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The Be Better Broadcast: How to Unlock Your True Potential

Updated: Feb 27

In this broadcast, the uber-elevating host of The Be Better Broadcast, Brandon Eastman, talks with Michael and Jamie about how to live up to your full potential in life and business by tapping into, and relying on more than just our physical reality. In their conversation together, they dive into these topics:

  • The unique essence that defines your life path & purpose

  • How you can tap into the abundance that already exists NOW

  • Remembering that you are always surrounded with spiritual help

  • How plant medicine can be KEY to your personal evolution

Want to know your life purpose? Check out Jamie´s Discover Your Calling online course, and learn to recognize and trust your innate path.


Brandon Eastman helps businesses empower their leaders, engage their teams, and elevate their profits by striving for self-mastery. As host of The Be Better Broadcast, he interviews top-experts in the areas of business, health, finances, relationships, and spirituality to help you level up your life and make an even greater positive impact in the world. Learn more about Brandon´s work here:


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