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Galactic Channeling & Plant Spirit Healing: Beyond the Illusion Podcast

Michael is interviewed by Tim Howe and Tianna Roser of the Beyond the Illusion Podcast.

"The illusion is that we are only physical beings, separate from all living things and from a divine intelligence. The illusion is that there’s no higher meaning to our lives and the Universe around us."

Here is the introduction from the Beyond the Illusion Podcast about what is in-store in this multidimensional conversation!

"We made it to our final episode of Season 3 in this wild ride of 2020! Remember, we all came here to be a part of this planetary shift. Let’s keep helping each other get through!

In this episode we speak with Michael Thornhill who does powerful spiritual work (along with his wife Jamie) both with Mother Earth and with our Galactic friends & family at their healing center, Casa Galactica in Peru. Michael is passionate about plant spirit healing, galactic channeling & healing, and about teaching others to channel as well.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • What is the Shipibo tradition?

  • How trauma informed care clears blockages to love & opens the door to greater spiritual awareness.

  • Michael’s shares about his own healing journey, which enabled him to create safe space for others to heal their deep trauma.

  • What events led up to him living in Peru?

  • How their healing retreats get to the root of an issue, rather than treating symptoms.

  • How exactly does one do healing work and communicate with Noya Rao, the enlightened tree?

  • The beautiful way he combines the often dualistic plant spirit path with the understanding from the galactic messages to create a non-dualistic blended spiritual path.

  • The challenges and persistence that finally resulted in him learning to channel, which gave him tools to now teach others channeling.

  • Michael channeled messages from the Pleiadians in answer to our questions.

  • How do we hold both the experience of extreme polarity on Earth while also maintaining awareness of the Oneness?

  • The value of unplugging from the Matrix & tuning into our hearts during this time of misinformation.

  • What is galactic healing? How does it work?

Michael Thornhill, co-founder & Curandero with Casa Galactica, Channeling + Plant Spirit Healing in Peru. Casa Galactica provides trauma-informed Ayahuasca Plant Spirit Healing Retreats, Noya Rao Initiation Dietas, as well as online sessions and courses to help activate your intuition, empower your healing, connect with plants and receive channeled guidance.

Michael is trained in the Noya Rao lineage of the Shipibo tradition of curanderismo. Noya Rao is an enlightened tree of unconditional love, light and truth, and is his main teacher. He lives in Peru with his wife and fellow co-founder of Casa Galactica, Jamie Thornhill. To learn more about Casa Galactica and Michael & Jamie’s services, visit"


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