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Multi-dimensional Healing: Be the Love Podcast

Michael returns to the Be the Love Podcast with Stacy Musial and Sam Fernandez for an in-depth and activating conversation about multi-dimensional healing.

In this heartfelt conversation they discuss:

  • Healing / Evolution, the link between the two

  • More about Michael's story of healing and evolution

  • What is a multi-dimensional healing?

  • Ayahuasca as a tool for multi-dimensional healing, but not the only way to connect to spirit.

  • How you can connect to the healing vibration of the plant spirits and other guides without leaving your home

  • Becoming empowered to heal yourself

  • Trauma healing, self-accountability and its role in planetary evolution

  • A guided meditation to connect to your multi-dimensional Self

  • More about the upcoming Healing Evolution Online Workshop Series

Prefer Audio Only?

Join the Healing Evolution Online Workshop Series & Embrace Your Multi-dimensionality!

The first workshop is completely free! Find out more and signup in the link below.


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