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Beyond the Illusion Podcast: Trauma Informed Healing & Galactic Channeling:

Updated: May 11, 2022

Channeler and Curandero, Michael Thornhill, is back to talk about the work he does to help you connect to your multi-dimensionality and empower your healing. He shares about the need for trauma-informed approaches to healing and also channels galactic beings to give reassuring and helpful answers to our questions.

Here are some key topics we cover:

  • Casa Galactica´s new retreat center in The Sacred Valley of Peru

  • What is trauma-informed healing?

  • The transformative non-duality approach that allows you to transcend, but not bypass, the healing of trauma

  • New workshops: “Triggers as Portals for Evolution” & “Disassociation: It’s Not Your Fault”

  • The gift of the pandemic: bringing to light the areas of our lives that no longer work

  • The core of Michael & Jamie’s work is that “You are infinite and free. You have everything you need within.”

  • In this intensified time on the planet, we have the opportunity to rapidly shift what would’ve taken decades or even lifetimes previously.

  • A lot of this work comes down to “What is the limiting belief which is holding you back?”

  • Michael channels galactic beings to answer some of our questions

  • What can we do to prepare ourselves for this year and the shift we’re experiencing?

  • How do we discern the difference between spiritual detox and illness?

  • Is there more energy and psychic awareness available to us now?

  • Is it guaranteed that we’ll move into New Earth or does it depend on what timeline we align with?

  • Which beings does Michael channel?

Michael Thornhill, Co-founder of Casa Galactica in Peru, is a professional channel, curandero, trauma-informed healer, and an advocate of trauma-informed care. Casa Galactica provides ayahuasca plant spirit healing retreats, Noya Rao dietas, online channeling sessions, transformative workshops, trauma healing, and intuitive mentorship for dedicated inner-truth seekers. Find out more at "

Want to work with us?

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  • Work directly with Michael online, check out his Trauma Healing Sessions here

  • Free Consultation for more information about Casa Galactica's Ayahuasca Retreats, Noya Rao Dietas and Online Sessions

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