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Heart Intelligence: Align With Your True Self

Learn to align with the heart’s intelligence in this recording of our live broadcast from March 13th 2021

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Michael, Jamie, and Spirit share...

• Lessons about the innate intelligence of the heart available to each & every one of us

• Heart activations to help you become aligned with your own heart intelligence

• Practical guidance to help you transition from 3rd-Density thinking to 4th-Density living

• Healing energies to help move through deeper layers of trauma and heal your heart.

You will then have the tools to:

• Live more freely in alignment with you heart

• Find more compassion for yourself and others

• Begin to trust your own innate heart guidance

• Understand your true self and desires for this incarnation

• Align with your heart/true self on a day-to-day basis

• Release old fear-based patterns that have kept you caged within the limitations of the mind

• Make heart-based choices, beyond the clutter of the often-overthinking mind

• Become one with the infinite intelligence of creator (i.e your true self!)

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