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Healing Trauma, Channeling & Plant Medicine

Derek Loudermilk interviews Michael Thornhill in this inspiring podcast episode from the Derek Loudermilk Show (The Art of Adventure)

Here is Derek Loudermilk's introduction below...

"Today’s guest is the cofounder of Casa Galactica, Michael Thornhill, a retreat center in the Peruvian Amazon.

This episode is significant because we get into the subject of childhood trauma and healing – Michael experienced ritual abuse as a child and Ayahuasca was a major part of his healing and recovery process form this. We talk about the widespread nature of trauma and what tools are available to help heal and move past such events.

In the second part of the episode we get to experience Michael channeling the consciousness of a group of interdimensional beings – in this instance represented by the “Arcturian Collective” – I ask about Time, Dimensions, Densities, Pets, Love, and Astrology"

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Michael’s healing journey from trauma.

  • How ritual abuse leads to power derived from fear

  • An introduction to sacred plant medicine

  • Comparing the nature of cannabis vs. ayahuasca

  • Ayahuasca as only one part of a much larger tradition

  • The nuts and bolts on how Michael runs his retreat center.

  • Michael’s interactions with the Shipibo curanderos

  • Channeling the Galactic Beings on the second part of the episode.


“The plants have their own language which is transmitted through songs, and healing happens in these songs” – Michael Thornhill

“You can hear the songs of the plants if you meditate with the plants.” – Michael Thornhill

“The purpose of time is to learn things in a specific way – without time, it is difficult to process learning”- The Galactic Beings

“The healing of trauma will give us the space to feel feelings we haven’t felt”- Michael Thornhill

“What is important about healing trauma is that we don’t turn away. Blocking Pain also blocks love” – Michael Thornhill

“You are going to have an easier time when you ask for help”- Michael Thornhill


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