Spirit Teams synchronistically provide answers that are simultaneously relevant for the whole group! You may even expect to metaphysically connect with, and become more acquainted with, your very own support team of Galactic Friends and Spirit.


In addition to our intuitive work as Channels and Mediums, we have both trained and studied together in the Shipibo tradition of curanderismo, as well as dieted with master plants, for an extensive period in the jungles of the Amazon rainforest. Our main plant teacher, and one of our most beloved guides, is the "Enlightenend Tree" known as Noya Rao. This tree is a luminous tree of pure love, compassion, and light who guides us through our contact with other beings by raising our vibration in true alignment with the love of God/Source. Through this high-vibrational Divine state of being, messages of love, light, and truth are received and transmitted. You can find out more about us here:

- www.michaelthornhill.com (more info + Free Channeling


- www.jamiecsizmadia.com


We both are offering reduced-price one-on-one sessions for our local friends here in Pisac. You may contact either of us for more information and to book a private session. We look forward to connecting with you soon!


Jamie, Michael + Your Galactic Friends


“I recently had a 1-hour session with Michael and the Pleiadians and found it to be truly transformational and transformative. The session brought healing on many levels that I’m still in the process of integrating. I found Michael to be a clear and perfect channel that allowed accurate information to be passed from the Pleiadians.

Thank you to Michael and P’s for their loving guidance!”


“Hi Jamie, just wanted to tell you that the messages and information I received in my Intuitive Reading have changed my life and many of my long-held beliefs about life and afterlife. I have struggled my whole life dealing with the loss of my father, who died in a plane crash in December of 1987. Before my session with you, I was feeling somewhat fearful and maybe a bit skeptical about receiving messages from him. After the session, my fear and skepticism was replaced with a sense of peace and clarity. Thank you for making sure I felt comfortable and relaxed before beginning. I will continue to recommend you to anyone who is seeking answers, guidance, or direction. Your abilities are amazing and the messages you share are life changing.”


"I had my first session with Michael yesterday, and it was profound. I asked questions I have been milling over for years now, and the answers I received struck me directly into my heart and opened me up in a way I wasn’t expecting. I’m so excited to take that knowledge and consciously carry it through the rest of my life. The experience we shared put me in a place of pure presence which allowed everything else in my life to disappear while I received the pure loving knowledge from the Pleiadian Collective. I left the conversation feeling so vibrant and new. I can’t thank Michael enough for such a magical real experience. In Love… Jetter”


“I am so very grateful, Jamie, that I’ve crossed paths with you in this life. Your channeled messages from Spirit are spoken with so much clarity, compassion, and positive direction. I feel your energy as soon as I sit with you, and I know I am about to experience honest, unconditional love through your being. I truly feel you are here to guide others with your gifts, through love and friendship, and that is all I could ever ask for in a mentor. You are a glorious soul with a bright light shining from within!”


"I had a really insightful and deep connection during my first session with the Pleiadians and Michael as a channel. Our first session helped me to open to and trust my gifts, my guides and myself in an empowering way. I immediately felt comfortable and safe around Michael’s energy. His generosity, beautiful work ethic, support and love are amazing qualities that leads to potent readings. I was so stoked by the loving and caring energy involved in Michael’s work that I have signed up to go deeper in the channeling work and I am now doing the 6-week Learn to Channel course! I highly recommend having a session with Michael and the Galactic beings that he works with."


“My siblings and I went to Jamie for a Group Intuitive Reading shortly after our mother was killed in an automobile-pedestrian accident. We needed closure and we needed to know that she didn’t experience any pain. We were immediately confident that she was there with us with just a few words that came through from her. We were shown that the accident happened so fast that she didn’t know what happened and that her death was inevitable – she knew it was her time, but she just didn’t know how it was going to happen. I had been replaying what little I knew about the accident on a loop in my head for days, and I was not able to let it go until meeting with Jamie. I walked away from our session feeling some peace about her death and knowing that she did not suffer, and frankly you can’t buy that. So thanks for that, Jamie. Looking back, I can absolutely see how my spiritual life has shifted as a result. I feel and see my mother in so many ways and places, and I am so grateful for that. It has made the loss much more bearable. I highly recommend Jamie to friends and family, and look forward to another opportunity to be enlightened and inspired by her soon.”


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