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Noya Rao Collective Podcast: Discovering Noya Rao, the Enlightened Tree

Updated: Mar 5

In this pilot episode of the Noya Rao Collective Podcast, Dr. Krista Rhinehart, a Depth Psychotherapist, Channel, fellow Ayahuasca Practitioner, and beloved host, interviews Jamie and Michael about their personal journies working with Noya Rao, the Enlightened Tree. Together, they cover these themes and topics:

  • Who is Noya Rao, and how does one work with her?

  • How Noya Rao guides us to our higher selves and inner truth

  • The pivotal role Noya Rao is playing in supporting the planet right now as we shift from separation consciousness into remembering that we are the infinite one

Want to cultivate your own connection with Noya Rao? You can check out Casa Galactica´s 8-Day Ayahuasca Healing & Evolution Retreats, or discuss a private Noya Rao Immersion with Casa Galactica during a Free Consultation.


Dr. Krista Rhinehart is a Depth Psychotherapist, Channel, and Spiritual Guide/Mentor. Krista did her doctorate in East-West psychology and has apprenticed within the Shipbo lineage for 12 years. Krista provides counseling, spiritual guidance, plant medicine integration, energy healing and transmissions from Noya Rao. Learn more about Krista´s work here:


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