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 Private Ceremonies & Immersions with Michael


Bufo Alvarius aka Incilius Alvarius is as a powerful toad medicine, here to help you heal trauma, dissolve karma and connect to your infinite oneness. Bufo Alvarius is burned and inhaled via a glass pipe in a safe, trauma-informed and nurturing ceremony space for your personal Healing & Evolution. The first most intense phase is around 10-15 minutes, followed by a reintegration phase into the physical body which can last an additional 30 - 60 minutes. A second full dosage may be provided at my discretion if you desire it. Bufo Alvarius Ceremonies are one of the most rapid and effective methods of healing trauma and catalyzing non-dual awakening. Deep repressed layers of unconscious trauma can quickly rise to the surface, to be felt, healed and released. One may experience complete dissolution of the human “ego” self, experience other lifetimes, direct connection with source, have out of body experiences, and merge with one-consciousness beyond the veil of the illusion of separation. You are invited to let go of expectation, trust your higher-self and allow the medicine to transform you and meet you where you are. Each Bufo Alvarius ceremony experience is unique. I provide a safe, supportive, multidimensional and trauma-informed container for you to come home to the truth of who you are, whatever your experience may be.



A nurturing, trauma-informed safe space to be authentically seen, heard,
and loved



One-on-one care, in your own private Bufo Alvarius Ceremony just

for you 



Trauma-informed, multidimensional support to deepen  your ceremony experience



Ongoing support from the whole team at Casa Galactica for your continued Healing & Evolution



Bufo Alvarius Ceremony Sacred Valley Peru - Preparation


To help you safely prepare for your private Bufo Alvarius


Bufo Alvarius Ceremony Sacred Valley Peru - Meditation.png


To open and hold the ceremony space, connect with your inner-truth and multidimensional guides

Safe Trauma Informed Bufo Alvarius Ceremony Sacred Valley Peru - Heath and Wellness Screen

To ensure your health, safety & wellbeing during your Bufo Alvarius Ceremony

Bufo Alvarius Ceremony Sacred Valley Cusco Peru - Ceremony Non-dual


One-on-one care and attention in a trauma-informed Bufo Alvarius ceremony just for you

Bufo Alvarius Ceremony Sacred Valley Cusco Peru - Ceremony Orientation


On the day of your Bufo ceremony  a "practice inhale" and time to answer any remaining questions

Safe Bufo Alvarius Ceremony Sacred Valley Cusco Peru - Integration and Support


Multidimensional trauma-informed support to assist you in integrating your Bufo Ceremony experience


Bufo Alvarius is one of the most effective tools for non-dual awakening healing from past trauma. During a single Bufo ceremony you may experience:

  • Somatic Multidimensional Awakening through healing trauma and non-dual awakening

  • Direct experience of non-duality (One Consciousness)

  • Dissolving & healing karmic imprint (Multi-lifetime healing)

  • Healing from trauma, abuse, PTSD, stress, addiction, anxiety, fear, depression etc. (Current life-time healing)

  • Recognize the truth of who you are beyond the veil of illusion

  • Release emotional pain at the root cause of suffering

  • Release fear of dying

  • Temporary dissolution of ego

  • Remember your faith in the All That Is

  • Releasing of black magic, negative energy and mind control programs

  • Release limiting beliefs

  • Rediscover your purpose

  • Change the way you view and experience physical reality

  • Experience unconditional love

  • Embody your soul blueprint

What may take decades of psychotherapy or spiritual practice can be experienced during a single Bufo ceremony. Bufo Alvarius is one of the most powerful entheogens on the planet. Your beliefs about reality may be shattered as you see beyond the illusion of your physical experience. Deep layers of your unconscious may be be revealed to yourself that can be difficult to acknowledge. The bufo ceremony is just the beginning. Integration can take days, weeks or months to process as you accept, acknowledge, integrate and anchor your experience into physical reality. You should be prepared to do the inner-work following your ceremony. I am here to support you each step of the way with my Healing Evolution Sessions. If you are not ready to see yourself, change your perspectives and do the inner-work following your ceremony then I would advise against this medicine.

Bufo Alvarius Ceremony Sacred Valley Peru_edited.jpg


Bufo Ceremony
Each Private Bufo Ceremony Includes:

1 x Pre-ceremony Meditation
1 X Pre-ceremony Orien
tation + Q&A
1 x Trauma-informed Bufo Alvarius Ceremony

1 X Post Ceremony Somatic Multidimensional Integration

With each purchase, you will also receive:

 Medical Guidelines
Preparation Guidelines
1 x Health & Wellness Screening
1 x 30 Minute Private Online Preparation Call
1 x 60 Minute
Private Online Healing Evolution Integration Session
Ongoing Access to Monthly Online Group Sharing & Integration Circles

1 Private Bufo Ceremony (1 Day)
2 Private Bufo Ceremonies (2 Separate Days)
3 Private Bufo Ceremonies (3 Separate Days)
4 Private Bufo Ceremony Package (4 Separate Days)
5 Private Bufo Ceremony Package (5 Separate Days)
6 Private Bufo Ceremony Package (6 Separate Days)
7 Private Bufo Ceremony Package (7 Separate Days)
Accommodation in private room at our retreat center
available upon request at an additional cost
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"I had the pleasure of being served Bufo by Michael on multiple occasions. His ability to hold a tight, safe and secure space, plus his depth of knowledge in regards to integrating the life changing experiences I had with the medicine were unrivaled. I would recommend anyone interested in exploring the medicine of Bufo to do so under Michael's supervision."

Felix | U.K.

Bufo Alvarius Preparation Trauma Informed Ceremony Peru Sacred Valley.jpg
Bufo Alvarius Preparation and Safety Peru Sacred Valley Cusco


We understand the importance of preparation, and we are with you from the first moment you express interest in signing up for a Bufo Alvarius Ceremony or multiple Bufo Ceremony Immersion. If you have any questions before signing up for a bufo ceremony with us, we invite you to schedule a no-obligation free consultation


First, please read the following comprehense preparation documents:



You will also receive a full health and wellness screening questionnaire, private 30 minute online preparation call (see below)

Medical Guidelines Bufo Alvarius Ceremony_edited.jpg
Bufo Alvarius Ceremony Pisac Peru Health and Wellness Check


To book your Bufo Ceremony, you are required to complete our comprehensive pre-ceremony Health & Wellness Screening Questionnaire. Upon completion, you will be asked to book your 30 minute private online preparation call with Michael. Only following the preparation call and review of your questionnaire will you receive an e-mail with acceptance for your Bufo Alvarius Ceremony/Immersion. Do not book your flights until you receive confirmation of your acceptance. If for any reason we are unable to accept your participation, you will receive a full refund for the ceremony or exchange for our other more suitable offerings, however you prefer. This comprehensive screening process is in place to ensure your health, safety and wellness for working with Bufo Alvarius.

Bufo Alvarius Sacred Valley Peru Ceremony Orientation.png


When you arrive at our Multidimensional Center for Healing & Evolution in Pisac, Peru, you will need to sign a health declaration form as part of our health & safety procedures. I will answer any remaining questions that you may have about the upcoming Bufo Ceremony, familiarize yourself with the space, practice trust and breathing excersises and a "practice inhale" with the pipe without any Bufo Alvarius medicine. This will enable you to become more relaxed with the process before we begin the Bufo ceremony. When you feel comfortable and are ready, we will open the ceremony space.

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"Bufo Alvarius has the ability to transform life-times of trauma in a single ceremony and give you direct access to non-dual states of consciousness that could take decades of meditation. Bufo is pure, compassionate, intelligent and deeply transformative."

- Michael Thornhill, Co-founder of Casa Galactica

Ceremony Bufo Alvarius Meditation, Sacred Valley Cusco Peru
Bufo Alvarius Ceremony Sacred Valley Cusco Peru - Ceremony Meditation


The pre-ceremony meditation is an integral part of the Bufo Ceremony experience. Here you will ground, and I will create a safe, multidimensional container that holds you throughout the bufo ceremony. I will guide you through the meditation as you learn to embody your spiritual sovereignty, merge with with your higher-self, connect your multidimensional guides and embody acknowledge the truth of who you are. The ceremony is held in unconditional love, trauma-informed care, non-dual awareness and multidimensional support, channeled healing songs / icaros and sound healing. In this safe and supportive container for Healing & Evolution you are invited surrender to the medicine and receive support dedicated to you. to discover the truth of who you are.

Bufo Alvarius Ceremony Sacred Valley Peru_edited.jpg
Trauma-informed Buo Alvarius Ceremony Sacred Valley Peru Pisac.png


In this now open, safe and supportive ceremony container, I will serve you the Bufo Alvarius medicine. The amount is pre-agreed and served, based upon your health and wellness screening questionnaire, your personal desire, mutual agreement within the guidelines of our safety and trauma-informed care practices. You are invited to share your intentions with Bufo internally or aloud if you prefer. I will burn your exact Bufo alvarius dosage in a glass pipe which I hold for you, you will inhale the smoke and are invited to hold it in your lungs for around 10 seconds. You may then lie back onto your ceremony mat, invited to surrender, and wait for the Bufo Alvarius to work with you. The Bufo Alvarius will take effect quickly, usually within about 10-30 seconds. The first most intense phase is around 10-15 minutes, followed by a reintegration phase into the physical body which can last an additional 30 - 60 minutes.  Time may feel longer or shorter than this. At some point a second full dosage may be offered at my discretion should you desire it and the process is repeated.


Bufo Alvarius Safe Ceremony Integration Cusco Peru Sacred Valley
Safe Bufo Alvarius Ceremony Sacred Valle


Somatic Multidimensional Integration & Inquiry begins immediately in the ceremony space, during the reintegration phase. Sometimes a Bufo ceremony can feel like a dream. I will help you to recall the most important aspects of the ceremony, understand it and deepen your experience. Together will investigate how you can anchor in this new vibration in day to day life for long lasting transformation.

Monthly Sharing & Integration Circles take place online via zoom. You are invited to join us, share and connect with others on their path of healing & evolution.

My Trauma-informed Healing Evolution Sessions help online clients around the world heal from trauma, activate their intuition and to access non-dual states of consciousness in everyday life. Your Bufo Alvarius Ceremony/Ceremonies are deep catalysts healing, evolution and profound transformation. As part of your integration package you have one 60 minute Online Healing Evolution session included. To fully process, understand and integrate your bufo ceremony experiences, you may require or desire ongoing support as you anchor this new vibration into your daily life. Whether this be a desire continuing learning to access non-dual states of consciousness in everyday life, understanding more about your true multidimensional nature, heal and process deeper layers of trauma that may have been brought up to the surface through your ceremony experience or rediscover your purpose and passion in life, you are not alone. I am here to support you when you return to your home. Whilst one with me session can be profound in itself, clients that have the most profound transformations choose to work with me over a longer period of time.

CG - Bufo webpage - slider1b.jpg

Bufo helped me to trust my inner truth, heal childhood trauma and dissolve a lot of the karma that I brought into this life. It is my honor to serve Bufo Alvarius to others to catalyze their own Healing Evolution.”

– Michael Thornhill, Co-founder of Casa Galactica

I am Michael Thornhill, cofounder of Casa Galactica, trauma-informed plant spirit healer, somatic multidimensional trauma healer, first aid trained, ayahuasca ceremony leader, Bufo Alvarius ceremony leader, non-dual teacher, professional channel, qigong practitioner, advocate and teacher of trauma-informed care, musician and a loving husband to my wife Jamie. I have been facilitating and leading medicine ceremonies since 2017. Whilst I have learnt and studied with indigenous teachers in the Amazon Rainforest,  I do not adhere to any particular tradition. I describe the work that I provide as a trauma-informed path for non-dual awakening. I am committed to safety, ethics, trauma-informed care, working in integrity and assisting you to navigate multidimensional realms as an empowered, sovereign being and recognizing your true infinite beingness.

As a child I experienced traumas in the form of rape, molestation, violent ritual abuse and gang violence which left me with undiagnosed PTSD, suicidal ideation, anxiety, depression and a plethora of addictions that I used from my early teenage years to help to keep me feeling safe. Ayahuasca was the first plant medicine to help me heal from these addictions, so much so that I decided to come to the Amazon Rainforest's to learn how to hold ayahuasca ceremonies and be in service to others. In early 2022 I began working and training with Bufo Alvarius intensively. This powerful and beautiful medicine helped me to further trust my inner truth, heal deep layers of childhood trauma, dissolve a lot of the karma that I brought into this life, heal from negative energy and black magic that I received throughout my life, and discover the deeper meaning of soul level accountability for all experience in this life-time. As a teacher and explorer of non-duality, nothing has brought me into such direct experience of my oneness as Bufo Alvarius. Bufo Alvarius shifted and changed the way that I work with Ayahuasca, my awareness of the truth of who I am, my understanding of the true non-dual nature of reality and has positively influenced all aspects of my work in service to others. It is my great pleasure and honor to serve Bufo Alvarius to you in a multdimensional, trauma-informed container for Healing and Evolution.



 Your safety and well-being is of the highest priority here at Casa Galactica.

We are first aid trained, trauma-informed, ethically conscious, multi-dimensional plant spirit healers. We have created and adhere to stringent and effective safety protocols that are strictly followed throughout our ceremonies and retreats. We also have a thorough health and wellness screening process to ensure the safety of all participants. We have protocols in place for emergency transportation to a local clinic or hospital, in the very unlikely event of a more serious emergency.

Please read our Bufo Alvarius Ceremony Guidelines.


Trauma-informed facilitation, non-discrimination, and a strict Code of Professional Conduct & Ethics are at the heart of our work at Casa Galactica. We ensure that you will experience a safe, respectful, and loving environment that has been carefully curated to nurture and support your dive deep into your own personal healing processes.

Read more about our safety & ethics



In Pisac, in the heart of the Andean Mountains, we provide you with a beautiful and tranquil space to dive deep into yourself. Enjoy sunset views from our gardens, smell the fragrance of the nearby Eucalyptus trees, and rest amongst the towering silhouettes of the Andrean mountains. We are located a few kilometers from the town of Pisac, with clear views to Pisac Ruins, an ancient Incan Archeological site. (Illustrated in the picture above)

Our main center building has 2 full bathrooms, each with gas powered hot water showers and one bathtub that you can enjoy should you decide to book accommodation with us.

We have gone the extra mile to provide you with additional comfort for your stay with us. Our mattresses are the most comfortable we have ever slept on with two memory foam pillows each. We also have plenty of hammocks in our private gardens for you lie back, and relax and enjoy the vista of the majestic Andean mountains.


Should you wish to book additional accommodation with us, your private rooms come with 3 thick blankets, a writing desk & chair, a personal meditation cushion, a yoga mat, a  dresser, place to hang your clothes and an electric space heater. If you wish to book additional time at Casa Galactica we would be happy for you to extend your stay.

Want to extend your stay?



Ayahuasca Retreat - PlanMedicine Learn-with-Michael-and-Jamie-at-Casa-Galactica-Noya-Rao i


4-day/4-night Adventure Tour Visiting Macchu Picchu, Pisac Ruins, Moray and Maras Salt Mines

Enjoy the majestic nature that surrounds Pisac, visit the Pueblo, eat great food and connect with the vibrant expat community 

Private study with Jamie and Michael to heal trauma, activate your intuition and continue your expansion

Are you ready to Heal & Evolve?
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