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Video: The Importance of Free Will

Updated: May 11, 2022


This video answers the following questions I've received from clients and students:

  1. What is free will?

  2. Do we really have free will or is everything already pre-ordained or fated?

  3. What is the benefit, purpose, or importance of free will?

  4. How can I work with my free will more consciously to expedite personal growth?

  5. How can I work with free will for the betterment of my healing work in service to others?

  6. Is it possible to use my free will and make a “wrong” decision?


What is Free Will and Why Does it Matter?

In The Law of One: Book 1, the humble messenger Ra describes free will as the freedom each human has to “accept, reject, or ignore the mind/body/spirit complexes about it and ignore the creation itself.”* In other words, as humans, we have the delightful opportunity to make our own decisions and discover our own truth (or not).

In this video, I expand on this topic of “free will” through sharing and channeling Spirit´s** insight and messages in regards to the potential meaningfulness of this concept for all humans on planet Earth at this moment in time, and more specifically, for dedicated inner-truth seekers and soul-purposed healers.

Together with Spirit, we share about:

  • The concept of free will equating to a person having the power or freedom of “conscious choice” to discern, explore, taste, and experience as so preferred

  • That which precedes the desire for choice, or free will, as a state of beingness that has no desire or need or seeking for choice, but exists only as a recognition of All That Is

  • What appears to be limitless, multiple choices can actually be distilled down to just two choices: separation or Oneness

  • Free will as having a specific application to incarnations, physicality, and the five senses on specific planetary density experiences

  • The inner spark within each of us that´s excited to choose, excited to have a direct experience, and excited to discover directly without being outwardly influenced

  • That each of us, as an essential expression of God, is innately curious

  • Free will as a Divine right or gift that has been granted to, given to, requested by, inherited, and received by each of us

  • Free will in action being akin to the adage, “Take what you will and leave the rest.”

  • The meaningfulness of free will as it applies to our very human lives, in that it gives us the ability, should we desire, to wake up to it and honor it, respect it, and work with it to strengthen our awareness of the Self

  • The meaningfulness of free will as it applies to dedicated inner truth seekers, in that it strengthens our knowing of, and consciously choosing, the truth of who we are and our connection to our own inner wisdom and to the all-beingness

  • The true power of consciously choosing

  • Recognizing and respecting that others too have free will choice

  • Direct experience as an essential expression of God to learn, to discover, and to know oneself

  • The meaningfulness of free will as it applies to soul-purposed healers, in that recognizing the free will of your patients, clients, and customers actually allows your healing work to be strengthened through their conscious choice or permission

  • The powerful first step of the healing process, which is permission being granted by the one to be healed

A Memorable Quote from the Video

“It´s exciting that we have such an amazing opportunity to experience free will, to choose, to know the power of free will, to follow curiosity, to adventure, and to have opportunities to directly experience that which is afforded us through conscious choice and free will.”



* The 5-book series titled, The Law of One, The Ra Material, expands on the topic of “free will” from a cosmic and evolutionary perspective across planetary time, space, and densities.

** When I use the word, “Spirit”, in this video, I am essentially giving name to what I inwardly experience as a singular/collective, loving, intelligent Voice/Hologram of One who is preparing, expressing, and relaying messages and insights to me for the intended highest good, healing, and purpose for all who will view, experience, and hear the video. My sense is that the Voice/Hologram of One is the total accumulation and intrinsic cooperation of all beings of highest love and light that surround all viewers of this video. “Spirit”, therefore, is my general term of endearment for this intelligently loving force.


And if you’re feeling inspired to strengthen your own free will through a conscious intuitive practice, join me for my powerfully private online course, Intuitive Mentorship 101.


Jamie Csizmadia Intuitive & Medium

Jamie Thornhill

Cofounder of Casa Galactica

Jamie is an Intuitive & Medium, and her greatest joy is not only sharing Spirit’s guidance, but also teaching and empowering her fellow humans in strengthening their own intuitive practice and professional ethics.

The Ra Material book series, channeled by Carla Rueckert, and the 12-step programs, AA, Al-Anon, and Adult Children of Alcoholics, are all powerful sources of perpetual inspiration for Jamie.

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