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The Story of Noya Rao: Enlightened Tree

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

"We work within the Noya Rao lineage of Shipibo curanderismo. Noya Rao is an enlightened tree of love, light, and truth. There is a path to non-duality within plant shamanism and beyond. You can find more about non-duality and her role in the teachings that she shares in another video on our website. Here today, I'm here to talk more about some of the myths, the legends, of Noya Rao and how we came into contact with her. Noya Rao is an enlightened tree with glowing leaves that holds a vibration of love, light, and truth. It's physically seen within this glowing radiance when you see and visit her at night. Noya Rao's leaves come down from the cosmos. They come down from the top of her branches onto the floor and as you look around, it looks like the stars have fallen to the ground and you stand there in the middle of a galaxy, of a universe, awaiting for the magic to be received. And I get goose pimples as I'm talking about her. She's fantastic. She is my greatest teacher. Thank you so much."

Rediscovery of the Noya Rao tree through a pipe dieta.

"So she was thought to be extinct for many years and my first maestro, Enrique Lopez, as a story has it, was given a pipe that had been passed down from generations where it would be smoked to connect with the spirit. And then through the smoking of this pipe, he was shown a vision of where the Noya Rao trees were. And he went into the jungle and he found them. And then he began to diet the Noya Rao tree itself and share this magic and wonder with many people, which is where I met him, my first maestro, and I first dieted Noya Rao and came into contact with this tree. There are other legends. One was...the curanderos of old who were more in contact with Noya Rao before she was thought to have been extinct, were working with her, were connecting with her, were communing with her, and there was an illness in the village. There were problems within the village and they did not think that they would survive but Noya Rao helped them. She came down with her glowing leaves, with the tree, and she took the entire community into the skies, into her world. No one knows really where they went but the legend has it that they entered her world and continued to evolve in other planets, in other worlds, they are all part of her medicine."

Noya Rao has many different worlds.

"Blue worlds, yellow worlds, white worlds, shiny worlds...that all within them contain infinite medicine, a whole pharmacy of plant medicine, knowledge and wisdom, the ability to heal, transform our trauma into infinite love and light. There is more to her than meets the eye. She is a physical representation of these worlds but when you connect with her, this opens you to this infinite magic."

Want to learn more about Noya Rao?

Michael Thornhill

Co-Founder of Casa Galactica

Michael is passionate about non-duality, channeling and plant spirit healing. He empowers others to connect to the infinite wisdom within.

Noya Rao is his main teacher.


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