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We take our work very seriously at Casa Galactica, especially with entheogens plant / toad medicines. Whether you are joining us for Bufo Alvarius ceremony or retreat, there is still an application process to go through and preparation to do on your side. This ensures your safety and that of others within the ceremony. This also allows you to mentally and physically prepare to obtain the most out of your healing evolution experience with us.


​Bufo Alvarius and its primary psychoactive compound 5-Meo-DMT is an incredibly powerful psychoactive substance. It is contraindicated with many different medications, MAOI’s, pharmaceuticals, recreational drugs and other plant medicines. Smoking Bufo Alvarius whilst these are still substances are still in your system may lead to severe injury, trauma or even death. Failure to disclose pre-existing health conditions and / or follow the medical guidelines can lead to serious injury trauma and death to you or those around you.



Prior to being accepted to attend our Bufo Alvarius ceremonies or retreats, we require full disclosure of any medications which you have been taking as well as any medical conditions. You may require to stop taking these medications under the supervision of your doctor. This is highly important and essential for the safety of yourself and other participants within the ceremony. 


Abstinence/Washout Periods before Your Bufo Ceremony:

  • Synthetic MAOI or SSRI Medications: Minimum 4 weeks Before

  • 5-HTP or other neurotransmitter precursors - Minimum 4 Weeks Before

  • Most other Pharmaceuticals Minimum 2 Weeks Before (Must be disclosed on Health & Wellness Form and taken on case by case basis)

  • Recreational / Street Drugs Minimum 2 Weeks Before

  • Alcohol 1 Week Before

  • Huachuma Minimum 72 Hours Before

  • Ayahuasca Minimum 72 Hours Before:

  • Mushrooms Minimum 72 Hours Before:

  • Marijuana 48 Hours Before

  • Caffeine Minimum 24 Hours Before


All prior and existing medical conditions and medications must be pre-disclosed prior to being accepted for a Bufo Alvarius Ceremony / Retreat.

Some Contraindicated Health Conditions

  • Cardiovascular Conditions

  • Pacemaker

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Some Psychological Conditions

  • Serious lung problems

  • Recovering from surgery including stitches

  • Some severe mental illnesses


If we suspect that you have taken any of the prohibited medications, drugs, plant medicines, alcohol or not adhered to the required abstinence/washout periods as part of your preparation, we reserve the right to refuse your entrance into the ceremony without refund.

Previous psychological conditions must be declared prior to attending a Bufo Alvarius ceremony or retreat. We are able to work with people with previous conditions, yet we must be aware so that we are able to treat you in a safe and effective way. Failure to disclose this can result in serious traumatization, injury or death to yourself or others. We treat each individual on a case by case basis.  Should we deem that Bufo Alvarius is not a good fit for your current condition, then we will be able to effectively work with and treat you in other ways that do not involve you ingesting Bufo Alvarius.

Medical Guidelines
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