Noya Rao Dieta Peru

- Noya Rao -



In the Shipibo Tradition of curanderismo





Teaching you how to communicate with plant spirits effectively

We welcome you to Casa Galactica, and we invite you to join us for our 4-week Noya Rao Initiation Dieta!  This Dieta program has been custom-curated to teach you how to effectively diet within the Noya Rao lineage of Shipibo curanderismo, develop the ability to communicate with plant spirits, sing the Shipibo healing icaros, and cultivate a life-transformative relationship with Noya Rao.  This Dieta program will also profoundly assist you in deeply healing your mind, body, emotions, and spirit, and also to awaken you to your lovingly authentic self.


The 3 phases of our Noya Rao dieta programs include 



 Cleaning, preparing your body and learning how to connect and communicate with plant spirits


Connecting with Noya Rao in deep meditation, solitude, silence and contemplation. Learning directly from the plants implementing the tools and techniques of plant spirit communication provided within the course



Integration and continuing to connect with Noya Rao post-dieta

We provide a complete and comprehensive approach to dieting and communicating with plants in the Shipibo Tradition. 

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  • Noya Rao Dieta in the Shipibo Tradition of curanderismo, limited to just 4 participants

  • Plant Spirit Communication Course teaching you how to communicate and connect with Noya Rao

  • 12 Teaching Sessions covering important topics like Plant Spirit Communication, What is Dieting?, Non-duality and the Noya Rao Path, Icaros and Singing in Ceremony, and The Importance of Pre-dieta and Post-dieta

  • 9 Ayahuasca Ceremonies within the Noya Rao lineage of Shipibo curanderismo

  • Additional Plant Medicine Treatments for cleaning mind/body/spirit and connecting with your plant dieta

  • 2 Private Dieta Consultations with our Curandero and co-founders of Casa Galactica during the 4-week program

  • Pre-program Meditation audio recording shared via email link

  • Pre-program Health & Wellness Screening questionnaire completed by you during the online registration

  • Pre-program Private Counseling session provided online via video-call (at least 1 month before start of program)

  • Pre-program Travel Orientation online group session with fellow program participants, includes Q&A (at least 2 weeks before start of program)

  • Dieta Preparation Guidelines document to assist with personal preparation leading up to retreat

  • Airport Pick-up and transportation to hotel in Iquitos

  • Hotel & Accommodations for 2 nights in Iquitos

  • 2 meals in Iquitos to include dinner on Sunday night pre-program and dinner on Saturday night post-program

  • Bus and Boat Transportation to and from Chamisal Healing & Retreat Center

  • Lodging & Accommodations for 26 nights at Chamisal Healing & Retreat Center

  • All meals during program to include 3 meals/day on non-ceremony days and 2 meals/day on ceremony days (during Pre-Dieta Phase and Post-Dieta Phase) and 2 meals/day (during Dieta Phase)

  • Personal Laundry Services provided 7 times during program

  • Sharing & Integration Circles to support the navigation of personal and group processes

  • Daily access to Healing Assistants for guidance and counseling

  • Complementary Spiritual Practices such as channeling, meditation, and QiGong

  • Jungle Walk in the nearby rainforest of the Allpahuayo-Mishana National Reserve

  • A personal USB stick containing program photos and audio recordings of Teaching Sessions and ayahuasca ceremonies

  • Post-program Private Counseling & Integration session provided online via video-call (within 1 month after end of dieta program)

  • Post-program Group Sharing & Integration session provided online via video-call with fellow program participants, includes Q&A (within 2 weeks after end of dieta program)

Chamisal Healing & Retreat Center - Deep



We have recently opened our new 4-person Multi-dimensional Center for Healing & Evolution in Pisac, in the Sacred Valley of Peru! We are currently taking reservations for private one-person Noya Rao Dietas, for small group Noya Rao Dietas and for one-on-one personalized training programs. Please contact us for more information and a free consultation. Subscribe below for news of upcoming public Noya Rao Dietas in Pisac, Peru.



Noya Rao is a magical tree of light and unconditional love whose leaves physically glow at night! The bioluminescence of her leaves is representative of the loving frequency of light and the healing power that she holds within. During our Noya Rao Inititation Dietas,you will connect with her infinite love and light to resolve past traumas, heal your inner child, learn shipibo icaros and remember your infinite healing powers within.


Noya Rao is an enlightened being, whose purpose is to help you heal and grow in the light and truth of your infinite self. She is a path to non-duality within Shipibo curanderismo. She is of pure light and uses this frequency to shine her infinite love into our hearts to help us learn, love, heal and grow in harmony with each other and mother earth. She is our Maestra and the primary teacher of all our healers at Casa Galactica.

This inititation dieta connects you deeply with Noya Rao, her lineage and teachings. This dieta is about focus and concentration to be able to receive her wisdom and guidance directly. You will be learning to diet in the Noya Rao lineage of Shipibo curanderismo.  Love, light, and truth is at the heart of this lineage, which opens doors to non-dualistic teachings and ways of being. We look forward to sharing the wonderful healing and magic of Noya Rao with you!