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Elite Life Podcast: Reshaping Your Reality with Bufo Alvarius

Updated: Feb 27

In this episode, Justin Stenstrom, a dear friend of Casa Galactica and the boundary-pushing host of Elite Life Podcast, talks with Michael about his work with the toad medicine called Bufo Alvarius, and how it can help you heal from traumas, discover the love within yourself, reshape your reality, and create a new life full of love and happiness. The topics covered are:

• An update from Michael since last being on the podcast!

• The new location for Casa Galactica in Huaran, in the Sacred Valley of Peru

• How the clarity of Michael´s sharing on the Elite Life Podcast has benefit Justin

• The work Michael is sharing using the toad medicine, Bufo Alvarius

• You can’t do anything to be more loved - you are already unconditionally loved

• Discovering your own inner truth

• Healing your traumas and reshaping your past, present, and future reality

• Simultaneous lifetime healing

• What is Bufo Alvarius, and how can it help you?

• Bufo Alvarius vs. Ayahuasca

Want to experience Bufo Alvarius for yourself? Learn more about Michael's Bufo Alvarius Ceremonies & Retreats, or work with him in his Healing Evolution Sessions & Mentorship. And if you don´t know where to start, you can book a Free Consultation with Michael.


Justin Stenstrom is a health expert, speaker, bestselling author of Elite Mind, and host of the Elite Life Podcast. Having previously endured severe depression and anxiety, crippling sleep disorders, and a debilitating neurodegenerative disease, Justin has overcome many of life’s greatest obstacles and loves nothing more than helping others do the same. Learn more about Justin´s work here:


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