• Jamie Csizmadia Thornhill

The Call List: A Powerful Tool for Overcoming Self-Sufficiency

Updated: 3 days ago

This article answers the following questions I've received from clients and students:

  1. Who can I talk to about my plant medicine experiences?

  2. Is it safe to share my memories of childhood abuse with someone, and if so, who?

  3. How can I feel less alone in the world?

  4. How can I lessen my need to control everything?

  5. What's the best way to start integrating my plant medicine experience?

  6. What do I do if my therapist isn't able to take my call?

  7. How can I heal this pattern I have of doing everything myself?

  8. How can I start asking others for help?

A call list is a powerful tool that is of supreme assistance throughout the ongoing processes of personal awakening and/or integrating plant medicine experiences. The call list contains a numbered list of fellow humans whom you feel you can rely on, and whom you can speak openly to, in regards to your challenging situations, consciousness-expanding experiences, emotional triggers, and dark nights of the soul.

A call list literally looks like this:

A photo of a notebook piece of paper with a list of names written in blue ink
- An example call list -

Why is a Call List Necessary?

The short answer to this question is that it's absolutely time that we all begin to recognize that we're on this planet together, that we need each other's help to navigate these lifetimes, and that the capacity to ask others for help is a strength and an emboldening of our true interconnectedness. I mean, come on, raise your hand if you're tired of "going it alone", relying heavily on your own self-sufficiency, and pretending to have all of the answers (that you realistically don't).

The long answer to this question, "Why is a call list necessary?", requires me first to direct our focus expansively outward to the beautiful planetary sphere we inhabit, Earth. In The Law of One book series, the humble messenger Ra explains that Earth as a planet has already made the transition into 4th density. Fourth density, as described by Ra, is known as the Density of Love. Within the 4th Density of Love, all beings are consciously aware of their inherent interconnection with others, telepathy and the ability to feel and know what others are thinking is normal, and humans are rooted in love.

The humble messenger Ra furthermore illustrates that the collective of humanity, however, is presently in the midst of making the transition from 3rd density to 4th density. Third density, as described by Ra, is known as the Density of Choice. Within the 3rd Density of Choice, humans are veiled from their inherent interconnection with others and instead experience a strong sense of separateness and resulting self-sufficiency. In 3rd density, humans also must proactively "choose" to see beyond the illusion of physical forms to experience the subconscious roots of the mind. Additionally, a sense of fear and scarcity has a tendency to permeate life experiences until a person begins to awaken to the abundance of God's love that already exists within.

It’s my own intuitive understanding that as humans make the transition into 4th density from 3rd density, everything that has been hanging out in the shadows, collectively and individually, will be coming to the surface to be seen, heard, felt, and ultimately forgiven and returned to love. In other words, all unacknowledged trauma, mass manipulations, hidden distortions and abuse, shameful secrets, blatant harms, and clandestine corruptions will be brought to light (whether we're ready for it or not).

It is also my intuitive understanding that this is already happening, and will continue to happen, at the individual level and the collective level. We will have the opportunity to recognize where we've experienced victimization and how we've also played-out the role of victimizer, bringing love to both.

And in light of the supposition by Ra that Earth itself is already fully embodying the 4th Density of Love, we can expect that the planet will be speeding-up this transitional process for humans. Therefore, us humans will be experiencing uncomfortable awarenesses, piercing insights, distressing emotions, expansive understandings, and powerful catalysts for awakening at a pronounced rate.

This is brand new territory for all of us. The call list is a powerful and necessary tool that has the potential to assist each and every one of us in relinquishing the illusion and pain of separateness and self-sufficiency, allowing us to more gracefully transition into the 4th Density of Love.

A Countermeasure to the Ego's Fear & the Shadow's Distrust

The ego would have you believe that you are a completely autonomous body, that you survive and thrive solely due to your own self-will, and that you are the sole actor having affectation on your life. If the ego is given too much authority within your life (as it quite often is in this 3rd density human experience), or if the ego is unconsciously allowed to run rampant, you may find yourself unnecessarily striving for self-sufficiency.

This striving for self-sufficiency is also supported and encouraged within many of Earth’s cultures and civilizations at present, where there is an over-emphasis on being right, competing and winning at all costs, accumulating material wealth, and profiteering at the expense of other humans, other life-forms, and even the planetary ecosystems at large.

A photo of a man holding an enormous chunk of concrete on his back
- The burden of self-sufficiency -

Similarly, the shadow self would also have you believe that you should be completely autonomous, that needing other people is weak or dangerous, and that your personal survival depends on fearful vigilance and protection from others. The shadow self is the unconscious amassment of distortions, blocks to love, thought patterns, and beliefs that are a result of trauma you’ve experienced within your lifetime. The shadow self, if unseen and unacknowledged, will have you believe that you are entirely separate from other humans, and that humans, including yourself, cannot be trusted.

This combination of the ego’s striving for self-sufficiency and the shadow’s fear and distrust of others is debilitating, and it can result in you perceiving that you are separate, alone, unworthy, and isolated on a planet full of humans.

Alternatively, the call list is a tool that counters the glorification of self-sufficiency and distrust of others by providing you with an ongoing opportunity to consciously reach out to others for help, feedback, mirroring, love, and insight. When used regularly and respectfully, the call list has the ability to restore self-trust, strengthen connections with others, ease stress, dissipate feelings of isolation, loosen self-imposed burdens, and cultivate a willingness to see beyond perceived limitations.

In fact, when we make a practice of reaching out to others for guidance, assistance, and support, we are actively demonstrating several things:

  • THAT WE ARE NOT ALONE, nor do we ever have to “go it alone”.

  • That we do not have all of the answers (nor are we meant to).

  • That the negative collective patterning of secrecy, shame, keeping up appearances, and self-sufficiency can be countered and ultimately released.

  • That we can trust something greater than ourselves.

  • That we can rely on others and that others are trustworthy.

  • That others can rely on us and that we are trustworthy.

  • That God speaks through all of us, and that sharing with and listening to others is a Divine opportunity for inspiration, insights, and miracles.

  • Self-love.

How Do I Make My Very First Call List?

To get the ball rolling in making your first call list, simply sit down at your computer and grab a piece of paper and a pen. Give yourself 10 minutes to an hour or so of uninterrupted time. As you sit comfortably, take a deep breath into your heart. Remember that you are making a call list out of absolute L-O-V-E for yourself. Then you’ll be ready to take action on any or all of the following suggestions:

  1. Assess your current friendships and write down the names of those friends who seem to be “call list” potential.

  2. Assess your current familial relationships and write down the names of those relatives who seem to be “call list” potential.

  3. Via online search or word of mouth, find an aligned counselor or therapist, making sure that the professional you seek-out is able to meet your very specific needs.