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Welcome to Casa Galactica! We curate and facilitate out-of-this-world channeling and conscious contact retreats, workshops, and events in the heart of The Sacred Valley, Peru. It's our mission to inspire and empower people to discover the space within and remember that home is where the heart-center is. 


We are excited to present our inaugural Learn to Channel + Conscious Contact Retreat for 2019, as well as many upcoming workshops and events. We have collaborated with all of our personal Guides, Galactic Friends and Spirit Teams to procure these events from our hearts, and we send our unconditional love to you all. We invite you to peruse our offerings and find the retreat, workshop or event which calls out to you the most.


Love, Michael & Jamie


Join us for our spectacular 8-day Learn to Channel + Conscious Contact Retreat in The Sacred Valley, Peru, the home of the Incas. In this 8-day intensive you will learn how to channel, align with your Higher Self and connect with your personal Guides, Galactic Friends and Spirit Team. In this comprehensive channeling training, you will receive 30+ hours of channeled training lectures and 10+ hours of Conscious Contact Ceremonies. Additional activities include traditional Andean Saunas, a day trip to Pisac Ruins, daily meditations, immersion in nature, group channeling sessions with Q&A and so much more! Our Learn to Channel + Conscious Contact retreat is designed and taught by our Galactic Friends to open you to channel higher guidance, wisdom and beings of light. When you learn how to channel, you can use your connection to Spirit to improve your everyday life, personally and professionally. As you learn to trust your intuition and inner guidance, you open to more love, joy, peace and excitement in each moment.




Our workshops and events are custom-curated by higher beings of love and light, whom we lovingly refer to as our personal Guides, Galactic Friends and Spirit Teams. We as channels and mediums share the knowledge, guidance and wisdom that is brought to you to empower, enlighten and inspire life-transformative changes and deep insights into your life. Whether we are bringing through guidance on childhood trauma or on how to change belief patterns, we will be channeling new information to help you see yourself more clearly. As facilitators, we are here to hold space for you through all of your own personal processes and we guide you through them to the truer version of yourself that you have been looking for. We have been through our own fair share of trauma, addiction and abuse, and we have worked with our Guides to overcome our own challenges. We are here to share our connections with you and empower you to connect directly to your own beings of light, your higher guidance and your inner wisdom. Currently, we hold a weekly 2-hour Channeling + Conscious Contact Event live in Pisac, Peru, which is also available for online access via Livestream. We are holding additional workshops and events which will be posted later this year, so please sign up to our newsletter to stay informed! We invite you to connect with us by clicking the link below, to purchase a ticket to our online events, or to visit us in person in beautiful Pisac, Peru.


Love, Michael & Jamie


I am Michael Thornhill, Universal Citizen and Channel. I work with beings of love and light from across the Galaxy and beyond to bring healing, insight and transformation to people’s lives.


I am a highly trained Curandero, Reiki Master, Galactic Channel,Cosmic Energy Healer and adept at many forms of mediumship and shamanism. We currently reside in Pisac in The Sacred Valley Peru, where I am offering, Ayahuasca Ceremonies, Noya Rao Dietas, Online Galactic Channeling, Cosmic Energy Healing, Learn to Channel Sessions and Courses. I also provide all these services in person for people in and around Pisac.


When not in The Sacred Valley, I Iive and work in the jungle surrounding Iquitos, Peru as a curandero. Here I am continuing my life-long training on the path of curanderismo directly with my Maestra, Noya Rao and our Galactic Friends.

I am here to help bring you into alignment with your Higher Self, to open doors to possibilities to see yourself more clearly and to begin to understand the wonders of the Universe that are helping you every step of the way.

Here is where worlds collide and open up doors to new realms, where conscious contact with new beings is a daily prospect. Join me in communion with our Galactic Friends and team of beings of light to understand more about yourself and the

Universe we live in.


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I’m Jamie Csizmadia. I'm an Intuitive and Medium, which means I utilize my non-local mind and expanded consciousness to see beyond the visible, physical world and into the subtle energies that surround us at all times. 


I act as a clear channel, interpreter, and translator for inspired guidance that is useful, practical, and life-transformative. In my work, I connect directly with God, our Higher Selves, and the physical/non-physical soul-spirits and multi-dimensional beneficent entities assisting each of us with our life’s journey.


I endearingly refer to these energies collectively as our "Spirit Teams", and they may include angels, personal guides, soulmates, deceased loved ones, cosmic friends, animals totems, plant allies and more.


 The wisdom, knowledge and guidance I share with you during a retreat, workshop, or event is not coming from my brain, but instead from a beneficent, multi-dimensional energetic source beyond my individual self.  

It is my absolute passion to bring you into contact with your Spirit Team and inner wisdom. And it is my pleasure to share inspired guidance, creative ideas, and focused direction for the best alignment with your unique soul purpose!
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Here are some excerpts from testimonials that we have gathered from our work.

You can click the button below to read these and more testimonials in full.

"Casa Galactica  is truly an uplifting, enlightening, and spiritual experience. Michael and Jamie are a blessing in spreading the universal message of love and light. Like and follow Casa Galactica to bring your positive connection to spirit and beyond to heights you can't even imagine. Love and Light baby!"



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