Healing Evolution Workshop Series: Dissociation: It's Not Your Fault

Saturday, March 12, 2022
9:00AM - 4:00PM Central Time


I created this workshop to help bring awareness to the impacts and effects that repressed memories, dissociation and unseen trauma have on us as individuals and our collective society. Through compassionately acknowledging that you may have unseen trauma or tendencies to dissociate, you may begin to heal all parts of yourself to find emotional freedom here and now.  Through understanding how trauma becomes repressed, how and why you dissociate, you can begin to unravel the impacts it has on your life and your relationships. Through inviting conscious awareness and deep energetic healing to trauma at the root cause of dissociation, you can find peace in the present moment. You can learn to find compassion for yourself during times of dissociation, as you learn how to heal and love all parts of yourself equally. Through this compassionate process of self-love, you can welcome home all parts of yourself that have been left in the darkness, to live as your true infinite self again.

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In this 6-hour online workshop you will learn more about how to process repressed memories if or when they arise, how to heal from dissociative patterns, how to to love every part of yourself and to realign with your true self. You will understand more about the causes of amnesia during traumatic experiences and why it is not necessary to remember all the details of trauma to heal yourself. We often think of our “personality” as the part from which we are dissociating from, however, the true self is much greater than we can imagine and beyond physical from. We have all dissociated from this version of ourselves on some level through choosing to incarnate on planet earth. You will learn how to self-regulate yourself to minimize dissociation and to return to a more neutral state of being from which you can effectively heal underlying trauma at the root cause of dissociation. You will learn to heal yourself through your own direct and innate connection to Source and your Spirit Team. You will have the opportunity to share openly in a safe space, connect with kindred spirits who are actively healing themselves, receive multi-dimensional healing in a powerful and unique healing ceremony, ask questions relating to the healing of trauma and receive channeled guidance. This is a sacred space for you to heal and grow.

"Through understanding how trauma becomes repressed, how and why you dissociate, you can begin to unravel the impacts it has on your life and your relationships."


In this 6-hour Online Workshop via Zoom you will receive:

Teaching & Channeling on the Healing of Trauma + Q&A (4 Hours)

Michael will be teaching, channeling, and sharing guidance on the following topics:

  • Healing repressed memories, trauma and dissociated parts of yourself

  • Dissociation and its effects upon you, your body, and the nervous system

  • The purpose and reasons for dissociation and amnesia of traumatic events

  • Self-regulation and grounding practices to prevent unwanted dissociation and widen your window of tolerance as you heal trauma

  • Realignment to your true self as a potent practice of self-realization

  • How meditation can trigger dissociation for trauma survivors

  • Detachment vs. dissociation in non-dual spiritual practices

  • Connecting to your true self as a healing practice

Be prepared with a pen and paper to make notes. Any questions that you may have about the healing of trauma and your own personal process of healing will also be answered in this group teaching / channeling session.

Multi-Dimensional Healing Ceremony (1 Hour)

"Healing occurs when a mind/body/spirit complex realizes, deep within itself, the Law of One; that is, that there is no disharmony, no imperfection; that all is complete and whole and perfect” – Ra The Law of One

In this multi-dimensional healing ceremony, Michael channels healing songs, transmissions and vibrations from Spirit in the form of light language, icaros and spoken word. Spirit works in alignment with your higher self to help align you with the infinite truth of who you are, a state from which healing naturally occurs. Combined with powerful meditations, in an immersive and interactive experience, you will learn to let go of the pain of the past to find your True Self here and now. Entheogenic plant medicines are not used or permitted in this online ceremony.

Sharing Circle (1 Hour)

The sharing circle is an opportunity for you to share more about your process of healing that has occured throughout the day. You can share as intimately or as lightly as you feel called to do so, as the group holds space for you to be seen and heard as you are: a divine and unique expression of creator. To share, to be seen, and to be heard in a sacred space can be extremely liberating. You may express how you truly feel, share challenges, successes, more about your own trauma and how it may have affected your life, without anyone trying to change you. Sharing in a trauma-informed space can be a valuable step in one's own healing journey. You will also learn how to be present for others and how presence is  such a powerful tool for transformation. Sharing is of course optional.

Closing Prayer, Meditation and Healing Songs (15 Minutes)

To close the workshop Michael will guide a group meditation prayer and channel healing songs to help integrate the day´s session.

Video Recording

You will receive a video recording of the workshop (excluding the sharing circle) via e-mail within 48 hours following the completion of the workshop. If you are unable to attend the workshop live, but would still like to receive all of the above, you may purchase a ticket to get unlimited access to this video recording.

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By joining this workshop, you will:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of dissociation, how it arises, its effects and how to heal yourself

  • Find compassion for yourself and others through times of dissociation as you heal yourself from the pain of the past

  • Learn to love every part of yourself equally, moving beyond tendencies to push away trauma

  • Gain emotional freedom and clarity through the healing of unconscious wounds

  • Be guided in meditation to help become aware of unconscious dissociation and heal the trauma at the root cause

  • Learn tools to help self-regulate yourself to widen and stay within your own “window of tolerance”

  • Learn to connect with your true self as a potent practice for self-realization, healing of dissociated identities and the dissolution of false ego

  • Deconstruct and release limiting narratives that prevent you from finding peace here and now

  • Receive powerful healing activations with spirit, channeled by Michael in a channeled healing ceremony, to help heal deep layers of trauma

  • Connect with kindred spirits and share more about your own healing process in a sharing circle - this can be deep process of releasing as you are held by the group (optional sharing)

  • Receive channeled guidance to your own questions about the healing of trauma, dissociation, and your own healing process with grounded, practical advice to assist you as you heal yourself

"Welcome home all parts of yourself that have been left in the darkness, and live as your true infinite self again."


Hi, I am Michael Thornhill. I will be your Healing Evolution guide for this online workshop. I am a professional channel, trauma-informed healer, and an advocate of trauma-informed care.  I provide online trauma healing sessions to clients around the globe who are looking to liberate themself from past trauma. I believe that to heal trauma at the root cause we require an all encompassing approach that includes the mind, body and spirit.

I experienced ritual abuse and violent sexual abuse as a child, which resulted in a life full of addictions, mistrust, pain and suffering. Thankfully, I also received a lot of love along the way too.

With the assistance of plant medicines, spirit guides, non-dual teachings and many loving trauma informed humans, I have managed to heal many layers of these traumatic experiences and the effect which it took upon my nervous system. This is a journey that continues to unfold each day, one foot after another.

I am here to help you learn about trauma, to find the tools to face it as it arises and to guide you through each step of the process.

You don't have to do this alone.

I know what it feels like to be addicted and unable to face yourself without distraction. I know that it requires dedication and a true desire for change. Healing from addiction was the primary motivator for my spiritual awakening. Healing myself from core traumas underneath the addictions has been a profound and life-changing journey that has deeply liberated me. You don’t have to do this alone. You have unlimited potential waiting to be rediscovered. I am here to help you choose your true self, to heal and let go of the past and to find the love and passion that is of your true nature.

I have experienced deep levels of dissociation in my life. Thankfully now I know how to recognize this, work with it and heal the painful tears that had formed within my being, I am not as afraid of the parts of me that fragmented during violent sexual abuse acts that I was subjected to. I am learning to love all of me piece by piece and all as one. I am coming home.

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This workshop could be for you if:

  • You want to learn more about dissociation, its effects, how it arises and how to heal trauma at the root cause of dissociation

  • You are unsure how to heal the effects of PTSD or feel overwhelming anxiety at the thought of healing trauma

  • You are unsure what dissociation is and want to learn more about it

  • You may be aware of repressed abuse memories that are beginning to arise and want to find support and learn to heal yourself through this process

  • You want to become aware of patterns that may be holding you back from living as your true self

  • You want to live more authentically, compassionately, and considerately as you learn to accept and love yourself exactly as you are

  • You are unsure of why you experience symptoms of separation such as anger, rage, anxiety, depression, fear, guilt, shame and want to heal the root cause to find freedom here and now

  • You wish to connect more deeply with your true self as an infinite being

  • You are ready to take the next step in your own healing journey and want to learn how to heal yourself

  • You want to heal deeper parts of your subconscious and allow every part of your being to feel loved

  • You want to heal in a safe, trauma-informed environment

  • You want to become trauma-informed for yourself and those around you

  • You want to heal and release deeper layers of trauma and its associated symptoms such as guilt, shame, anger, fear, anxiety, PTSD, and depression

  • You are ready to look at yourself more deeply and want to live as a more authentic version of yourself

  • You want to connect with others who are healing themselves and want a safe space to share

  • You want help finding the light at the end of the tunnel



Saturday, March 12, 2022

9:00AM - 4:00PM Central Time

This workshop is hosted live via Zoom Video Conferencing. Please make sure you have Zoom set up and working on your device prior to the workshop, so that you can get the most out of the workshop and so that we can start on time. Upon registering for this workshop you will receive an e-mail confirmation with the link to the Zoom Meeting and detailed instructions on how to join the online workshop.

You may turn your own video camera on or off as you please throughout the workshop or remain anonymous for the entire day if you prefer.  Participating with your video on is optional.

You will also have the option to join the Zoom Meeting via telephone on a local phone number if you are unable to access the internet.

At the time of the workshop, please situate yourself in a comfortable place, with the option to both sit and lie down. As we move into the healing ceremony, you may prefer to lie down.

Please ensure that you have plenty of water available and also some tissues handy. You may find yourself moving through deeper emotional healing processes. The feeling of emotions is more than welcome, and it is a natural part of the healing process.

A video recording of the workshop will be available for you to download within 48 hours of the completion of the workshop. 

Sharing circles are not recorded.

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The cost of this workshop is $125. We accept all major credit and debit cards via PayPal.

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Morning Session: 3 Hours

Lunch Break: 1 Hour

Afternoon Session: 3 Hours

Each session will also include a short bathroom break.

Time Zones

We will be starting on time at 9am Central Time. You can find out how this relates to your location below.

7:00am PT (Pacific Time)
8:00am MT (Mountain Time)
9:00am CT (Central Time)
10:00am ET (Eastern Time)

UK & Europe:
3:00pm GMT (UK)
4:00pm CET  (Central Europe)

For all other time zones, please use this free time zone converter

Cancellation & Refund Policy

If for unforseen circumstances if you are unable to attend the live workshop, you will still receive a link to download the video recording of the workshop (excluding the sharing circle) via e-mail within a maximum of 48 hours. You will also be energetically included in the healing ceremony.

The payment once made is non-refundable.

Are you all in? Join all 5 workshops & receive a $125 discount! Valid until NOV 19th.