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Personal Development Mastery Podcast: The 5 Steps to Strengthen Your Intuition

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

In this episode, Agi Keramidas, unapologetically inspirational host of the Personal Development Mastery podcast, interviews Jamie to discover 5 powerful steps for strengthening your intuition right now, including key questions to ask yourself when experiencing doubt. Together, they cover these topics:

  • How collective human culture does not yet comprehensively encourage, nor acknowledge, your intuition as a valid source of wisdom and guidance

  • Jamie´s innate connection with plants from a young age

  • How "bottoming out" can bring big life transformations and spiritual awakening

  • Jamie´s story about coming into her intuitive work

  • Intuition is always here for us, whether we are conscious of it or not

  • How to discern the difference between "higher guidance" and "ego"

  • Everyone is intuitive (seriously, EVERYONE)

  • Recognizing your limiting beliefs about intuition

  • Challenging your self-doubt and skepticism about intuition

  • Acknowledging the voice of ego with loving acceptance

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