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From our clients, students and participants

- Life changing -



"Imagine walking through the world with your eyes mostly closed and then someone nudges you in the side and says, ´Hey, I give you permission to see! Open up!´  Jamie was that nudge.  I had been working a job that made me feel physically ill, was in a relationship that didn't quite feel right, and had forgotten the language of my own intuition since I hadn't been listening to that sweet voice in a long while.  Within hours of our first Intuitive Reading, I was making changes that are still rippling out a year later.  Relationships with my family, work, and creativity started to feel more open, honest, and aligned with the actions I chose to take from Spirit's guidance.  I was surprised at Jamie's ability to get right to the root of things in just 30 minutes.  Some of those things, of course, were little ego monsters that did not want to be seen.  I felt safe experiencing these buggers in her warm and supportive presence.  The Intuitive Readings with Jamie are the gifts that keep on giving!"


“Michael, I just want to thank you so much for the healing work we were able to do together. This time in Peru completely changed my life. I am a new woman; I love and value myself and I'm excited about the life and Earth timelines ahead of me. My social anxiety and irrational critical mind are 10% of what it was 7 months ago, and I am no longer suicidal, at all. And the raging fume of secret anger percolating beneath the surface has been released into balance. I learned so much from you, your spirutal practices, own internal processes, and channeling. If anything, I can say I've grown up during this time and for the first time "on a level playing field" with other humans, able to connect and with gifts to offer. The uncovering of sexual abuse that I didn't remember was the single biggest missing piece which you helped me tap into, no other intuitive had before... but others in the Valley after you did!! I thought i would be bound to heavy duty psych meds for life but this has proven to not be true! I'm so grateful to be free from these chains and continue to blossom. So much unconditional love to you (and Jamie and your cats Bashar, Arturo and Orion!) You'll see me back in Peru one not so distant day.”


"When I signed up for Jamie's Intuitive Mentorship 101 Course, I had no specific expectations, other than that I would develop a deeper and clearer understanding of, and relationship with, my intuition.  I knew in advance that I trusted Jamie, and that was all I needed to know.  I benefitted from the course in numerous ways, some of which I probably will discover as I more forward.  I learned how to communicate with my spirit guides, to trust that they are with me all the time, and that there is a broad horizon for how to expand these relationships.  I feel that I am still at the beginning of this journey, and that the more I work with my intuition, the more I will benefit.  Jamie is an excellent teacher.  She was able to be light-hearted and move with Spirit's guidance, while creating a structure that allowed us to cover everything.  Jamie is just a big ol' ray of light, and I’m so grateful for the experience!  It was a joy to work with her.  I feel prepared to age with Spirit by my side, to trust my intuition and my body, and to be a happy and feisty old woman!" 



"Michael, from the bottom of my heart, I deeply thank you for holding space for energy to move through my entire being. To be heard, held & healed in such a safe space was a blessing beyond what I could have imagined. Everything that channeled through you was profound for where I am in this process. I have felt so blocked in leaning into my emotions & the space you opened for feelings to flow was powerful. Thank you.Since our session, I sat what you shared around my intuition coming through in different ways as I move through this transformation. This morning that integrated in a new way, I felt connected to a new energy of guides & intuition in meditation this morning. An unexpected & welcomed feeling. This message you channeled resonated deeply & today I felt it move through me. Thank you again, I look forward to connecting in the future."


"Words cannot describe the emotional healing, insight, and comfort I received from my Intuitive Reading with you, Jamie.  Every word you said to me was so detailed and incredibly on point to my past and how I'm currently feeling.  You were able to describe some of my health issues better than I've been able to, and it gave me such validation.  You channeled my mom and her personality so perfectly, even her cuss words (which I love so much)!  It was amazing to feel my mom so closely again.  I've been on a journey of healing physically and emotionally for 4 years now.  My 30 minutes with you gave me more direction and validation than 10+ medical doctors have in these past 4 years.  You were incredible and sensitive and confident, and I appreciate you more than I can explain.  Thank you for the love and healing you give."  ~ Shannon R. | Texas, USA


“I've been working with Michael for several months on trauma healing now and I recommend his work wholeheartedly. Michael's trauma healing work has been the best and most effective healing work I've ever done. I had worked with psychotherapists and body therapists before and they had helped in certain ways, but my core issues had remained untouched and unacknowledged. I was looking for a trauma-informed, spiritual, empathic healer - someone who had worked through certain issues themselves and knew the territory. Michael offers all of that and more.

First of all: I felt very safe and comfortable working with Michael. He offered a safe space to see and feel what Í was ready for in a given moment. With immense empathy and sensitivity, he and his spirit helpers were there with me step by step when I went through old pain and heartbreak, always reminding me that I was shedding layers and uncovering more of my true self. Being seen and understood in such depth was in and of itself a very healing experience.  It felt like having a whole team of spiritual mentors.

Michael was able to grasp the depth of my trauma and, when I asked for it, pointed out connections between certain life experiences, the beliefs I had built around them, health problems and other issues that I was experiencing.

The work we did involved a lot of re-learning how to feel and be present with myself. Michael also assisted me with the singing of "icaros", powerful healing songs from the shamanic tradition he is trained in, which unfolded their healing powers even when I relistened to the recordings of the session! The work involved also guided visualizations and meditations as well as action steps. The answers to my questions were often unexpected and felt true on a very deep level.

By feeling and understanding more and more of the old stories and their traces in my current life, I was able to let go of many of them. The relationship with my mother has vastly improved. I am more honest in my relationship with my partner. My whole outlook on life has changed.Overall, I feel that a bigger part of myself is present in my daily life. I feel stronger. I know that I can weather a storm and that I can also be there for others. There are still some layers of trauma and there is still some work to be done, but I feel much more optimistic because I know that things really do get better and that it is possible to heal. I am infinitely grateful for the healing that I have experienced and for the new possibilities that this has opened up for me.

Now, I am learning how to channel with Michael and more layers of trauma are being shed during the process. It is a beautiful and awe-inspiring adventure and I am so happy to be on this path.

My advice for future participants: Be committed. Relisten to the sessions, transcribe them. There are many layers to them and it takes several goes to comprehend them. It's worth it! Take some time off if necessary. Really invest in yourself. Give it some time. Don't expect a magical turnaround after 1 week. Deep changes can take some time and it might take some practice to recognize them fully.”



"Jamie, everyday I think upon the experience and messages you brought through in my Intuitive Reading, and I will forever be grateful to you and Spirit for the guidance and answers that I received and for the healing shared.  Ever since the Intuitive Reading, I have been inspired on a journey that has revealed and validated feelings, thoughts, and innate-like attractions to places, ideas, and cultures that I've had since I could remember.  Things finally make sense, like for the first time I'm seeing and understanding how and why the pieces are what they are and how they fit together and why my path has weaved as it has.  The path I call my own has become more clear and less daunting since that day.  Your words - these messages - live and flow in me.  For the first time I feel comfortable in my skin, rooted in my being, like I have been found, a veil has been lifted, and I've come up for air.  I feel a motivation and inspiration in my journey once again, and I'm beyond excited to voyage into this new territory with a knowing and trust that my spirit team is there guiding me and cheering me on!"


"My session with Michael has put things in perspective and triggered a transformation phase through guidance and honesty. I see more clearly, have let go of a lot of emotional clutter and on my way to finding inner balance. I have forgiven myself for past mistakes and am pleased to learn that it is not too late to reverse the effects of the damage I have done to my body. I highly recommend a session with Michael and look forward to my next one."


"Thank you so much for your wisdom and connection to my Spirit Team, Jamie.  I'm a bit blown away by the information you shared in my Intuitive Reading.  It totally resonates deeply within.  It's like something inside of me is falling in place for me.  I've been crying a lot - and it's not sad tears - it is like I'm healing from the inside.  Thank you, Jamie.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to go back and feel what my soul is trying to tell me, and most of all not to be afraid.  This Intuitive Reading was so amazing and beautiful!"


To sit in an ayahuasca ceremony with Michael is a powerful experience, with a lot of love, light, and humility. I had drank with other curanderos before, but I can't compare anything with what I experienced that time. The medicine was strong but very loving, the space created was comforting and safe, allowing to delve in whatever needed to arrive. I am very gratefull to Michael and Jamie for their beautiful energy, for the time they take before and after the ceremony to help us to get the most out of it, for their pure intentions. They do care profoundly for every person reaching out to them, and I recommend working with them without any hesitation.


"Over the years, my many Intuitive Readings with Jamie have provided such loving guidance and support.  Jamie’s Intuitive Readings gift me insights that always seem to be two steps ahead of me on the path, and help me to navigate the unknown with a little more grace and faith.  I leave my sessions feeling confident and affirmed in my own intuition, and infinitely grateful to have a friend and guide on this journey to walk with.  Thank you, Jamie, for all the work you do to lovingly support us along the way." Claire R. | Hawaii, USA


"Casa Galactica  is truly an uplifting, enlightening, and spiritual experience. Michael and Jamie are a blessing in spreading the universal message of love and light. Like and follow Casa Galactica to bring your positive connection to spirit and beyond to heights you can't even imagine. Love and Light baby!" ​


Michael is a knowledgeable and genuine curandero. The whole experience was super well structured, with a comprehensive intro, the ceremony, delicious breakfast cooked by Michael's fiancé and a reintegration talk to sum it up. The ceremony was amazing, very intimate with only 3 of us taking part. I am extremely thankful to Michael and Jamie! Might come back if i feel I need to!


"Michael and Jamie are terrific channels. Very relatable and accurate messages, and also really good at working with you as a person, facilitating a sort of discussion with the energy that is being channeled. Highly recommended!"​


"I have had 3 Intuitive Readings by the wonderfully magical Jamie Thornhill.  Each reading has been different and provided me with the information I need from my Spirit Team and Source to gain a deeper understanding of my soul’s path.  Jamie has been a continuous inspiration for me, and her services have helped with my transitions in life for the past 3 years.  If you feel that you are also experiencing some sort of transition, I highly recommend scheduling an Intuitive Reading with Jamie. Her intuitive guidance will leave you feeling renewed and ready to move forward in your soul’s purpose.  I will forever consider Jamie a friend, soul sister, and teacher.  I am eternally grateful to have crossed paths with her in this lifetime." 



I have done Michael's Channeling training course which was out of this world the guides I learnt to connect with brought an end to a two year period of suffering and empowered me to build a solid daily practice around dealing with my energies . I decided to have an Ayahuasca ceremony with Michael recently which went so deep I decided to have two. His icaros are amazing. I love the way he works he is super connected with channeling and really helps make sense of the experience. I have studied many healing abilities and sat in over 400 medicine ceremonies through all my experiences I can not recommend him highly enough he really understands what’s going on behind the scenes was a real treat to sit with Michael. His fiancé Jamie is also incredible after losing my mother she channeled her which was insane since that day many years ago I have been able to communicate with my mother since she opened that connection. I have so much gratitude for these two beautiful beings please check them out.


“Jamie, my reading with you was FANTASTIC! I was “stuck” in my current mindset about a few things relating to career choices and about where I was in my personal life. I was hoping for some type of validation or guidance as to next steps – and boy did you deliver!  My session just gave me the little push I needed to make my next move career-wise. I also enjoyed that I actually got to see you via Skype.  Your attention to detail was amazing! I most enjoyed seeing you, my old friend, in your element, using your gifts, and relaying the message.  I absolutely recommend you for Intuitive Readings and I’ve referred you to others.  I hope to do a reading again soon!”


"Beautiful and powerful experience. Must recommended for anyone who is looking to heal the body mind and spirit."


"I had my first session with Michael yesterday, and it was profound. I asked questions I have been milling over for years now, and the answers I received struck me directly into my heart and opened me up in a way I wasn’t expecting. I’m so excited to take that knowledge and consciously carry it through the rest of my life. The experience we shared put me in a place of pure presence which allowed everything else in my life to disappear while I received the pure loving knowledge from the Pleiadian Collective. I left the conversation feeling so vibrant and new. I can’t thank Michael enough for such a magical real experience. In Love… Jetter”



“I felt completely comfortable with you, Jamie. The atmosphere was relaxed, and it felt like a true dialogue, in that I was free to ask what I wanted and interrupt as needed to gain additional information. The guidance you shared was in line with guidance I’ve received from other sources who work in the energy field, which just reinforced these messages. I walked away from my Intuitive Reading feeling confirmation for the path I’m following regarding my passions and with my kids. I also received new suggestions on how to work with some recurring challenges I face in my life. I loved the easy flow of your session, and could have continued exploring for an extended period of time. Your gifts and insight are greatly appreciated!”



"I had a really insightful and deep connection during my first session with the Pleiadians and Michael as a channel. Our first session helped me to open to and trust my gifts, my guides and myself in an empowering way. I immediately felt comfortable and safe around Michael’s energy. His generosity, beautiful work ethic, support and love are amazing qualities that leads to potent readings. I was so stoked by the loving and caring energy involved in Michael’s work that I have signed up to go deeper in the channeling work and I am now doing the 6-week Learn to Channel Online course! I highly recommend having a session with Michael and the Galactic beings that he works with."


“Jamie, you have always been a source of guidance for me. My Intuitive Reading was eye-opening, thought-provoking, intense, reassuring, and it started me on a path towards self-awareness. You shared insights with me that I am not always able to see myself. Our session provided me a compass, steering me along my true path, and connecting me with my spirit guides. I gained assurance and affirmation that I have gifts, and that I can own them and embrace them. Your ability to form an immediate heart connection is comforting, and you easily come across as someone we have all known before. I definitely recommend your readings to anyone looking to learn more about themselves and their journey in this life – past, present, and future.”



"What a beautiful gift to receive for my birthday. I just had a session with this beautiful channel and conduit for Grace to flow through and always share with clients and friends that the best reading is one that validates our own Truth and inner knowing. Thank you Michael and those beautiful Beings who once again validate that I AM on the right track and that "letting go" is a beautiful thing, now opening my life to receive and not just give; releasing those old paradigms, people and beliefs that serve no one, especially ourselves.

Jai Bhagwan. 🌷

I AM That,
Jai! ❤️"



“Jamie, you are an outstanding workshop facilitator! I’ve attended several of your speaking engagements, events, and workshops. You are clearly an expert in your field..and you expertly convey material and content in an insightful, educational, easy to understand, and visually exciting way. Others can be assured that they will leave your events feeling educated, enlightened, and empowered! Thank you for sharing your light with us.”


“I recently had a 1-hour session with Michael and the Pleiadians and found it to be truly transformational and transformative. The session brought healing on many levels that I’m still in the process of integrating. I found Michael to be a clear and perfect channel that allowed accurate information to be passed from the Pleiadians.
Thank you to Michael and P’s for their loving guidance!”


“Hi Jamie, just wanted to tell you that the messages and information I received in my Intuitive Reading have changed my life and many of my long-held beliefs about life and afterlife. I have struggled my whole life dealing with the loss of my father, who died in a plane crash in December of 1987. Before my session with you, I was feeling somewhat fearful and maybe a bit skeptical about receiving messages from him. After the session, my fear and skepticism was replaced with a sense of peace and clarity. Thank you for making sure I felt comfortable and relaxed before beginning. I will continue to recommend you to anyone who is seeking answers, guidance, or direction. Your abilities are amazing and the messages you share are life changing.”


“Each channeling I have received from Michael has provided perfect and timely keys that have sky-rocketed my interaction with spirit, my healing practice and my personal evolution. I cannot recommend this Galactic wizard enough!”



“The concept of viewing beyond what is in front of you is fascinating. Jamie, you are naturally skilled in presenting challenging subjects, and your Remote Viewing workshop was no exception. The group was introduced to the practice of remote viewing and given an overview of various RV groups and their different techniques. We participated in multiple exercises, we intuited and recorded what we saw, and then shared within the group. I learned that remote viewing is a skill that I may improve with practice. Your workshop was well-organized and fun to participate in! Jamie, you are a wonderful mentor and facilitator who encourages others to collaborate, learn, and grow.”


“My experience with Michael Thornhill and the Pleiadian Collective was mind-blowing! The effects short and long-term were profound.

Immediately after the session, I felt a deep sense of love, calmness, safety and trust. I was reminded to look within to find what I seek instead of chasing after everything externally. I’m no longer exhausting myself and am balancing my life much better. I’m also able to identify the things that were draining my energy. During the session, it became obvious how I was creating many unnecessary fears that were sabotaging my success. I’m now able to slow down, connect more with my heart and get out of my head. This makes each day flow better and more enjoyable.

The weeks following the session, I began to consistently live more from my heart and speak my truth. I felt empowered and started to take action on the life I wanted instead of waiting for the “right time.” It has really helped me see things clearly. As a result, my life has completely transformed for the better. I’ve never been happier or felt more in alignment with my purpose. My heart is filled with so much love and joy, I truly can’t thank Michael and the Pleiadian Collective enough!

With Love & Gratitude “



“I had been feeling very stuck in my work situation and was thrilled when my spirit guide, an old gypsy woman no less, was able to offer a lot of insight through you. Her words gave me the kick in the pants I needed to pursue new career goals. My session with you reminded me that I have gifts. You also helped me make peace with the death of a friend by connecting with his spirit. I’ve tried to come to terms with that loss for a long time, and what you shared finally resonated with me – I haven’t stressed with the “why” of that anymore. Mostly your Intuitive Reading was just a warm, open, and safe place to be reminded I’m not alone and never have been. Thanks, Jamie!”


“Folks, this is obviously someone who cares deeply about people and their spiritual journeys, because he operates from a high vibration and understanding. I have done 3 channeling sessions with Michael (including one which was learning to channel myself). Through whatever trials and tribulations we are journeying through, Michael will have the patience and determination to connect, heal, and help you to take flight in your journey in the way you want to. His work is done with respect and powerful love and consciousness from Mother Earth and the galactic collective. The answers I have received from our loving galactic family are personal and precious to me beyond what words can describe. Ask sincerely, ask with your heart, all you have to do is ask and you too can receive this great gift of communication. When you are ready to listen, they will help you to find your wings. ”




“My siblings and I came to you for a Group Intuitive Reading shortly after our mother was killed in an automobile-pedestrian accident. We needed closure and we needed to know that she didn’t experience any pain. We were immediately confident that she was there with us with just a few words that came through from her. We were shown that the accident happened so fast that she didn’t know what happened and that her death was inevitable – she knew it was her time, but she just didn’t know how it was going to happen. I had been replaying what little I knew about the accident on a loop in my head for days, and I was not able to let it go until meeting with you. I walked away from our session feeling some peace about her death and knowing that she did not suffer, and frankly you can’t buy that. So thanks for that, Jamie. Looking back, I can absolutely see how my spiritual life has shifted as a result. I feel and see my mother in so many ways and places, and I am so grateful for that. It has made the loss much more bearable. I highly recommend you to friends and family, and look forward to another opportunity to be enlightened and inspired by you soon.”


“My short session with Michael was filled with nuggets of wisdom for the work I am currently doing helping to navigate people through their healing process. I gained a lot of confidence and faith in myself immediately after the session and it continues to grow each passing day. I have also been able to access more self-love and have been trusting my intuition more and more. Its been rewarding to see the impact its having on everyone around me. This session really allowed me to grow as a human being and I am incredibly grateful for it. Thanks Michael” –


“I am so very grateful, Jamie, that I’ve crossed paths with you in this life. Your channeled messages from Spirit are spoken with so much clarity, compassion, and positive direction. I feel your energy as soon as I sit with you, and I know I am about to experience honest, unconditional love through your being. I truly feel you are here to guide others with your gifts, through love and friendship, and that is all I could ever ask for in a mentor. You are a glorious soul with a bright light shining from within!”


“I learned so much in my Intuitive Reading and am excited to have another one! You gave me much to think about in regards to the paths that I can choose concerning my career. On a more personal note, I was given a lot of comfort and ease about a very precious-to-me deceased soul I had a lot of guilt over. I still think about the images and messages he shared through you, and when I start to have sad feelings about him I remember what I learned that day and feel comforted. In my session, I also received a message about a family member I needed to hear and its meaning is sinking in daily. Frequently I don’t feel as connected as I think I should, but from our session I was reminded that even though I may not see or hear it, there is an energy out there rooting for me and available to me. Thank you again, Jamie, and I am really looking forward to another session.”



“Had my first contact meditation, with Michael and the Pleiadian's, was wonderful ,helpful and very relaxing. I have a morning meditation practice and was given some more ideas for my morning or anytime practice to achieve a higher balance. “



“My mom and I called you to our home to help transition my father, who was in his last weeks with a terminal health condition. We were looking for clarity and any clues of unresolved karma, wanting my dad to have every opportunity possible to finish his business in the flesh for an easy passing. We were so deep in our heads with questions, and we were too afraid to feel with our hearts. Your Intuitive Reading quickly helped us move into our hearts, and you replaced our questioning with peace, helping us see how we could move past the old wounds and misunderstanding, into the bigger picture. You were completely in your zone, focused and receiving, revealing invaluable insights for our family. I know this was not an easy situation to walk into, and you excelled!! Thank you, Jamie, for being brave, confident, and true to your gifts! I have very special memories tied to our session and cherish the final recording of Dad’s voice.”



“Hi Michael, It was really a pleasure for me too!

I'm so impressed by the channeling. Listening to the channeling again and again deepens the information. Unexpected things happen for me now! 

Thank you Michael! ”



“Jamie, your Plant Whispering workshop opened my eyes. You guided all of us to intuitively listen to different species of plants and trees. I was excited to experiment with the process of feeling and sharing plant energies. I found myself asking mental questions of the plants and intuiting their replies. The correlations within the group were surprising! The workshop exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend it to others. You are an incredible facilitator who is genuinely gifted to guide others in gaining new skills and insights. I look forward to future workshops.”


“Thank you Michael for the phenomenal channeling. I am so grateful for the insight given by you and the galactic friends. 

I’ve been listening to the tape once again, and your lesson strikes me straight in my solar plexus.

Now, I have something to work on in the time to come. When I speak to my friends, I’ll give this channeling my best recommendations
Thank you again. Best wishes”



“You are a gifted and loving interpreter of energies seen and unseen. What sets you apart, Jamie, is the high vibration you hold. You operate with integrity in all areas of your life, you are full of compassion, and this love is what makes you such a clean and clear translator for Intuitive Readings. I have great respect for you because I know that you are doing all the necessary work to be that very kind of messenger. I am also always impressed with the level of preparation and detail that goes into your workshops and events. To me, this reflects intention and also respect for the participants. When I see this detail, I cannot help but realize that YOU REALLY CARED how this information was presented and how it was received. Whether presenting on a rooftop or facilitating in a park, you have a gift for creating a space that welcomes learning and exploration. Your excitement and passion is captivating and most contagious, and I can always count on leaving one of your workshops inspired! You also brought me to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the amazing connection that we humans have to the plant world and to our environment.”



“Having known Michael for many years it's been very special to watch his progress over the years through his healing work. I booked a session at the start of this year to experience what he's been investing his love and time in recently, and of course for the benefits of my own healing and to seek some guidance. The answers were very deep and knowledgeable, we spoke about so many subjects that had been on my mind and also the future. It was very comforting to feel like I had the support, that I was making the right choices and decisions. The cosmic healing reminded me of other songs I've heard from the jungle and was very personal and powerful. I made a bullet point list of some of the key messages I got that are saved close to me to look back on them when I feel like I need it the most. I'm very proud of Mike being on this journey and wish him all the best. Thank you.


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