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The Cosmic Rabbit Hole Conversations: Awakening to Intuition & Inner Truth

Updated: Feb 27

In this conversation, Jamie is interviewed by her dear friend and pioneering Evolutionary Astrologer, Britt Johnson, the host of The Cosmic Rabbit Hole Conversations. Together, and with lots of laughs, they dive-into their shared awakening process, while emphasizing the benefits of mutual support, mirrors for self-accountability, trusting one´s intuition, and honoring spiritual sovereignty. The topics they cover are:

  • Jamie´s path of awakening to her own intuition and inner truth

  • The value of having mutually-supportive relationships throughout the awakening process

  • You are already intuitive and interconnected to all consciousness

  • How traumatic experiences can shut down intuition

  • Jamie´s innate connection with plants from a young age

  • Taking radical self-accountability for negative life patterns

  • How God shows up for us in specific ways that are tangible to each one of us

  • The importance of multidimensional ethics and trauma-informed care in space-holding for plant medicine experiences

  • Taking the leap to following one´s own intuition by giving it conscious attention

  • The value of consciously choosing/polarizing in service to others

  • Honoring your higher self and spiritual sovereignty

Want to strengthen awareness of your own intuition and inner guidance system? Join Jamie for her private, online Intuitive Mentorship 101 Course.


Britt Johnson is an Evolutionary Astrologer, Cosmic Mapping Creator, and Womb & Plant Medicine Guide. She helps women map cycles of ancestral trauma and shift patterns into wisdom through intelligent communication, astrology, and womb healing, so their full potentiality can be remembered. She leads women towards their "future selves" through their own inner wisdom that becomes unveiled for them to feel and speak clearly. You can learn more about Britt´s work at:


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