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- Guidelines for -


For Private Sessions with Michael



You may wish to consider themes, topics or pre-prepared questions for our session together. For some ideas, we may explore recent life events, triggers, limiting beliefs, reoccurring patterns, unresolved trauma, non-duality (oneness), the nature of consciousness and embodying your inner-truth. We always begin with a short meditation set space for the session and help you connect with your bodies intelligence in a safe and trauma-informed way. Often from this meditation, stuck emotions or trauma can arise for us to begin to work with. During the session the time is yours to use as your prefer, so please communicate how you would like to use it. I am here in your service


No-one is here to tell you what to do, these sessions are here as a reflection to help you heal, evolve, for your to recognize the truth of who you are, to remind your how empowered you already are, assist you to remember spiritual sovereignty and navigating life and physical reality more easily. If something does not resonate for you, please leave it. I am here to support you. I will continuously remind you of this during your session.


I recommend to give yourself at least 10-15 minutes break from other activities before the session. During this time, you may like to begin to meditate, light a candle and/or listen to relaxing music or begin to connect with your body.

Preparing the Space

During our time together, please ensure that you are uninterrupted from outside distractions.  Please turn off your phone, e-mail and any other notifications from your devices for the duration of our session. If there are other people in your house, please let them know to not disturb you throughout the session and that you will let them know when you are ready to communicate / interact with them again. We want to create a nurturing and safe space for you to heal and evolve and sometimes you may wish to be with yourself following the session to continue process the session. Please have drinking water and tissues available in your space. It is also beneficial to have the option to choose between sitting and lying down during the session if this is available to you.

Video Call
Our session will take place online via zoom. Please ensure that Zoom is functioning device is functioning for audio and video before the session begins. Whichever device you choose, ensure that you do not need hold it, as we do not want to bring unnecessary tension into the body. A computer works great, but if you have use a hand-held device, find something that you can rest your device on or against and so that you can fully relax.


If you are in the Sacred Valley of Peru, you can book to work with me in-person at our center in Pisac, Peru. You will receive exact directions of how to arrive at our center by e-mail when you book your session. Please ensure that you arrive to start on time, and relax and/or meditate we begin, everything else is provided. Please waiting patiently in the garden and I will come and get you when I am ready and we will be starting on-time.

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Integration begins during the session and is a continuous process that occurs as you embody the healing, shifts and changes into your being.


You will receive an e-mail within 48 hours of our session with your private, confidential and secure link available for 7 days only to download the audio recording from your session. If for any reason during the session you do not want your session to be recorded, please let me know. Please download the session straight away, if you do not download it and need it to be sent again there will be a processing charge of an additional $25.



This is optional and may depend on what occurred in the session. If you have experienced a big emotional release for the during session, you may not feel, desire to relisten to the session and want to move on with embodying the vibration that you now experience on the other side of the session.

Alternatively, there may have been some big awakening moments and perspective shifts and it may be beneficial to relisten to the session at least once or even multiple times. This is as hearing guidance can sink in deeper on revisiting the session and it can give you an opportunity to make notes of key experiences and any action points to implement. The healing songs work on repeat also and can be beneficial to re-listen and meditate


Creating time and space to be present with yourself, for introspection and trauma-informed meditation in-between sessions helps you continue to process, shift and transform. Think of our session like going to the gym with a trauma-informed personal trainer, once a week is great but if you continue to exercise more throughout the week, you will usually experience greater transformation.


There will often be exercises that you will learn in our sessions to practice or implement in between sessions, where this be a particular meditation, a specific practice or exercise, or to simply bring more awareness to all aspects of your daily life  This is of course optional, yet my experience is that clients who take action, and implement suggested and resonant guidance between sessions have the greatest and most profound transformations. This is often practical and grounded methods to amplify your process of healing and evolution and implement into everyday life. Journalling about you are feeling, reaching out to your call list and joining support groups can be a great sway to support yourself through sessions.

You are invited to join our free monthly online sharing & integration circles to support your transformation with other dedicated inner-truth seekers. Join our free sharing & integration circles

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