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Beyond Recovery Podcast: The Truth of Who You Are

Michael joins the Beyond Recovery Podcast with Matt Gardiner. Michael shares about his own journey of recovery from addiction, trauma, and abuse, and what led him to become a Plant Spirit Healer. This is an exciting conversation that flew by, with loads of empowering transmissions and it feels like old friends re-connecting. Tune in for this multi-dimensional ride!

Topics included:

- Michael's story of healing from addiction, trauma, and abuse with plant medicines

- Ancestral healing

- Healing childhood trauma, repressed memories, and unconscious trauma

- Reprogramming your life

- Creating a supportive structure and an environment for healing and evolution

- What does it mean to be authentic?

- Integrating the ego

- Healing from addiction and unconditional love as a foundation for healing of trauma

- What am I avoiding? – how plant medicines can help our true self shine through

- Finding help to face the pain

- Learning to turn towards discomfort to heal unconscious patterning that plays out in our life

- How Casa Galactica can help you

We went on so many wonderful topics and tangents. We imagine you will all get a lot out of this interview!


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