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How to Heal Trauma with Ayahuasca: Elite Man Podcast Interview

Michael is interviewed by Justin Stenstrom of the Elite Man Podcast. You can read his introduction below for this insightful interview on healing trauma with ayahuasca.

"Michael Thornhill, co-founder at Casa Galactica Channeling & Plant Spirit Healing in Peru, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Michael talks about how he uses plant medicines, mainly Ayahuasca, to heal people of their emotional issues and traumas. He discusses how he conducts Ayahuasca ceremonies, what it’s like taking Ayahuasca, how it works, and what the whole experience is like when using it. Michael discusses everything you need to know about Ayahuasca and the healing powers it contains in the fascinating chat. If you’re wondering what it’s like using plant medicines to heal, check this episode out now!

In our episode we go over:

  • How Michael began his journey into plant medicine and using Ayahuasca

  • Why he lives in Peru and what it was looking moving there and setting up his business

  • The healing that takes place from using plant medicines

  • How Michael does his channeling and connecting with spirits How Michael was able to pick up his channeling ability and how he came to realize that everyone can channel spirits

  • Whether or not you need to take hallucinogenic plants to channel spirits

  • What it’s like drinking Ayahuasca

  • The fears surrounding an Ayahuasca experience

  • How long it takes for the Ayahuasca to kick in

  • The potential side effects of taking hallucinogenic drugs

  • The healing songs that are sung during the experience How the healing process actually works with plant medicines

  • What Michael believes in actually happening when we take hallucinogenics

  • Why throwing up is not necessarily a bad thing when taking Ayahuasca

  • Why we forget that we are spiritual beings when we are born into this world What it’s like working with Michael and his team

  • The entire experience of taking Ayahuasca, what it’s like and what to expect over the course of the entire time

  • Taking too much Ayahuasca and what could potentially happen The sacred nature of plant medicines

  • Why each person gets something different from taking plant medicines

  • What Ayahuasca tastes like "


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