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Healing Trauma With and Without Plant Medicines

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Michael is interviewed by Lucy Baldwin, Psychedelic Integration Coach on her Psychedelic Podcast in this deep and moving conversation about healing of trauma, abuse and the integration of psychedelic and plant medicine experiences. This is an important interview for anyone who is overcoming traumatic experiences both with or without the assistance of plant medicines.

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This Podcast Covers:

  • Healing addiction with ayahuasca and the journey to living in Peru

  • Healing of sexual, ritual & cult abuse with and without plant medicine

  • The process of healing repressed memories of abuse, overcoming doubt and how to process it

  • Mind control within ritual abuse and some of its symptoms/effects

  • Trauma Informed Care and its importance in ayahuasca ceremonies

  • Taking a break from plant medicine and the importance of integration of experiences in everyday life

  • The power of working with a professional trauma-informed healer to help process trauma & integrate plant medicine experiences

  • The benefits of trauma healing and how it can transform our lives

  • Travelling and alternative healing therapies. How they helped integrate Michael's first ayahuasca ceremonies

  • Integration of plant medicine and psychedelic experiences. Lucy shares practical advice to help others through the process of plant medicine integration

  • The "grieving process" within plant medicine integration

  • More about trauma informed care and its importance in ayahuasca retreats/ceremonies

  • Reprogramming of past traumatic experiences in safe, trauma-informed ceremonial settings

  • The importance of the body, its memory and healing trauma

  • Asking for help can be your greatest strength

  • Personal trauma healing and its role in healing the collective

Michael Thornhill Plant Spirit Communication Workshop Free

Michael Thornhill

Co-Founder of Casa Galactica

Michael is passionate about non-duality, channeling and plant spirit healing. He empowers others to connect to the infinite wisdom within.

Noya Rao is his main teacher.


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