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As part of our work we are dedicated to giving back to the local Mishana Community the Amazon Rainforest as a whole. We are dedicated to creating projects for the local community and preservation / protection of National Reserve and the Rainforest.


By choosing to work with Casa Galactica you are also choosing to care for our community and the local environment. You can rest assured that part of the money you have paid is going back to help create a better environment, living conditions for the community and to care for our beautiful mother earth. It is our mission to assist in the healing of the collective in a sustainable way, reducing our carbon footprint and creating projects that preserve the tradition and our natural habitat.


We work in harmony with the local community providing work opportunities/sustainable projects for the benefit of the whole village. This includes ayahusaca replanting projects and our medicinal plant gardens with our goal to be self-sustained through growing all of the plant medicines that we require for retreat whilst providing work opportunities for our local friends.


As part of our agreement to work in the National Reserve money always goes back to the National Reserve to continue to improve and protect the local area. We also work with with the Rainforest Trust who are doing amazing, high integrity preservation work within the area. 


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