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Why Not Meditate Podcast: How Plant Medicines Can Amplify Your Healing Journey

Michael joins Masako Kozawa of the Why Not Meditate? Podcast for an in in-depth conversation of how meditation can transform your life, and how it was and continues to be such an integral part of the Michael's own healing journey and personal practice. They also discuss how meditation, when combined with ayahuasca and other plant medicines, can catalyze and transform your journey of healing and evolution, and how trauma-informed ayahuasca retreats can change your life in a matter of moments, instead of decades of personal practice. They discuss how meditation practice can assist you in navigating ayahuasca ceremonies and how non-dual states of consciousness, accessed through work with ayahuasca, can also transform the way you meditate and experience reality on a day to day basis. Don´t miss this heart-warming and empowering conversation!


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