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Empath & The Narcissist Podcast: Free Yourself by Trusting Your Intuition

In this episode, the infinitely-empowering Raven Scott, host of the Empath & The Narcissist podcast, interviews Jamie and together they pave a path for escaping the negative energy of narcissistic entanglements through the power of listening to, and honoring, your own intuition. Here are the topics they cover:

  • Recognizing that you´re already intuitive is the first step

  • The 2nd step is to recognize that you have a choice to strengthen your connection with your intuition (and listen to it!) through self-discovery

  • Your absolute inter-connectedness with the ever-present, glittery-rainbow kaleidoscope Source Field of loving intelligence (a.k.a. God, yall)

  • Tapping into your remembrance of your intuitive experiences from youth

  • How trauma, abuse, and violation can inhibit intuitive connection and cause you to shut-down spiritual connection

  • The dark (negative, service-to-self) energies that go hand-in-hand, and are present, with narcissistic abuse

  • How to work with narcissistic patterns and relationships to discover your own distortions and create and strengthen personal boundaries

  • How intuition finds its way into your preferences for food, clothes, music, and pretty much everything

  • The voice of intuition, love, and sovereignty and how to discern it from ego and fear thoughts

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