Noya Rao Dieta Peru

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In the Shipibo Tradition of curanderismo





Teaching you how to communicate with plant spirits effectively

We welcome you to Casa Galactica, and we invite you to join us for our 4-week Noya Rao Initiation Dieta!  This Dieta program has been custom-curated to teach you how to effectively diet within the Noya Rao lineage of Shipibo curanderismo, develop the ability to communicate with plant spirits, sing the Shipibo healing icaros, and cultivate a life-transformative relationship with Noya Rao.  This Dieta program will also profoundly assist you in deeply healing your mind, body, emotions, and spirit, and also to awaken you to your lovingly authentic self.


The 3 phases of our Noya Rao dieta programs include 



 Cleaning, preparing your body and learning how to connect and communicate with plant spirits


Connecting with Noya Rao in deep meditation, solitude, silence and contemplation. Learning directly from the plants implementing the tools and techniques of plant spirit communication provided within the course



Integration and continuing to connect with Noya Rao post-dieta

We provide a complete and comprehensive approach to dieting and communicating with plants in the Shipibo Tradition. 



  • Noya Rao Dieta in the Shipibo Tradition of curanderismo, limited to just 6 participants

  • Plant Spirit Communication Course teaching you how to communicate and connect with Noya Rao

  • 12 Teaching Sessions covering important topics like Plant Spirit Communication, What is Dieting?, Non-duality and the Noya Rao Path, Icaros and Singing in Ceremony, and The Importance of Pre-dieta and Post-dieta

  • 9 Ayahuasca Ceremonies within the Noya Rao lineage of Shipibo curanderismo

  • Additional Plant Medicine Treatments for cleaning mind/body/spirit and connecting with your plant dieta

  • 2 Private Dieta Consultations with our Curandero and Assistant Healers during the 4-week program

  • Pre-program Meditation audio recording shared via email link

  • Pre-program Health & Wellness Screening questionnaire completed by you during the online registration

  • Pre-program Private Counseling session provided online via video-call (at least 1 month before start of program)

  • Pre-program Travel Orientation online group session with fellow program participants, includes Q&A (at least 2 weeks before start of program)

  • Dieta Preparation Guidelines document to assist with personal preparation leading up to retreat

  • Airport Pick-up and transportation to hotel in Iquitos

  • Hotel & Accommodations for 2 nights in Iquitos

  • 2 meals in Iquitos to include dinner on Sunday night pre-program and dinner on Saturday night post-program

  • Bus and Boat Transportation to and from Chamisal Healing & Retreat Center

  • Lodging & Accommodations for 26 nights at Chamisal Healing & Retreat Center

  • All meals during program to include 3 meals/day on non-ceremony days and 2 meals/day on ceremony days (during Pre-Dieta Phase and Post-Dieta Phase) and 2 meals/day (during Dieta Phase)

  • Personal Laundry Services provided 7 times during program

  • Sharing & Integration Circles to support the navigation of personal and group processes

  • Daily access to Healing Assistants for guidance and counseling

  • Complementary Spiritual Practices such as channeling, meditation, and QiGong

  • Jungle Walk in the nearby rainforest of the Allpahuayo-Mishana National Reserve

  • A personal USB stick containing program photos and audio recordings of Teaching Sessions and ayahuasca ceremonies

  • Post-program Private Counseling & Integration session provided online via video-call (within 1 month after end of dieta program)

  • Post-program Group Sharing & Integration session provided online via video-call with fellow program participants, includes Q&A (within 2 weeks after end of dieta program)

Chamisal Healing & Retreat Center - Deep



We have recently opened our new 4-person Multi-dimensional Healing & Retreat Center in Pisac, in the Sacred Valley of Peru!

We are currently offering 10-Day Ayahuasca Healing & Evolution Retreats in our new center. We are currently creating new even more personalized, Noya Rao and Blue Lotus Dieta programs that we will host from our new center in Pisac. Please sign up below to keep informed and please reach out if you have any further questions.



Noya Rao is a magical tree of light and unconditional love whose leaves physically glow at night! The bioluminescence of her leaves is representative of the loving frequency of light and the healing power that she holds within. During our Noya Rao Inititation Dietas,you will connect with her infinite love and light to resolve past traumas, heal your inner child, learn shipibo icaros and remember your infinite healing powers within.


Noya Rao is an enlightened being, whose purpose is to help you heal and grow in the light and truth of your infinite self. She is a path to non-duality within Shipibo curanderismo. She is of pure light and uses this frequency to shine her infinite love into our hearts to help us learn, love, heal and grow in harmony with each other and mother earth. She is our Maestra and the primary teacher of all our healers at Casa Galactica.

This inititation dieta connects you deeply with Noya Rao, her lineage and teachings. This dieta is about focus and concentration to be able to receive her wisdom and guidance directly. You will be learning to diet in the Noya Rao lineage of Shipibo curanderismo.  Love, light, and truth is at the heart of this lineage, which opens doors to non-dualistic teachings and ways of being. We look forward to sharing the wonderful healing and magic of Noya Rao with you!



During your 4-week Noya Rao Initiation Dieta, you will receive a total of 12 Teaching Sessions in which you will comprehensively learn about all the facets of dieting within the Noya Rao lineage of Shipibo curanderismo.  You can expect to learn about:

  • Communicating with plant teachers/spirits during your dieta

  • Discerning messages from your plant teachers/spirits

  • How to effectively communicate with plant spirits to bring healing to yourself and others

  • Communicating with plants teachers/spirits in everyday life

  • Communicating with plants to make medicines

  • Connecting and communicating with Noya Rao Plant Baths

  • Connecting and communicating with Noya Rao Ceremonial Drink


  • How to diet effectively

  • Making agreements with your plant teacher/spirit

  • How to dry-fast and water-fast effectively and safely

  • The importance of isolation, silence, and meditation

  • Managing your personal energy on Dieta

  • Divergences from your Dieta and the consequences

  • Cleaning your Dieta

  • Breaking your Dieta

  • The importance of the arkana


  • Dieting in a non-dualistic way

  • Teaching beyond protection & non-dualistic ways to manage your personal energy during ceremony

  • Moving beyond Mapacho & metaphysical ways to clean your energy in and out of ceremony without Mapacho (you may still use Mapacho if you choose to!)

  • Merging with Noya Rao to receive messages and guidance

  • The role of the Curandero within ayahuasca ceremony and how ceremony works

  • Making your own agua florida


  • Learn Shipibo icaros: the practice of singing icaros in and out of ceremony

  • Non-Dual Icaros, moving beyond traditional protection methodologies while singing

  • Translations and learning the Shipibo language for icaros

  • How to connect to your Dieta whilst singing in ayahuasca ceremony

  • Using icaros to open, connect with, and clean your Dieta


  • Post-Dieta restrictions & guidleines

  • Continuing to communicate with Noya Rao post-dieta

  • Integration: How to integrate your Dieta into everyday life

  • Caring for your Dieta

  • Continuing to grow your connection with Noya Rao

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The following medicines are provided to clean and purify your system to prepare to receive Noya Rao into your being. 

  • 3 Ayahuasca Ceremonies for pre-dieta cleaning and preparation. Personal mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional healing

  • 1 Sangre De Grado purgative and digestive system cleanse during Pre-Dieta Phase

  • 4 Vapor Baths/Saunas for cleaning, cleansing, and detoxification of mind/body/spirit during Pre-Dieta Phase

  • 1 Abilla purgative and deep detoxification/purification cleanse during Pre-Dieta Phase


The following medicines are provided for optimum connection with your Noya Rao Dieta.

  • 6 Ayahuasca Ceremonies for connecting with Noya Rao in the Dieta Phase. Opening, continued connecting and closing of dieta

  • 15 Noya Rao Ceremonial Drinks during Dieta Phase for growing your connection with Noya Rao

  • 7 Noya Rao Plant Baths during Dieta Phase for for continued growth connection with Noya Rao

  • 1 Arkana Plant Bath to close and seal your Noya Rao dieta

For a more in-depth overview of the additional plant medicine treatments which are offered, and how they can assist you, please click the button below..

What is a master plant dieta?



A Master Plant Dieta is the process and experience of connecting with a plant spirit to learn, heal, and grow with the assistance of your new plant ally!  A Dieta can be a life-transformative experience in which you let go of energies that no longer serve you to make space for a new frequency of love and light to merge with your being.  A Dieta can be a challenging experience with a high level of commitment required from the dieter to undergo this process of transformation.


We provide Noya Rao Initiation Dietas within the tradition of Shipibo curanderismo following the ancient methods of connecting with, and learning from, the plant spirits directly.  To do so, the dieter must enter into an agreement with the plant teacher and agree to abstain from salt, oil, sex, sugar, alcohol, and stimulants while eating very simply and minimally throughout the period of the Dieta. This includes periods of fasting.


Divergence from the dieta restrictions can have negative consequences for you and your dieta.  In more severe divergences such as sex and masturbation before the end of your post-dieta, there can be physcial health implications. One should be clear of their motivations and intentions before embarking upon a Noya Rao Dieta. If you are ready to learn and commit this could be a great option for you.

Each Dieta begins with a dry fast of 24 hours, which means no ingesting of food or water.


The dieter must spend time in meditation and communion with the plant teacher, and in return for this commitment, the dieter may receive energetic enhancements, healings, transmissions, teachings, guidance, and healing powers and activations.


To effectively diet, silence, isolation, and concentration are required of the dieter, creating space for this new relationship with the plant teacher.


Extended periods of water-fasting (no food, just water) allow you to connect deeper with the plant spirit of your Dieta.


Our Curandero and Assistant Healers will be teaching you how to diet effectively using the knowledge given to us by Noya Rao, our indigenous Shipibo teachers, and Spirit Teams.

If you are not ready to commit in the way described here, then you may consider our 2-week Ayahuasca Healing Retreats 

which are a gentler approach to plant spirit medicine healing


Noya Rao Dieta Retreat Center



Our Chamisal Healing & Retreat Center is situated in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon in the Allpahuayo-Mishana National Reserve. We are grateful and consider ourselves fortunate to have made a beautiful life-long connection with this friendly and secluded village deep within the jungle, known as the Mishana Community. The locals are our dear friends and family, and we have been lovingly accepted by them as members of their community. 

Our Noya Rao Dietas are limited to just 6 participants meaning you have your own private room ensuite and balcony. You will have plenty of privacy and isolation to connect deeply with your teacher, Noya Rao.

Our retreat center is just a 5-minute walk into the jungle from the Mishana Community, nestled in the jungle and surrounded by the sweet, serene sound of nature to gently serenade you to sleep each night. This peaceful, relaxing location is paramount to deep healing processes. You can easily walk down to the community to soak up the village vibes and enjoy the beautiful riverside panoramic views during the pre-dieta & post-dieta phases. During the dieta phase you will be restricted to stay within the retreat center and surrounding grounds for the benefit of your dieta.

We live and work in harmony with our Mishana friends and family. We look forward to continuing to develop our symbiotic relationship and growing our hearts and souls together.  A portion of your retreat payment is donated to develop sustainability projects for the Mishana Community, preserve the Allpahuayo-Mishana National Reserve, and protect the Peruvian rainforest at large through our community projects & environmental outreach program. We invite you to come and experience this jungle paradise with us!

Noya Rao Curandero - Noya Rao Dieta.jpg


Our Curandero, Michael Thornhill is trained in the Noya Rao lineage of the Shipibo Tradition of curanderismo. He first studied and worked alongside Enrique Lopez until he met his younger brother Rono Lopez who became his Maestro. After extended periods of rigorous study, dieting and working alongside Rono, Michael was granted permission to offer dietas in the Noya Rao lineage of Shipibo Curanderismo.

Michael bridges the gap between the mysterious with practical ways of connecting with spirit. He is professional channel, bi-lingual (English and Spanish,) Reiki Master, Qi Gong practitioner, and adept in various forms of mediumship, shamanism and healing modalities.

He is an expert at teaching you how to communicate with the plants.  He works as a guide for many people worldwide, teaching them how to connect with spirit, communicate with plants, connect to their own multi-dimensionality, and access the infinite intelligence within.  

Michael is an advocate of non-duality within the Shipibo tradition and is continuously receiving and developing new ways of working with the plants in non-dualistic ways. He also incorporates teachings from other spiritual traditions, to potentiate work with the plants in the tradition of Shipibo curanderismo.

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This is a deep-cleaning phase where you will prepare your body for connecting with Noya Rao. During this phase you will receive:


3 Ayahuasca Ceremonies for personal mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional healing

1 Private Dieta Consultation with our Curandero and Assistant Healers

1 Sangre de Grado purgative and digestive system cleanse

4 Vapor Baths/Saunas for cleaning, cleansing, and detoxification of mind, body, and spirit

1 Abilla purgative and deep detoxification/purification cleanse

3 Sharing & Integration Circles to assist with understanding and processing personal experiences

4 Teaching Sessions covering important topics like Plant Spirit Communication, What is Dieting?, Non-duality and the Noya Rao Path, Icaros and Singing in Ceremony, and The Importance of Pre-dieta


During the Teaching Sessions you will be learning about dieting, fasting, plant spirit communication, Shipibo icaros, meditation, QiGong, and preparation for entering into your 16-night Dieta with Noya Rao.


Cleaning of the mind, body, emotions, and spirit is the best preparation for entering into a dieta.  As you will be entering into a new relationship with Noya Rao, it is best to have a blank canvas or an empty slate for Noya Rao to be able to connect with you.  All of the plant medicine treatments above are focused on deep cleaning to create the perfect environment for you to begin your Noya Rao dieta.


During this Pre-Dieta Phase, deep healing occurs as you create more space for Noya Rao to enter your body. This allows her to connect more deeply with you during the following Dieta Phase, providing fertile ground for a more profound connection to develop and setting the stage for you to learn, love, and grow together.




During the Dieta Phase you will receive:


6 Ayahuasca Ceremonies for personal mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional healing

15 Noya Rao Ceremonial Drinks for improved connection with Noya Rao

7 Noya Rao Plant Baths for improved connection with Noya Rao

1 Arkana Plant Bath for increased self-love, spiritual radiance, and abundance

6 Teaching Sessions covering important topics like Plant Spirit Communication, What is Dieting?, Non-duality and the Noya Rao Path, and Icaros and Singing in Ceremony

You will begin the Dieta Phase by connecting with Noya Rao, setting your intentions for your Dieta, making an agreement with Noya Rao, and drinking the first cup of Noya Rao Ceremonial Drink at 6:00pm.  You will then have time to mediate, connect, and implement the tools of connection that you will have learned in the Pre-Dieta Phase.


On the same day at 7:15pm we will reconvene in the maloca (ceremony space) to meditate and continue to connect with Noya Rao.  At 7:45pm we will begin an Ayahuasca Ceremony that will continues to open your Dieta with Noya Rao.  This marks the beginning of the 24-hour dry fast (no food or water), and we begin 4 days of silence, allowing ample time and space to develop your relationship with Noya Rao.


Fasting creates an opportunity to connect deeply with Noya Rao.  The secrets and gifts of the plants are delivered within periods of fasting.  There will be an opportunity to continue a dry fast for a maximum of 48 hours.  Water-fasting (no food, only water) may continue for an extended period under the supervision of our Curandero and Assistant Healers.


Following 4 days of silence you will have the option to break your silence, keeping conversations to a minimum, and being respectful of all those who wish to continue their Dieta in silence.

During this phase we will continue to teach deeper levels of dieting, plant spirit communication, Shipibo icaros, non-duality, and teachings that the plants wish to share through the Curandero.


You will learn to sing the icaros and practice in and out of ayahuasca ceremony, one of the tools used to connect to and strengthen your diet


Throughout the Dieta Phase you may experience a deepening of your connection with God, with Noya Rao, and with the light that exists within your own very being.  The teachings of non-duality show that you, God, and Noya Rao are one and the same.  You will receive insights and guidance directly from Noya Rao through implementing the tools and techniques of connection that are imparted within the Teaching Sessions. 


Your personal vibration will increase and begin to merge with the loving vibration of Noya Rao.  She will teach you many things directly and specific to you as part of your unique personal path.  We will teach you how to access this information and allow Noya Rao to become your trusted guide and teacher.  Our Curandero and Assistant Healers are guides for you within the physical, and we are able to show you how to access this information directly, teaching you how to connect, learn, and grow directly with the plants.

This is a comprehensive Dieta program for beginning your path within the Noya Rao lineage of the Shipibo curanderismo.  Connecting with Noya Rao can be an experience that enhances all facets of your life.  She can assist many other healing and spiritual modalities, be a guide and teacher in everyday life, activate spiritual connections and healing abilities, open your heart to unconditional love, help overcome trauma and addictions, heal beyond lifetimes, and of course be a main teacher within the realm of shamanism.  She is not reserved only for those wanting to continue to work within Shipibo curanderismo, but instead she shares her love with all those willing to receive and learn from her.  There are many gifts to be unlocked when you open your heart to Noya Rao’s unconditional love.




During Post-Dieta Phase you will receive:

1 Private Dieta Consultation with the Curandero and Assistant Healers

2 Sharing and Integration Circles to assist with understanding and processing personal experiences

2 Teaching Sessions covering important topics like Post-Dieta Guidelines & Restrictions, Plant Spirit Communication, and Integration of the Plant Dieta

1 Jungle Walk (optional)

1 Campfire

The Post-Dieta Phase is an important part of your initiation, during which we teach you fully how to care for, manage, and integrate your Dieta into your day-to-day life.  We will teach you how to access this information with the continued development of plant spirit communication.  

You will also continue to learn about post-dieta, restrictions, integration, continuing to connect with your dieta post-dieta, and how to care for your diet.  You will be given all the tools you need to integrate your Dieta experience and gifts back at home.  When you arrive at home you will also be invited to join a Post-program Group Sharing & Integration Session online, and you will receive a Post-program Private Counseling & Integration Session.  We care deeply about your post-dieta experience and your integration process.

Your individual post-dieta guidelines will be discussed with you.  This must be followed to avoid negative reactions with your plant Dieta that could cause problems.


A general post-dieta and an idea of what it can look like is below, although it can be unique to each person:

  • No salt or oil for 3 days

  • In 3-5 days you can add a small amount of salt into your diet

  • In 5 days+ you can begin to add oil into your diet

  • No sex or masturbation for 1-2 weeks

  • No San Pedro/Toe/DMT/Mushrooms for 6 weeks


During the Post-Dieta Phase, you may notice that some of the foods and activities that you once engaged in no longer feel resonant as you make room for Noya Rao’s path to guide you to your full potential.



The food and meals prepared for you during your Noya Rao Initiation Dieta are simple and minimal, as you are taking on a great commitment to learn directly from Noya Rao.  As part of your Dieta agreement with Noya Rao, you will commit to simplifying your diet, allowing you to connect, heal and learn deeper with her.


During the entire 4-week Dieta program, there will be no salt, oil, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, stimulants, and sex (including masturbation).



The Dieta Phase begins with a dry fast of a minimum of 24 hours (maximum of 48 hours.) Additional periods of water fasting (no food, just water) may be chosen to help deepen your connection with Noya Rao throughout the dieta. The food and meals served during the 16-night Dieta Phase will include rice, lentils, yuka, carrots, broccoli, and fish (3x per week).  A maximum of 2 meals per day will be provided, and they will be served to your room allowing you to remain in solitude.


The food and meals during the 7-night Pre-Dieta Phase and 3-night Post-Dieta Phase will include a larger variety of food such as fruits, vegetables, fruit juice, quinoa, and beans.  Three meals per day will be provided on non-ceremony days and two meals per day will be provided on ceremony days.  All meals during the Pre-Dieta Phase and Post-Dieta Phase will be served in the communal dining room.

Prior to booking you will need to read more about our Ayahuasca Retreat Healing Diet, why it is important, and the necessary preparations for your body, mind, and spirit. Please also read our Medical Guidelines to be aware of the numerous medical and pharmaceutical contraindications with drinking ayahuasca.

Noya Rao Dieta Safety



Our team of Healers are first aid trained, and we have put in place stringent and effective safety protocols that are strictly adhered to throughout our retreats and plant dietas. We also have a thorough health and wellness screening process to ensure the safety of all participants.


Your safety is of the highest priority here at Casa Galactica.

Our Vegetalista is also a trained nurse and healthcare professional. He has worked in hospitals in Lima, in the emergency room and trauma recovery units. He is available on site throughout the first phase of our Noya Rao dietas in case anyone should require immediate healthcare attention during the cleaning phase.

Our team of Healers are trained and equipped to look after all eventualities that may occur during retreat. We look after you with the utmost care, as your well-being is our top priority.

We also have plans and procedures in place for quick transportation and evacuation to a local hospital in Iquitos, in the very unlikely event of a more serious incident.


Trauma-informed facilitation, non-discrimination, and a strict Code of Conduct & Ethics are at the heart of our work at Casa Galactica. We ensure that you will experience a safe, trusting, loving environment that has been carefully curated to nurture and support your dive deep into your own personal healing processes.


Here are some excerpts from testimonials that we have gathered from our work.

You can click the button below to read these and more testimonials in full.

"A powerful experience, with a lot of love, light, and humility. The medicine was strong but very loving, the space created was comforting & safe, allowing to delve in whatever needed to arrive. They do care profoundly for every person reaching out to them, and I recommend working with them without any hesitation."