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Chiric Sanango Pataquina Negra -Shipibo





Treatments for all on retreat

Retreat Treatment Plan

In addition to your own individualized plan, you will also have the opportunity to partake in the Retreat Treatment plan available for all participants (unless a pre-existing condition prevents you from being able to take a particular medicine.) Within this holistic treatment plan we cover multi-layered aspects of healing to give you a full reset, revitalization and revamp of the mind-body-spirit complex, leaving no stone unturned. This combined with your own individualized treatment plan makes for a powerful and effective healing combination of which you will be amazed by what can be achieved within a relatively short period of time! With all holistic and spiritual healing modalities, the more you put in the more you get out. The more faith, participation and willingness to heal on your side really goes a long way in the world of plant spirit healing. Of course, all treatments, ceremonies and activities are optional, although our experienced curanderos and facilitators will encourage motivate you to complete the treatment plan as much as possible! We all take and experience these medicines on a regular basis as part of our work within plant spirit healing. Therefore you can rest assured that we are experts in administering these medicines and guiding you through every step of the healing process.