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Hi, we are Jamie & Michael Thornhill.  Our lives entwined in 2017 whilst facilitating ayahuasca retreats in the Amazon Rainforest and studying in the Noya Rao lineage of Shipibo curanderismo. Our soul's blueprint has been to activate our path in service to all and from this foundation of unconditional love, Casa Galactica was born. We are located in Pisac, in the Sacred Valley of Peru, perhaps one of the most beautiful places on the planet. 

Our mission is to help you activate your intuition, empower your healing, connect with plants and embody your truth. Whist we have a strong foundation and extensive training in the Shipibo tradition our work is much more all, encompassing that any one tradition. We incorporate mix of philosophies, non-dual teachings, trauma-informed care and unconditional love at the heart of it all. We are Channels, Intuitive-Mediums,  Multi-dimensional Plant Spirit Healers and advocates of Trauma-Informed Care. We are committed to high-integrity, safe, trauma-informed environments for healing and evolution. We are equally committed to our own personal development, continued education and compassionate self- care. This informs all of our work with you. We are dedicated to help you heal from trauma, recognize your true nature and release limiting beliefs. We believe strongly in empowering you, guiding you with the highest levels of safety, integrity and security and to help you illuminate your own path  and flourish within this lifetime.

Jamie & Michael

Casa Galactica

Co-founder of Casa Galactica
Co-founder, Curandero, Channel & Trauma-Informed Plant Spirit Healer

Hi, I am Michael. I am a trained curandero in the Noya Rao lineage of the of curanderismo. I am also a professional channel and trauma-informed multi-dimensional healer. I'm originally from Wales in the United Kingdom. I have lived in Peru since 2017. I speak fluent English and Spanish. 

Being trauma-informed means that my number one priority is your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, health safety and wellbeing. My experience comes from years of assisting people through deep processes of transformation and also my own healing journey. I was violently sexually and ritualistically abused as a child. I unconsciously repressed this trauma which led to a life filled with addiction, anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation. With the help of plant medicines, multi-dimensional guides and trauma-informed therapy, I have healed from the  depths of these traumas. I now dedicate my life to helping others heal and evolve.

My main teacher is Noya Rao, an enlightened tree of unconditional love and heart of all my work in service to others. I first connected with Noya Rao in 2017 with various Shipibo teachers. I have a bachelors degree in Medicinal Chemistry, and I have also studied Reiki, Yoga and Daoist Arts and other Non-Dual teachings. I am also a musician and singer-songwriter.


Creating safe, multi-dimensional trauma-informed healing spaces is part of my soul's blueprint. Non-dual teachings and unconditional love are at heart of all my work. I help you remember that everything you need is within side yourself and that you are infinitely connected to all things. I love to meditate and practice qigong. I channel multi-dimensional beings and plant spirits to help catalyse your healing process and that will teach you to heal yourself directly. Casa Galactica is my home and my life dedicated in service to others. 

“Love is waiting for you, just look inside.”

                                                                        – Michael Thornhill

Jamie Csizmadia - Co-founder Casa Galact
Intuitive-Medium, Assistant Healer & Director of Operations  
Co-founder of Casa Galactica

Jamie is an Intuitive and Medium, which means she utilizes her multi-sensory abilities to see beyond the visible, physical world and into the subtle energies that surround us at all times.  She is also an Assistant Healer, trained in the Noya Rao lineage of Shipibo curanderismo.


In her work she acts as a clear channel, conductor, and translator for the abundance of inspired guidance and healing energies that are perpetually streaming from the multidimensional realms. She connects directly with God, your Higher Self, and the physical/non-physical soul-spirits and multi-dimensional beneficent entities assisting each of us with our life’s journey.


Jamie endearingly refers to these energies collectively as our "Spirit Teams", and they may include angels, personal guides, soulmates, deceased loved ones, cosmic friends, animal totems, plant allies and more.


As a very young child, before she ever had the conscious thoughts or words to describe it, she was connecting with all of the plants that surrounded her in daily life.  She spoke with the rose shrubs in her great-grandmother’s garden, giggled with the Bluestem grasses next to the soccer field, and hugged the Bur Oak tree in a roadside ditch.  


As an adult, Jamie has strengthened her life-long relationship with the plants by designing and creating native plant gardens and training within the Noya Rao lineage of Shipibo plant spirit healing.  Her maestra and primary plant dieta is Noya Rao, the Beloved Illuminated Tree. Noya Rao directly teaches, guides, and informs all of Jamie’s work within our Ayahuasca Plant Spirit Healing Retreat programs.


 The infinitely abundant wisdom, guidance, and healing energies Jamie shares with you during a retreat, ceremony, or private session are originating not only from Noya Rao, but also from the numerous beneficent, multi-dimensional energetic sources beyond – yet encompassing and uniting - our individual selves.  

“It is my absolute passion to bring you into contact with your highest expression of Self, wellness, and personal truth.  And it is my pleasure to share inspired guidance, creative ideas, endearing love, and focused direction to connect you with your own inner wisdom and your unique soul purpose here on this planet!”  - Jamie Csizmadia

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