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Noya Rao, Non-Duality & Plant Spirit Healing: The Path of the Infinite Self

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Why are the teachings of non-duality from eastern mysticism and spiritual traditions often considered to be non-relevant in the depths of the Amazonian jungle? Non-duality, love, and compassion are core values of our work at Casa Galactica. They are more than relevant in our experience, and they are at the heart of the Noya Rao lineage of Shipibo curanderismo. Yes, you can study plants and learn about non-duality, love, and compassion! In fact, it accelerates this learning process, especially within a Noya Rao Dieta.

So firstly, what is non-duality?

Non-duality is the understanding that we are not separate from each other, we are not separate from God/Source/The Universe or anything else for that matter. It is beyond the illusion of self, right or wrong, black or white, light or dark. It is the idea of one-consciousness and unity. Everything that we experience is our own consciousness. You can find lots of information about non-duality online. What I am excited to share about today is how this is super-relevant for working with plant medicine.

Traditionally, the Shipibo tradition of curanderismo (of which I have studied within) is dualistic. The idea of light/dark, good/bad, angel/demon etc. naturally reinforces separation. Now before I go any further, I must add that duality is not bad, the idea of it being bad is in fact dualistic. Duality is just another experience, one that we have incarnated within throughout many thousands of lives. There is another experience available to us, should we choose it, and the plants can help! The experience of unity, of one-ness, of non-duality.

We can learn more about non-duality through diving deep into curanderismo practices with the knowing that we are not separate from God. In plant spirit curanderismo, this knowing, this wisdom, is given to us by Noya Rao – The Enlightened Tree.

Noya Rao and the path of non-duality

Dieting Noya Rao teaches us that we are not separate from her or from God. When we can experientially understand this with her, we can apply this to other aspects of our lives. We can begin to experience oneness, unity, and non-duality experientially rather than only conceptually. We can live this as our truth, both in and out of ayahuasca ceremony.

Noya Rao is a divine being of unconditional love, understanding, wisdom, and compassion. She is one of the main reasons why I am here alive today. She has helped me, along with other plants, to heal through deep, dark traumas of ritual, sexual abuse to come to a place of forgiveness for the abusers. Forgiveness is not something that I ever thought I would be able to experience in regard to these traumas. It has not been without feeling all of it, as that has been the most important part of the healing process.

However, on a deeper level I understand that it has been my path to heal from this trauma so that I may also help others on their journeys. This does not mean it has been easy. I understand that one exists because the other exists, and I also know that I am healing through many lifetimes as a part of this journey. In a non-dual sense, this helps shift my viewpoint beyond good vs. evil, as I learn more about love, compassion, and my purpose here in this lifetime. I do not have all the answers figured out. I am learning more and more each day through my Noya Rao dietas as the path of non-duality continues to unfold.

Noya Rao, Love and Compassion

As Rumi once famously said, “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” In a Noya Rao Dieta, she works deeply on blocks to love that we have created. Or perhaps more accurately, blocks to love that have been created through trauma/separation from one-consciousness. Bringing her love and compassion to these blocks allows us to heal from these wounds. As this deep work is done within the Noya Rao dieta, it gives us an opportunity to look deep within ourselves, to let go of what no longer serves us, and to make space for the vibrations of love, kindness, and compassion to shine.

Opening Intuition and Activating Gifts

As we learn to communicate consciously with Noya Rao in dieta, we receive insights of how we can heal ourselves, expand our consciousness, and live in harmony with our truth. She teaches us ways to heal others too as we receive powerful gifts, or energetic transmissions, which allow us to be a carrier of her medicine.

In plant spirit curanderimso, these gifts/transmissions are used to diagnose and cure illnesses within ceremony. However these gifts are not reserved only for those working within plant spirit healing. Noya Rao can work through all beings, musically, creatively, and powerfully through hands-on-healing techniques similar to Reiki, amongst an infinite number of possibilities.

It was shown to me that through dieting Noya Rao, her energy binds to our own life path, similar to how DNA strands bind to replicate each other. Whatever your life path is, whatever your own gifts and purpose are for being here on this earth, Noya Rao amplifies them. This allows you to express them in the world more easily, through the alignment of her energy with yours.

Truly magical and wonderful things can occur, in which physical reality can rearrange itself, life paths become activated, and synchronicities occur to bring us into alignment with the truth of who we are. Through dieting Noya Rao I have healed countless lifetimes of trauma, found the life and passion that makes up our work at Casa Galactica, and met the love of my life, my wife, Jamie. This would not have been possible without the guidance and influence of the plants, in particular that of Noya Rao.

Love is the key to all of this. As we learn to love ourselves more, we let go of the vibrations that no longer serve us. As we merge with Noya Rao, we accelerate this process, healing ourselves, opening our multi-dimensionality and ability to be of service. We are passionate about teaching you how to communicate with plant spirits and how to learn/heal directly with Noya Rao in your own unique way.

Find out more about Noya Rao and our Noya Rao Initiation Dietas here at:

Michael Thornhill

Co-Founder of Casa Galactica

Michael is passionate about non-duality, channeling and plant spirit healing. He empowers others to connect to the infinite wisdom within.

Noya Rao is his main teacher.


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