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Plant Spirit Communication : How to Easily and Effectively Communicate With Plant Spirits

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

This is a channeled article from the plant spirit kingdom to help you learn to communicate with plant spirits more easily. In it, the plants teach you how to communicate, discern their messages, and also provide a free meditation for you to strengthen your communication with the plants spirit world. We recommend using both the written guide and meditation as powerful ways to open your communication with plants!

As shared by the plants:

“Everyone can communicate with plants. We are easy to talk to, you know. We can share about our feelings and tell you how to communicate better with other aspects of yourself too. The plant kingdom is alive and full of intelligent beings (us plants) that want to communicate with you. We plants are not only physical beings; we are infinite spirits that have wisdom and guidance to share with you. In this channeling we are sharing with you several ways in which you can communicate with plants, plus a guided mediation to help you communicate more easily with plant spirits when you are out in nature."

Meditating with plants to hear their message

"Learning to communicate with plants is a meditation in itself. You can communicate to plants easily when you have an ability to listen. Just like a human conversation, if you are unable to effectively listen you will not receive wisdom from another person. Practice being still and really listen to us. Allow us to whisper in your ear or sing you a song. We have many melodies you know. If you are quiet and ask us, we will sing them to you. We like to sing our melodies; they have healing vibrations in them. You can learn them and sing them to others to help them heal too. Just like a lullaby helps a baby go to sleep, we have many melodies for different purposes. You can learn which melodies are for a certain purpose."

Communicating with plants through the vibration of love

"Love is the vibration in which we wish to communicate with you. By opening and expanding your heart, we are able to communicate our messages of love with you more easily. You can also ask us to help you with this. We don’t need you to be perfect at this before being able to communicate with us plants (although many of you would believe this to be true)! Sit with one of us, your favorite flower perhaps, visualize and see your heart expanding and merging with our spirit . Ask us to help open your heart to communicate more clearly and easily with us. If there is a petal, you may also ask us to take it and put this under your pillow to share messages with you in dream time. You may ask us to help open your heart as you inhale our fragrance before or during meditation. We would like to communicate with you. We are not holding back from any particular individuals! Communicating with plants is available to all of you."

Patience is important as you learn to communicate effectively with plants

"Many of you want everything to happen immediately, and of course it can, because you are all infinite. However, sometimes it takes a little patience and practice. Like all things you are good at, more than likely you have spent some considerable amount of time practicing them. For example, playing the violin is not hard when you practice! Give yourself time, meditate and practice, and you will be having full-blown conversations with us plants before you know it!"

"Be okay with hearing a little at first. Just like when you were a baby you did not know all the words in the English language. Give yourself time to learn the language of the plants. We work with vibration and energy which translates to words within your brain. You receive our energy that we send to you in conversation, and it is received by your intellect and transformed into sentences that you can understand. It's not important what you receive at first, but instead more that you become aware of the energy of what you receive. Does it feel open, loving and expanded? Or does it feel constricted and unloving? The more you practice and the more you open your heart, the more loving the vibration of the messages you will receive is."

Discerning communication with plant spirits for clear accurate messages

"This brings us onto discernment. Use this expanded heart state to help discern what messages are true, or what you have begun to formulate in your own mind. How can you discern? With an open heart and being able to feel/discern energetic vibrations. This is the most important part of conscious communication with plant spirits or any other beings for that fact. When you discern messages via energy, you feel open, expanded, and loved when you receive direct communication from spirit. Feeling constricted is usually a sign that something is interfering with the transmission. Come back to your heart space, open it, expand beyond the body and the mind, reconnect to us, and see how the message differs with this loving vibration. You will soon get the hang of this, and it's not about being perfect first time around. Practice, enjoy the process of expansion and learning (or should we say remembering) a new skill!"

"Be aware that you may receive messages in part from spirit, and your mind will then try to fill in the blanks. Focus on the energy of the communication itself, rather than what it means initially, you can always write down and decipher the message later. By moving beyond the mind you will find you become less attached to what is written, and the energy of the communication flows through you much more easily. In other words, get out of your head and into your heart. You can also put your hand on your heart - this can help keep you more focused on the heart space rather than in the mind. Love is the answer to clear communication with spirit. This allows clear and concise communication with plant spirits. You can apply these techniques to communicating to other beings too."

Here are some guidelines when communicating with plant spirits.

1. Be open to receive, be quite and still with an open heart.

2. Be ready to write down information as it is received.

3. Be patient and practice.

4. Love is the answer in how to communicate with plant spirits.

Michael Thornhill Plant Spirit Communication Workshop Free

Michael Thornhill

Co-Founder of Casa Galactica

Michael is passionate about non-duality, channeling and plant spirit healing. He empowers others to connect to the infinite wisdom within.

Noya Rao is his main teacher.


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