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Elite Man Podcast: How to Connect to Your Authentic Self & Heal Mental, Emotional & Physical Wounds

Updated: May 11, 2022

Michael returns to the Elite Man Podcast with stellar host, Justin Stenstrom. See Justin's introduction below!

"Michael talks about what it takes to tap into your authentic self and what this means for healing deep-seated emotional and physical wounds. He breaks down the process for healing trauma and becoming your true authentic self in life. If you’re wondering how to connect to your true authentic self to transform your life, check this episode out now!"

In our episode we go over:

• What Michael has been up to since we spoke last

• Tapping into greater states of consciousness via mediation

• Why you don't need psychedelics to have multi-dimensional experiences

• The power of connecting to your deeper sense of self

• Online multi-dimensional healing ceremonies

• Unraveling the layers of protection we’ve put around ourselves

• Facing our fears and our walls and our insecurities head on

• Speaking truth and living in truth with who you truly are

• Healing deep-seated wounds of all types

• Connecting to the infinite and the universe and God

• Multi-dimensional healing anchored into the physical world

• Being a man who isn’t afraid to express himself fully and authentically

• Healthy boundaries and openness into vulnerability

• Modalities used to help you heal from trauma

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