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Be Conscious Podcast: Drug Addiction and the Power of Ayahuasca

Dr. Susan Nicholas, TEDx Speaker, Physician, Surgeon, Medical Intuitive and host of the Be Conscious Podcast interviews Michael in a non-dual conversation about consciousness, ayahuasca, and healing from addiction. The following topics are covered:

  • Releasing of karmic trauma imprints and multi-lifetime healing

  • Choosing your alignment and embodying the truth of who you are

  • Dissolving the illusion of separation through conscious awareness

  • Non-duality, plant medicine, unity consciousness, beyond the idea of good vs. bad

  • Releasing meaning from neutral events and living from heart

  • Ayahuasca as direct experience to the infinite self and awakening to the truth of who you are

  • Healing & Evolution with plant medicines Susan's Website:


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