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- Guidelines for -


For your Bufo Alvarius Ceremony with Michael



Step 1. Read, understand and follow the Bufo Alvarius Ceremony Medical Guidlines.

Step 2. Eat a healthy nutritious meal the evening before as a minimum and consider eating lighter/healthier for a few days before.

Step 3. No food on the morning of the ceremony, be hydrated, we will be begin your ceremony at 8.30am.

Step 4. Wear comfortable warm clothes

Step 3. Arrive at Casa Galactica’s Multi-dimensional Center for Healing & Evolution at 8:20am, ready to and to fill out your Health & Wellness Declaration Form s we can start on time at 8.30am

Note: It is OK and normal to be nervous beforehand, nothing can truly prepare you for the Bufo Alvarius Ceremony experience. You are invited to trust your inner-truth and reach out if you need additional support.

Additional Preparation

-  Online Preparation Session with Michael (included in ceremony price)

-Yoga, Meditation and Qigong  as a foundational spiritual practice that may help you relax and prepare your mind, body spirit complex and prepare the Bufo Alvarius ceremony.

- Setting Your Intention

- Breathing / Pranayama Practices

- Non-Dual teachings

- The practice of surrender

- Private Healing & Evolution Sessions with Michael


- Cardiovascular Excercise before your trip to prepare for the transition to altitude.

Preparation before the ceremony

In addition to your private preparation session with michael online, there will be support for any remaining questions on the day of the ceremony at out center. before we open the ceremony. There will guided mediations,  grounding & breathing practices to help you prepare for the experience. You will also practice "smoking" the pipe with only air, so that you are familiar with the process. When you are ready I will serve you the exact and agreed upon dosage of Bufo Alvarius.

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