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Channeling & Plant Spirit Healing: One Radio Network Podcast with Michael Thornhill

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

In this podcast episode, Michael is interviewed by Patrick Timpone on One Radio Network. During the first half of the interview, they talk about various subjects regarding Plant Spirit Healing (listed below). And from 55 minutes onwards, you can listen to a live channeling session of Michael's Galactic Friends as Patrick asks some thought-provoking questions.

If you would like to book a life-transformative one on one channeling session with Michael and our Galactic Friends, you may do so here: Private Channeling Session with Michael Thornhill

The podcast content includes:

  • Plant spirit healing; there are plants for every ailment; the consciousness of plants

  • The difference between the plants between the Amazon and the rest of the world

  • One of Michael’s teachers is a magical tree (Noya Rao)

  • Michael tells us how Casa Galactica's Ayahuasca Retreats + Noya Rao Initiation Dietas work

  • How dreams help with the healing process

  • Michael shares his background, upbringing, drug problems, and depression; how he discovered Ayahuasca and how it changed his life

  • Physical illness is oftentimes a manifestation of psychological trauma

  • How other than earthly beings showed him his life and how meaningless it was

  • Michael spends the second half of the show (55 minutes +) channeling the Pleiadian Collective who share a lot of spiritual insights with us, Patrick asks many questions, and we pose questions sent in from the listeners - This is fun.

Channeling Timestamps:

55:00 Galactic Meditation

57:00 Introduction from the Pleiadians, galactic agreements and their role in assistance to us on planet earth

Questions from Patrick and the audience:

1:00:30 "Are we communicating with other souls all the time through our state of consciousness?"

1:02:26 "What do you make of the different frequencies that are going on, on planet earth? There seems to be a pretty strong divide of people for example that believe in manmade global warming, or believe that this virus is real, or believe in vaccines or don't? Spiritually, what's going on?" (Moving beyond fear and separation)

1:06:50 "What is our responsibility to those souls who do not align with us?" (The process of awakening on the planet)

1:10:07 "Are 'galactic beings' more spiritually evolved? Do you still have more work to do?"

1:12:47 "What is 3rd density earth? What does it mean to us?"

1:14:50 "I was born in caracas, are there any plants from south america that could help me connect to my roots?" (Answer via plant spirit communication meditation for all)

1:18:00 "Where are you from? Where is your home?"

1:19:17 "Do you think there will be recognition of other worldly beings on our planet? Why is this important?" (Disclosure/E.T. Contact)

1:23:21 "UFOS? Are they in other dimensions/realities? As we believe more are we able to see/experience them more?"

1:26:50 "Are we in a computer simulation?" (Really awesome explanation of changing belief systems & physical reality)

1:31:50 "Is there a way that anyone in another reality can affect us unless we allow it to happen?"

1:34:24 Question about the subconscious running the show, cleaning the subconscious answered with a meditation to overcome limiting belief systems, and freeing yourself from an invisible prison

1:37:03 Discussion about the idea of the illusion of separation from God

1:37:57 "Do you think earth is an interesting place to incarnate to grow spiritually, compared to other places?"

1:39:33 "How can you manifest wealth from thought in order to do good for the community?"

1:42:40 "Why do so many souls on planet earth keep experiencing the same things over and over again, day by day?"

1:45:06 Using this guidance in relation to physical illness

1:47:30 "What is my greatest talents/gists that I can pursue successfully to keep myself growing emotionally, mentally and spiritually?"

1:48:24 Discussion about doing things without expectation and the benefits of non-attachment

1:49:15 "Is COVID-19 a real virus?" (deeper discussion about COVID-19) and closing information from the Pleiadians


1:53:40 Discussion about private online channeling sessions and other services that can be of benefit to you! Private Channeling Session with Michael Thornhill

Michael Thornhill

Co-Founder of Casa Galactica

Michael is passionate about non-duality, channeling and plant spirit healing. He empowers

others to connect to the infinite wisdom within.

Noya Rao is his main teacher.

댓글 2개

2021년 4월 12일

There was so much good advice in this interview. I tried reconnecting with my roots through the plants of the country I spent some of my childhood years in, following the suggestion of the galactic beings, I can't remember if it was the Arcturians or Pleaidians.

While I'm not sure if the plant I tried connecting with (a hibiscus flower) appeared in my dreams, just on an everyday level, it brought back happy memories from my childhood, of drinking nectar from flowers either with friends or on my own. It's not always easy for me to recall happier memories so this was very valuable for me. It also led to other nice memories connected to plants and my childhood :)…

Michael Thornhill
Michael Thornhill
2021년 4월 12일
답글 상대:

Thank you for tuning in and i am glad that the excercise shared was beneficial! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us all. We also have a meditation on our growth portal page to assist in connecting with plant spirits You can check it out here Thank You Michael

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