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A 101 Course, carefully curated by Spirit

Intuitive Mentorship 101 Course

Six private 60-minute sessions


WHEN:  As scheduled by you

WHERE:  Online via Skype video-call

COST:  US$750.00

The private Intuitive Mentorship 101 Course assists beginner, intermediate, and seasoned intuitives, mediums, channels, psychics, and healers of all types in working with and navigating their unique multisensory abilities and strengthening them to be of better service to the healing of self and others.  This is a customized course, thoughtfully channeled by Jamie and carefully curated by Spirit to be of highest benefit to your very personal learning and growth.  You will receive unique-to-you guidance, visualizations, and practice exercises geared specifically to your personal level and tailor-made for improved self-understanding of your abilities.  All sessions are held online for 60 minutes in duration and will be audio recorded and emailed to you for future use, study, and reference.  The preconceived educational content and outline of the Course is as follows:


Session 1 – Polarizing, Tuning & Activating Your Heart Center

Before actively receiving messages, guidance, wisdom, and insights from the higher realms, a clear channel must first fully embody the desired higher frequency for channeling.  In this session you will create and declare a personal statement of “polarization”, select a tool for proper “tuning” of your mind-body-spirit matrix, and practice activating your heart center through a guided visualization.  This session will also include any additional channeled content that Spirit deems relevant to your learning and growth.  Questions during the session are encouraged.


Session 2 – Meeting Your Spirit Team

To be a clear channel, it is important to know the beings of light, including your Higher Self, who assist you in your life and with this work.  These beings of light are your Spirit Team, and they are working with you for your highest good, healing, and purpose at all times.  In this session you will meet your Spirit Team, strengthen your connection to them through a guided visualization, and gain sensitivity to and discernment of their various energies.  This session will also include any additional channeled content that Spirit deems relevant to your learning and growth.  Questions during the session are encouraged.


Session 3 – Strengthening Your Multisensory Abilities

Multisensory abilities grow and expand over time.  Identifying, affirming and strengthening your multisensory abilities that are most prevalent at present is the first step to increasing your self-trust as a clear channel.  In this session you will discover and identify your unique multisensory abilities, learn to affirm your multisensory abilities, and strengthen your multisensory abilities through practice exercises.  This session will also include any additional channeled content that Spirit deems relevant to your learning and growth.  Questions during the session are encouraged.


Session 4 – Discerning Between Higher Guidance and the Ego

One of the most-asked questions I receive from people who are working with their multisensory abilities is, “How do I know I’m not just making this up?”  Learning to discern between messages of higher guidance and the lower-vibration thoughts of the ego is paramount to channeling in service to the healing of others.  In this session, you will learn how to discern when you’re feeling out of alignment while channeling and how to “auto-correct” your polarization and tuning while channeling.  This session will also include any additional channeled content that Spirit deems relevant to your learning and growth.  Questions during the session are encouraged.


Session 5 – Recognizing Your Shadow

Every single one of us has a unique combination of traumas, distortions, blocks, and limiting beliefs (also known as our “shadow”) that we carry with us as a result of the experiences we’ve had in life, whether it be related to our family environment or to the collective condition of humanity in general.  The goal is not to eliminate or negate your shadow, but instead to consciously work with it as a tool as it arises.  In this session, you will learn an active personal practice for identifying your shadow more clearly and how to recognize when it is interfering with your ability to channel.  This session will also include any additional channeled content that Spirit deems relevant to your learning and growth.  Questions during the session are encouraged.


Session 6 – Channeling Guidance for Yourself/Others

Simply put, all humans have been called to earth to receive, be, and channel the Truth of the Love that emanates through each one of us from Source.  And yet each person has a unique path in which she/he accesses and expresses this Truth of the Love that emanates through her/him.  In this session you will practice utilizing your multisensory abilities to channel guidance for yourself and/or others.  This session will also include any additional channeled content that Spirit deems relevant to your learning and growth

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"Everyone is intuitive.  I mean it, EVERYONE.  It’s innate to our experience as humans on Earth.  And although we have a very physical 3rd-density body, our higher mind, or spirit, or soul is extremely multi-dimensional and intrinsically connected to the entire Universe.  Which means that we’re inherently able to consciously connect to that vast intelligence that abundantly exists, in the physical and the non-physical realms, in its innumerable forms, faces, and voices.” 


- Jamie Csizmadia Thornhill, Intuitive & Medium

  • Identify, develop, and/or advance intuitive and multisensory abilities

  • Expand the capacity to receive and channel healing energies

  • Learn tools for self-directed intuitive experiencing

  • Meet their Spirit Team, the beings of love and light who assist them

  • Develop self-motivation for a dedicated spiritual practice

  • Discern their own answers for making authentic, self-directed choices

  • Compliment other healing modalities (such as Yoga, Reiki, Massage, Plant Spirit Healing, Counseling, Psychotherapy, etc) with intuitive guidance

  • Develop self-trust & love themselves

  • Increase personal vibration as an instrument of light

  • Understand what personal shadows, traumas, and/or blocks are limiting intuitive experience

  • Consciously channel higher guidance, wisdom, and insights in service to others

  • Commit more deeply to soul’s responsibility as healer and spiritual leader

  • Improve ability to act as a clear and open channel

  • Embody the True/Higher Self more fluently

  • Directly experience connection to God and the One consciousness

  • Open to, experience, and radiate more love and light

  • Progress to the next level of healing work in service to others

  • Advance personal spiritual practice

  • Cultivate medical and diagnostic intuitive skills that may be used within western or indigenous healing modalities (a.k.a. curanderismo)



  • IMPORTANT: Be certain to keep the email confirmation you receive, titled “Thank you for scheduling with Jamie Csizmadia Thornhill”, immediately after you purchase this course.  It includes a link to Jamie’s “FYI” document, which contains all instructions for scheduling your 6 sessions, preparing for your sessions, and integrating and implementing the teachings from your sessions.  The “FYI” document can only be accessed from your purchase confirmation email. 

  • Your sessions will be private and online via Skype video-call.  Therefore, you will need to have a Skype account and a laptop or cell phone to participate in Skype video-calls.  Click here for instructions on how to create a free Skype account.

  • Each session is audio recorded, and a link is provided to you via email (within 24 hours following a session) that you can access to download the recording.

  • All sessions are 100% confidential and all 6 sessions must be scheduled within 1 year from the date of the course being purchased.

  • You may cancel this course up to 72 hours before the beginning of your first 60-minute session.  You will then be refunded the full amount paid, minus a 10% processing fee.  If you cancel within 72 hours of the beginning of your first 60-minute session, there will be no refund available.  You may however transfer the full amount of your purchase to other private sessions or private courses at Casa Galactica.

  • If you have any additional questions or need help understanding if this course is right for you, please feel free to contact me to schedule a free 15-minute online consultation via Skype video-call.

  • Once you purchase the course, you will be invited via email to join the private Intuitive Mentorship Community group on facebook, where you may amplify your very personal learning and growth by connecting you with other students who are likewise seeking to connect with their own inner wisdom and higher guidance.  Your decision to join the group is optional.

Intuitive Mentorship 101 Course - Best way to open your intuition

“I embarked on the Intuitive Mentorship 101 Course with Jamie not knowing what to expect, or what I would gain from the experience. Throughout each of the sessions, I was constantly surprised and humbled by the specificity and directness of the lessons, techniques and information. This course far surpassed anything I could have imagined or hoped for. The depth and clarity with which Jamie facilitates and works with is truly inspiring and quite phenomenal. Her care, love and professionalism reflected in what was revealed through each session and the space she facilitates allowed for a depth of learning and understanding within me to unfold naturally and authentically. If you are considering doing the Intuitive Mentorship 101 Course, ponder no

further. You won’t regret the gifts and teachings that unfold over the days with Jamie and Spirit. I am so grateful and blessed to have allowed myself the time to learn more about my own way of working with Spirit/source/love and how to apply that in my life and working with clients. This is a grounded & empowered way of diving deeper into one’s own innate talents and connection to source.”

~ Michelle van Straaten | South Africa (Yoga Instructor, Plant Medicine Healer)

Most Informative Intuitive Mentorship Course Testimonial - Dean

"Every time I have had an Intuitive Reading from Jamie, it has been exceptionally life-changing.  So receiving 6 back-to-back themed sessions was exponentially more so.  Jamie’s work has been massively instrumental in my life, and I really don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t met her.  Her Intuitive Mentorship 101 Course has given me consistent access to, and into, the part(s) of myself that is/are connected to all.  She has gifted me tools to access the multidimensional portal that is this bodily existence.  This has proven to be a turning point.  The path of my personal spiritual growth will be punctuated by this course forever, as it commemorates a massive juncture of growth best described as a quantum leap. I cannot recommend this course enough"

~ Dean Pinon Sui | Peru (Shamanic Practitioner, Onaya, Psych K Practitioner, & Breathwork Facilitator)

Intuitive Mentorship Course 101 - Choosing the best Intuitive Mentioship Course - Jamie

“I started Jamie’s Intuitive Mentorship 101 Course after I had an Intuitive Reading session with her.  Spirit told me that my purpose here is to pass on messages to others, and that I have untapped or un-used abilities of this nature.  I felt a mix of feelings including excitement and slight confusion, but also a sense of knowing this was correct.  Upon reflecting on experiences in my life, as well as my interest in consciousness and a strong desire to feel connection, things just started falling into place, and I signed-up for the course.  During the course, Jamie and Spirit taught me the 3-step process of polarization, tuning, and heart activation.  This 3-step practice was fundamental throughout the course, as well as my life in general – it was something that gave 

the first realization that I didn’t have to be anywhere in particular to feel or create that intuitive connection.  I have used this 3-step technique for insights and grounding wherever I’ve been that I could remember I had this tool.  Throughout the course, I learned different ways to connect with different energies and also how to more constructively interact with certain entities that visited me at night (and had done for most of my life).  As mentioned, this was my first insight into this method of intuition/connection, and this is something I can see myself keeping with me and developing upon indefinitely.  Jamie and Spirit also always had positive and informative answers towards questions, which I found essential as it can be a tricky space to navigate at times.  Having a guide for channeling and intuitive work seems to be essential, as there are many distracting and false or misleading messages that can come through.  I enjoyed the space and time allowed between sessions – there are guidelines to the schedule, but ultimately it is up to the student to book the appointment for when you are ready.  It is also extremely handy to have the audio recordings for each session, as coming back to them brings new levels of insight along the journey of development.  So overall, this course was really the beginning of a new shift in awareness for me and the start to what is now essentially guiding my life.”

~ Jamie Clowes | United Kingdom (Truth-seeker)