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Healing from Ritual Abuse, Galactic Channeling and the Shamanic Path: Almost 30 Podcast

(You can also listen to this podcast episode via Apple Podcasts or Spotify )

Krista & Lindsey from the Top 50 Almost 30 Podcast interview Michael in this heart centered conversation about healing from ritual abuse, galactic channeling and the shamanic path.

"This emotionally charged conversation dives deep into the depths of the universe and beyond from spiritual plants, indigenous communities, and the galactic spheres. Michael opens up to Krista + Lindsey about his profound healing journey, reconciling ritual abuse and repressed trauma through intentional plant medicine ceremonies and his conscious partnership."

We also talk about:

  • Communicating with the galactic universe

  • Plant spirits and how they communicate with us.

  • Honoring of shamanic indigenous traditions

  • Noya Rao the Enlightened Tree

  • Healing from ritual abuse and suicide programming.

  • Personal trauma healing and being present with that which arises.

  • How to choose a safe place to drink plant medicine.

  • Trauma informed care and creating a safe container for others

  • Spiritual transitions and the path to personal freedom

  • Cultivating a conscious relationship

Are you ready to heal yourself?

Find out more about Michael's life-transformative Trauma Healing Sessions and Courses


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